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  • I don't know if it's just me, but I feel that because my soul is still holding onto its draconic aspects from my past life (which messes with some parts of my life) bc I feel extra territorial. I've only got a few months before I'm moving out of my parent's house, but I argue with my parents a lot. If they come into my room, I feel REALLY annoyed, and I'm so tired of arguing that I just don't say anything (but my mum starts shouting at the littlest thing I do, even when I'm trying). I know throughout my life, I tend to be really quick to eat food in the cupboard, but when I've got my own stash, I can pace it really well, so I think my old instincts are screaming "There are other lifeforms here, they will eat the food, get to it first" but when I brought it up to my mum (I even tried to make it a joke) she fucking shouted the house down and threw the biscuit tin at me.

    I just can't wait to move out and establish my own territory in uni with goddamn locks on the door.

    Any thoughts or advice on how to stop myself being so aggro when my territory is invaded?

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