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  • Slowly figuring out this whole therian/otherkin thing. It's incredibly interesting to see what everyone identifies as and I like watching meet ups on youtube. I would love to meet with some other therians. But there don't seem to be any in South Carolina!

    Hi! Any other werecat kin out there? Also, I realize that werecats (in the historical sense) can't do magic other than shapeshifting. but I feel like there is some sort of magic/sorcery I am supposed to be capable of. Now, it could just be me feeling the powers my two (three, but we don't talk about the third) alters have (they are the people residing in my mind), but I feel almost too connected to it for it to be just that. I know there are fairies and elves and such in the otherkin "category," but would a sorcerer, specifically one with dark magic and telekinesis, count?

    also, is it possible for one of your theriotypes to have a god/goddess that you don't? Like, I am a christian. But I feel like the Egyptian gods/goddesses somehow also exist. I can't worship them before God, or bow to them, as a Christian, but would my theriotype do that? Is that even how it works? Because that would explain why I feel a connection and protection from the cat goddess of cats and protection and the sun, Bast. 

    And I sometimes feel aggressive like a wolf and feel like snarling and growling like one, but don't know if I am wolfskin. please help me figure this out if you can. I don't understand a lot of this. I am VERY new to this and just had my awakening, as they say.

    lol pls help

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