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Recent content by The Boys

  1. The Boys


  2. The Boys

    The use of Bases

    Stuart: There is no shame in using a base, as long as you're crediting the artist and its free to use
  3. The Boys

    How do you pick out a species for a fursona?

    Stuart: What animals do you feel drawn to the most? What animals do you see yourself in?
  4. The Boys

    Fictionkin Meme Dump!

  5. The Boys

    Stuart: The quality of the fur and the way you cut it (if you're making something) makes a huge...

    Stuart: The quality of the fur and the way you cut it (if you're making something) makes a huge difference. Good quality fur and a sharp exacto knife are the best. Idk if this helps at all
  6. The Boys

    What are your unusual interests?

    Stuart: Birding (aka bird watching). It is probably unusual for people my age. I'm only 19. If I were 60 something, then it probably wouldn't be unusual. I even have binoculars. I would like to get better at IDing birds. Raptors are my favorite, so I'm better with them. I saw two bald...
  7. The Boys

    The last one to comment on this thread wins!

  8. The Boys

    Stuart: This looks really good!

    Stuart: This looks really good!
  9. The Boys

    Animal Chain

  10. The Boys

    Are there any other fictionkin who hate their cannon self?

    Murdoc: Yes. It's over exaggerated.
  11. The Boys

    Stuart: Hi, welcome!

    Stuart: Hi, welcome!
  12. The Boys

    "Kinnie" Good, Bad, or Neutral?

    Murdoc: I just don't like it.
  13. The Boys


    Stuart: Do more things. Not in my home. And I could finally be more present doing that because I wouldn't be wearing a mask and a binder at the same time. Wearing just one or the other is tolerable, but wearing a mask and a binder for extended periods of time makes me feel out of it. My binder...
  14. The Boys


    Stuart: Cry. WWYD if you could only speak in emojis?
  15. The Boys

    RAT GAME! :>

    Done Rat