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Oct 30, 2003 (Age: 17)
Kin Name
Ollie, Oliver, Mander
watching youtube, reading, writing, drawing
Gender Identity
Primary Identity
  1. Otherkin
wolfkin, foxkin
Year Awakened
Awakening Experience
im not really how to explain it, as a kid i used to always play like i was an animal and as i grew up during small playdates i would always play asan animal if we were playing family games, as i got older and older i started realizing that the feeling of feeling like an actual animal wouldnt go away, i had dreams of being a wolf or fox and i would run through the woods, i never understood the fact of having a phantom tail or ears until i did research on it, i thought it was just a feeling everyone had.
Shifting Experiences
  1. Mental Shifting
  2. Dream Shifting
  3. Phantom Shifting
  4. Astral Shifting
  5. Aura Shifting
  6. Sensory Shifting
Shifting Triggers
  1. I experience voluntary shifts
  2. I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli
  3. I experience involuntary shifts provoked by emotional stimuli