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Jul 15, 1999 (Age: 21)
Kin Name
Singing, Dancing, Poetry, Writing stories, Drawing, Crafting
Gender Identity
Primary Identity
  1. Otherkin
*type Description
Mostly the way I look now, but I am missing my wings and my robes.
Year Awakened
Awakening Experience
I was riding horses out at my earthly grandmother's barn. I adored animals, but I got into a horrible accident. I hit my head on a tree. I woke up feeling different. Floating and rather new. But in my state of being knocked out, my body shifted to a dream. Distant but relevant where I saw myself adorned in robes and beautiful wings sparrows from my back. I cried and screamed with a distant voice calling to me "Valentine" and woke up to the modern world. The doctors panicked but I calmed easily. And began to pursue to look farther into Angelkin, when I found the information I wanted. That what I saw was myself but only centuries ago. I ran further into research to find I have been alive countless times and i have been adrift in the modern world to help heal others.
Shifting Experiences
  1. Mental Shifting
  2. Dream Shifting
  3. Phantom Shifting
  4. Astral Shifting
Shifting Triggers
  1. I experience voluntary shifts