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I'm Naia Ōkami, a twenty-eight year old wolf from the southern wasteland of Brunswick, Georgia. I am known mainly for the phrase "On all levels except physical, I am a wolf" which has unfortunately become an internet meme. I've been in the therianthropy and otherkin communities for over eighteen years, and I've been in the furry fandom even longer. I first came to participate in the community by joining the now-defunct WereNet, and I founded Kinmunity (as Wulf Howl) in 2011.
Jun 18, 1994 (Age: 28)
Seattle, Washington
Kin Name
Naia Shiro Ōkami
Wolf Girl
Gender Identity
Transgender Status
  1. I identify under the trans* umbrella
  1. Demisexual
  2. Pansexual
  3. Polyamorous
Primary Identity
  1. Otherkin
  2. Therian/Were
  3. Plural System
Basis of Identity
British Columbia Wolf, Red Fox, Hellhound, Demon
*type Description
(Naia) [she/her] Wolf - average build, black fur, amber eyes.
(Zephyr) [he/him] Fox - average build, orange/white/black palette, brown eyes.
(Themian) [it/its] Hellhound - Massive wolf-like hellhound, black fur, large protruding fangs, red eyes.
(Luci) [she/her] Demon - Unknown Physical Form, Succubus.
(Wolf) [they/them] Wolf - small build, grey patterned fur, amber eyes.
Offensive Security Engineer
Web Development, Video Games, Running, Paintball, Yoga, Hanging out with friends, etc.
Shifting Experiences
  1. Mental Shifting
  2. Dream Shifting
  3. Phantom Shifting
Shifting Triggers
  1. I experience voluntary shifts
  2. I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli
  3. I experience involuntary shifts provoked by emotional stimuli
  4. I experienced unprovoked involuntary shifts
Year Awakened
Awakening Experience
I began to discover my wolf when I was around 10 or 11 years old. My understanding of myself as a wolf came first, a year or so before I found the community. After watching the anime series "Wolf's Rain" at the recommendation of my friend at the time, I gained a fascination and fixation with wolves. I researched what I could about wolves, their behavior, etc. and began feeling as though I was "a wolf in a human body". I was unsure what to do with this feeling or what it meant, but somehow the concept of wolf and the concept of self were similar, and I felt in some way, possibly quite illogically, that I was indeed wolf somehow. A friend of mine who used to be in the community (known as wolfrider, they created the "Dream Shift" graphical chat) led me through some trans-formative meditation as a wolf, which caused me to experience intense phantom shifts.

Having no concept of "therian" or "were", after talking to the friend who recommended I watch Wolf's Rain, I joined the Furry Fandom. I participated in the online parts of the Fandom for a couple of years, and then one of my furry friends mentioned the concept of weres and showed me the (now-defunct) Werenet. I was grilled harshly and treated pretty badly there, so I left and joined Werelist, where I found good company. I founded Wulf Howl (later known as Kinmunity) in 2011. In 2012, I interacted with real wolves for the first time, and after that I had no further doubts of my identity.

In 2014, after an encounter with a Silver Fox, after much meditation, I discovered my fox.


Naia Ōkami [ID] [KB] [KO]
Site Administrator & Founder

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