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  • They're on you man.. Im sorry if this is it. Even if no one else did, I appreciated you. 

    Dancing through stardust, sliding through liquid cosmos

    The infinite expanse of the soul bared to the Sight

    Joy and laughter, pain and screams, rage and howls

    Pirouetting across the night in the eternal dance

    The broken glass of space and time twirling and spiraling around

    Stars and comets and the space between and beyond intrigued

    Joining my production of love, beauty, pain, and darkness

    May love and fury guide me on my nocturnal performance

    The Beast and Knight are one, in service of the King Of The Dawn

    Forever and Always, the Dark in service to the Light

    I find the hypocrisy raging among subcultures and social media to be a special kind of moronically idiotic.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people will claim to be accepting but then act like they are superior to everyone who is different to them, then cry and complain about being treated "badly" by normal people.

    It always makes me laugh at the stupidity of it all. 

    Not going to be on here much. Mostly just checking in to see if I have any notifications. I'm going to leave this account up, but not going to reply to anything anymore.

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