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Recent content by Raikoen

  1. Raikoen

    Thank you =)

    Thank you =)
  2. Raikoen

    Daily Thought

    It's like 11pm where I am. It's too late for me to get out of me comfy bed and get me some cheese. Lol
  3. Raikoen

    Artist pet peeves and annoyances

    I find it hard to get eyes to be on the same level of the face and in the same shape as each other. Sometimes, my drawings end up looking like one eye is higher than the other or one eye is bigger than the other. It could just be my depth perception issues (born crossed eyed, it's a lovely...
  4. Raikoen

    Daily Thought

    I understand the feeling: not knowing whether I feel like correcting someone or not. I consider myself a transman, but at the same time I could also go with nonbinary as well. I don't dismiss anyone who does follow some sort of gender role, mixed or otherwise, but I often don't think that much...
  5. Raikoen

    Daily Thought

    Oh, okay ^^; I should have known the pronunciation , I did take a little bit of French in high school. Apparently not enough of it lol
  6. Raikoen

    Daily Thought

    Faux or fox? I've never heard of a faux, which is why I'm confused, haha. Either way, ironically, I have a few fox tails. One of which is black with a white tail tip. Wolves do not have white tail tips, with the exception of maned wolves. Unless we're talking artic wolves, wolves have black tail...
  7. Raikoen

    Daily Thought

    If I could suddenly grow fur, I think I'd wake up to quite a shock. I mental shift into a wolf, sometimes a cat, sometimes a fox, but primarily a wolf. Not sure what fur would come sprouting out lol
  8. Raikoen

    Daily Thought

    I'm torn between wanting a wolf's tail to feel more like myself, or not getting a real one because that would mean some wolf suffered horribly
  9. Raikoen

    Daily Thought

    "Fire nation, fire lord, blah blah, blah blah" . I've lost count of how many times I've seen this particular episode of Avatar, but I can't seem to help myself ^^;
  10. Raikoen

    Origins of your username

    Just saying, that's really cool ^^ I was adopted from China, but I have no idea of my heritage. I could be related to emperors or even Mongols for all I know. For whatever reason, I usually end up using the Japanese katakana as my naming convention for various accounts. Either that or the...
  11. Raikoen

    The profile pic above your post is out to kill you. How screwed are you?

    Well, if I'm only judging by profile picture and nothing else, I don't think I need to fear the Cheshire cat. I'm a wolf, my mouth is bigger. claws can be brutal. And cats would be faster than a wolf, so maybe I should be at least a little scared. I mean, if the cat decides to go...
  12. Raikoen

    what normal clothing makes you fell more like/closer to your therio/kintypes?

    I'll wear shirts with wolves on them, but it is more common to find me in clothes that are of the color a wolf's fur could be found in. Or colors of the forest like greens and tans. I am practically never found wearing brighter colors otherwise
  13. Raikoen

    any Arctic wolf kin here? 🐺

    I'm not necessarily specifically an Artic wolf, but I am a wolf. I find Artic wolves to be beautiful. And among the most versatile of wolves. You aren't alone, and pleasure to meet you Awooo~
  14. Raikoen

    Animals you love thread!

    I love many animals. I appreciate the symbolism and ecological purpose of many a creature except, perhaps, bugs. Among my top faves would be wolves, cheetahs, cougars, bears, owls, ravens, cats, dogs, foxes, coyotes, etc. Essentially things that are four-legged and furry or just hunt in a smart...
  15. Raikoen

    What songs (name one or two of your favorites) bring your kin-side to the surface?

    Two songs: "The Voice" by Celtic Woman and "Stray" by Steve Conte. There are also celtic songs that make me feel more wild and attatched to nature that I have in a playlist on YouTube. For the curious, that playlist can be found here: