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  • Sometimes I do not know what to do. I do not deserve this good life, this easy life, living in a safe place. I am a horrible person. No words can describe me. I feel so sick inside. I do not think I will sleep tonight. I will be needing to clean my room.
    Sadness pools around me. The ache of my head, my broken moral compass. Black-and-white thinking with the sad and lonely wind wailing. The confusion, the sadness, manifests in dryness of the mouth. The madness tastes like dehydration. My insanity gives me a taste of nausea. My mental illnesses are what make me confused and lonely.
    I found a new favorite song of mine! Hold Me Tight Or Don't! I am listening to it over and over again as I clean my room.
    Weezer has thankfully put me into a better mood. I shall now listen to Whatever It Takes } Eddsworld PV, an Eddsworld animatic of Tord. It involves the Imagine Dragons song Whatever It Takes. It is my favorite song of all time. This is the song I have listened to the most in my life. It is only this video that I watch over and over again because the art is brilliant and it has my favorite song in it.
    I am listening to The Good Life by Weezer. 🎧🎶 I have extreme anger issues. I get so furious over the smallest of things, and even if they are not small things, the severity of my anger is often out of proportion in comparison to the situation, to what one should reasonably feel and the degree to which they should feel their emotions. This song seems to be successful in calming me down.
    The act of writing brings me great joy, whether it is fanfiction or an opportunity for me to be incredibly detailed when communicating information. Roleplaying is a wonderful pastime, given the right roleplay partner and the right inspiration (characters, plot, et cetera.)
    Though it may be childish and inane of me to say so, I describe my current mood as: my soul making happy noises. It is a very strange and unorthodox way to say one is happy. Then again, I am a very unorthodox person. 🤔

    I am fond of emojis, emoticons, and emotes.
    As a heads up: if I will type in Norwegian here, I will make sure to provide a translation! For me, that will be practice for learning Norwegian. I do not have a favorite color. Many colors appeal to me! Blue, red, green.. Depends on the shade, hue, and tint, really! I love art so much. Art makes me happy. Typing makes me happy. I prefer typing on the computer instead of my phone. I type faster on my computer.
    Hei, hei there! Hei is hi in Norwegian. I am learning Norwegian (bokmål)! I love to draw. I love to dabble in art. I love semi-colons! I love clipboards. I am easily distracted by anything and everything. Food makes me so happy - like the Burgersteak from Jollibee! The gravy, the rice! Delicious. Everything is good.
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