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  • Once upon a Time
    There was a little imp
    He was one of a kind
    He was super hip
    I will sing this sweet Lullaby
    You're alright, listen to your Mommy.
    I will sing this sweet Lullaby
    You're safe, Loves,
    Sleep is calling thee.
    Beyond the glow of soft candlelight,
    You shall have such sweet dreams tonight.
    Little darlings, now at last,
    Lay thee heads down to rest.
    I have sung this sweet Lullaby,
    You're safe, Loves, Goodnight,
    Momma loves thee!~
    Not all demons are Evil.
    Not all angels are Good.
    Not all humans are Humane.
    Not all spirits are Scary.
    Not all are defined by such Things.
    And yet, Some of them Are.
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