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  • I don't normally pine for my last life but having worked through Black Friday, I'm looking back at the work I did with the Department of Temporal Investigations with a much rosier lens. At least we were allowed breaks and I was able to eat on a regular basis, neither of which manifested today over the course of 14 hours...

    I wonder if other people with fictotypes struggle to put their memories and information into a chronology that makes sense or if my difficulties with it stem from having been involved with time travel? I can't imagine that anyone from the Department of Temporal Investigations would have an easy time with this, given even on the show it was shown that consistently studying multiple timelines could make one forget what the stardate was or how many ships named Enterprise there were.

    Also, it is -15F outside and I do not appreciate waking up in the middle of the night due to cold and my mind immediately throwing 'kin related thoughts at me. @ my subconscious, please wait until I have pants on to make your inquiries known next time.

    I don't normally engage in longing for places I went to in my last life. However, the lack of weather issues on a starship and environmental controls are both things I miss every time the weather where I live dips to 0 or lower. I try to appreciate the beauty of nature, but apparently I have a very distinct cutoff point for that.

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