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  • I would very much like to meet some others from the kin and otherhearted communities someday. I have never met someone who felt the same as I do, in that sense, and it would be wonderful to meet others whom I understand... and... to be understood. Everyone I’ve encountered here so far has been warm, welcoming, and just lovely. 💚

    I imagine we are rather few and far between.

    I only heard of otherkin a short time ago, and only looked into the community... well, since January 30th! I knew otherkin were a strange and wonderful subset of the population, but I didn’t realize exactly how much we shared in common! This community validates so much of what I’ve experienced. (And everyone is kind and accepting, and it makes me feel at home.)

    Today I didn’t have any cash to give a lady on the street, so I took an order for lunch instead. But when I got back with it, she was gone, and I left some other stranger with the responsibility of giving away the food.

    It’s upsetting. I feel unhappy. 😞

    I try to be nice to people I don’t know, but it always goes wrong somehow. I don’t remember a time when it’s gone *right.*

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