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Recent content by shadowedwolf

  1. shadowedwolf


    okay Bts (yes im a bts army) Maroon 5 Shiloh Dynasty The neighborhood Post malone
  2. shadowedwolf

    How come there isn't a list of definitive traits for kintypes?

    "Various kintypes include but are not limited to elves, demons, fae, dragons, angels, and many others. Someone may explain their experiences in various ways including through reincarnation, walk-in events, brain wiring, an unconscious coping mechanism, and many more." and you can research alot...
  3. shadowedwolf

    How come there isn't a list of definitive traits for kintypes?

    Well maybe study more of different kin types and there traits and you can see which ones you identify with you can have as many theriotypes as you like i mean i have 2 and questioning another one but i think you are def having therian dysphoria and it is normal im having it rn because one of my...
  4. shadowedwolf

    How come there isn't a list of definitive traits for kintypes?

    Okay i think that right now you are at a point and time where you dont know your true identity but that is fine but you will know what you are soon tho ^^
  5. shadowedwolf

    You Just Died...The Tenth Photo in Your Gallery is What Killed You

    my hamster is gonna kill me note that she is a robo dwarf hamster
  6. shadowedwolf


    purified water for sure but i do love spring water the most but honestly i love life water and water with elctrolights to give me that extra boost of energy
  7. shadowedwolf

    How come there isn't a list of definitive traits for kintypes?

    Wow i am merkin and i felt just like you did and i am questioning my type of mermaid type like rather i am a river mermaid or tropical but anyhow it is very normal to feel this way i mean i am questioning another one of my kin types a vampire
  8. shadowedwolf

    Kintype Database

    Wolf (Canis lupus lupus) Memaid (rather a tropical or freshwater) Questioning a Vampire maybe
  9. shadowedwolf

    Finding out alot of details for my 2nd theriotype.

    So i recently found out my 2nd theriotype which is Merkin/Memaidkin! So now i have to give my second theriotype a name, type of mermaid, pro nouns etc. So all i know is that my 2nd theriotype pro nouns are she/her and she is aro/ace but that is all i really know. I havent told my friends about...
  10. shadowedwolf

    Would you wear therian gear in public??

    Okay that is so cool that you make fursuits personally im not a furry but i think it is rly cool
  11. shadowedwolf

    Kintype Database

    Eurasian Wolf (Canis lupus lupus) Merkin or Mermaidkin
  12. shadowedwolf

    Quote yourself

    "i am one with nature' or 'hI jImMy cOOnE aRe yOu cRaVinG mY cRoSSaiOnT"
  13. shadowedwolf

    Kintype Database

    Eurasian Wolf (Canis lupus lupus) Questioning 2nd theriotype - waterkin-
  14. shadowedwolf

    Am i waterkin?

    Hi so i have been question lately if my other theriotype is a mermaid/water kin because i have always connected with Mermaids and water in general. Like whenever me and my cousin we would play mermaids every time we would get into water we would always imagine our tails would flare out just like...