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    any Arctic wolf kin here? 🐺

    Not Arctic, but I'm himalayan
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    Therian thread (for any species)

    one thing that really annoys me about ears and and phantom limbs in general is that i show so much emotion with them, but no-one sees them😔 example: one of my theriotypes is a bobcat and when i get angry i "swish" my tail to show that, but no-one sees😔
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    Therian thread (for any species)

    what about them?
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    The Daily Positivity Thread

    Had a whole day of vibing with nothing to do (rare!) I did a few mental shifts and had enough time to howl with the huskies that live down the road Overall, a good day 👍😁
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    Therian thread (for any species)

    Thread for general therian discussions and comments all therians, vibe with each other here!
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    Kinmunity was attacked.

    If any wolf art is needed I might be able to contribute
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    What songs (name one or two of your favorites) bring your kin-side to the surface?

    songs that bring out my kin: 'monster' by imagine dragons and probably 'come along' by Cosmo Sheldrake I also really like 'soldier, poet, king' by the oh hellos but i don't know why. P.S i listened to 'closer' by nine inch nails, definitely not for little ears! (brilliant song though)
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    wolves are brilliant creatures!