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  • im alive.

    Im practicing running on all fours like a wolf and recently confirmed otter! so im a arctic wolf and otter therian now 😄 (Asian small clawed otter to be exact))

    Hello fellow animals and creatures,You can call me track. im 14 and i use she/her pronouns. im always open for roleplaying,pack invites,or even just getting to be buds! now on to my therian stuff.

    Track is a Polar wolf dog hybrid(arctic wolf,white wolf.) she is very calm and understanding. Even though she seems like she is the rightful omega she is not in any pack and stays as a lone wolf,respecting pack boundaries and rights. any chance of being in a pack will always have her howling with joy. Her favorite meat is fish and enjoys chewing on berries and cambium (The inner part of bark.).She is often found near human boundaries so often because she is friendly near dogs and just needs someone to play with. 


    Thanks! and really! I will be more then happy to join. 😄

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