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Recent content by Shezep

  1. Shezep

    Animal Chain

    (Sea) Urchin
  2. Shezep

    Shezep's Perch

    My blog. About stuff.
  3. Shezep

    What's a thing you do that really makes you feel your kintype?

    Meditation combined with high powered energy work used to be my main thing, but I had to stop doing that, or at least cut way back on it. Entering a light trance while dancing does something similar to a lesser degree. Swinging a sword around is good. Something about the smooth flowing...
  4. Shezep

    If you were an animal...

    Probably a bear. Walk around doing my own thing. Not much bothers me--until it does. Not very social unless it's family. Sleep all winter.
  5. Shezep

    What are less common mistakes people make when talking to otherkin?

    Like the others, I don't normally tell people that I meet in person, so the subject doesn't come up that much. I guess going off of what @Red-in-Tooth said, if you do catch us doing something strange, don't call a lot of attention to it. It can be kind of embarrassing to let the guard slip...
  6. Shezep

    What are your ways of regaining memories?

    This is like asking how to get struck by lightning. Some people have had success with that by standing in an open field while waving a golf club around. Some people, me included, have had success gaining memories through meditation, but I have also done countless meditations where nothing...
  7. Shezep

    What's something everyone else seems to love that you hate?

    Salmon, and most other fish served as food. I don't like fishy flavors at all, so seaweed gets put on that list too. I have some of this too, mostly with high pitched sounds. Violin live and in person? Ouch, no. That Requiem for a Dream song that Pandora used to want to play over and over...
  8. Shezep


    Parrots do have name-calls, and dolphins, maybe whales, I think. I pick up random tidbits as I read things and don't always remember where I get them. But neither of those would easily phonetically translate into human language. Domesticated animals like cats and dogs do seem to readily...
  9. Shezep

    What's your favorite book or book series?

    For comedy, Terry Pratchett's Discworld series wins hands down. More recently, I really enjoyed and admired The Expanse Series by James S.A. Corey for all its interlocking storylines and realistic-yet-forgiving take on human psychology and politics. Also, cool "hard" sci fi with ship battles...
  10. Shezep

    What's Your Biggest Fear?

    Part of my advice is to separate fiction from past life memories. Over time you will forget which part was memory and which part was artistic filler. But writing down what you do remember, without embellishment, is a good way to preserve it. You can still write stories, but they need to be...
  11. Shezep


    I'd say that description is making some assumptions that might not be true, but it's mostly on the right track. I see being a polymorph more as an ability that some kintypes have for shapeshifting rather than a species in itself. Polymorphs might be fae, or spirits, or aliens or some other thing...
  12. Shezep

    Dragon Ball and its helping me understand myself

    I used to do tai chi, even taught a small beginner class for awhile. It is true that the human body can do some amazing things if everything lines up perfectly. Learning how to get it there is the hard part. Yes, chi is a thing, although the high level people I talked to kept insisting that...
  13. Shezep

    Shifted Forms Having... Different... Genders....

    It's a genuine thing. Shifted forms can have different genders.
  14. Shezep

    Is anyone else a fan or is it just me?

    I read Warrior cats to my daughter when she was little. Still have a lot of those on the shelf, with original covers. They might even be worth something by now. Marvel is good too. I've been watching the new Loki, but currently a week behind. I will have to catch up because the spoilers are...