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  • I LITERALLY DONT HAVE DISCORD! WELL I DO, BUT I CAN'T USE IT WITH MY SCHOOL COMPUTER. YES IM USING MY SCHOOL COMPUTERRR!! CAN WE FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE??? :worriedcat: and its pretty good... Even modern witches use it to preform rituals... please. can we try onceee?? And that person is right. Someone contact a staff or something!! :BeHappy:

    I got a nose ring guys!! is not real though lol 😋 although it is kind of turning pink.... its metal?? eh whatever. anyways, feel free to join Springwood pack!



    hey y'all! wait hold up I'm hungry ill right back to finish this post...ok back. so I put a frozen patty in the air fryer! I really need someone to talk to about therian stuff! I need more therian friends!💖

    kindest regards,

                                     Oliver 😛

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