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Recent content by TransDemon

  1. TransDemon

    The Second Demon Race - The Adimiron

    The Adimiron are the second race of demons ever created. They look like reptiles with lion heads and their scales are yellow or gray. Their element is water and blood (in the worlds of the demons the element blood exists). Originally the Adimiron were created as lower demons by Chavajoth who had...
  2. TransDemon

    Comment by 'TransDemon' in 'The First Demon Race - The Bairiron'

    Sounds somehow as if this was copied from the Internet, just the fact that demons are compared to jinns even though jinns were created by Allah and were very God-believing beings who lived on earth and only expelled from the earth by a fall into sin the humans were replaced while demons were...
  3. TransDemon

    The First Demon Race - The Bairiron

    The Bairiron is the first demon race ever created but not the highest or lowest in the hierarchy. We have to get rid of the idea that order has something to do with hierarchy. The leader of the Bairiron is Samael. The bairiron appear like a cross between a lion and a dragon and have red skin...
  4. TransDemon

    History of Demons Part 1

    Where do the demons come from and what are demons? The answer to this question lies in a time before the emergence of current humanity and I found it in the collective consciousness of the demons, which is also called Enlil's library. I have full access to this collective consciousness because...
  5. TransDemon

    Satariel introduces himself

    Hello, I am Satariel and a demon, first I would like to talk about my awakening as a demon in order to form a basis or the foundation for all further entries. My first awakening happened at the age of 16, at that time I was already in contact with the spiritual world and I asked for a spiritual...
  6. TransDemon

    Satariels Throne Hall

    In this blog I talk about my awakening as a demon, the culture of demons, everything informative about demons and the spiritual path as a demon.
  7. TransDemon

    Do you have book recommendations on the subject of otherkin?

    I'm looking for books on the subject of Otherkin, but unfortunately in vain. can you recommend good books to me?
  8. TransDemon

    Kintype Database

    Sohichrion (Demon race) Origin: Qlipha Ghagshebla
  9. TransDemon

    Phantom shifts

    My phantom shift is connected with gigantic wings that grow out of my shoulders and a reptilian tail from the lower part of my spine, the feeling of my body size also changes, I feel even bigger and have the feeling of floating.
  10. TransDemon

    Kintypes and Gender Identity

    In fact, the gender of the Kin type can be very different from the biological gender of the human body. It even confused me with my relatives because my relatives don't even know anything about gender or sexual orientation. So I found that my relatives here in this world pretty much combine all...