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  1. Hello, "Dragon" is a pretty common kintype, and I've personally encountered people who identify as various types of dragons. I'm not sure about fire elemental / time keeper as your friend discusses it. I would hope that they're not claiming to have special powers or abilities that their kintypes do, as you probably are aware that would be impossible. I personally am a wolf therian. I've found that wolves, dragons, demons, etc tend to be abundant on otherkin-related websites.
  2. Hello, I have made the following changes to the "Primary Identity" field Added option "Soulbonder". Altered the field to allow the selection of multiple options. I have also added a synpaths field. Enjoy!
  3. I change the language of our fields to "plural system" instead of "multiple system".
  4. Hello, Please contact us and get approval to conduct such interviews before proceeding with this. Thanks!
  5. The forum is called Plural Panel. Enjoy!
  6. Hello, If you would like the resource deleted, please report it and use the "This is okay, but I want to tell a moderator about it" as a selectable reason. In the message field, explain that you would like for the link to be deleted. Thank you!
  7. What specific options are you requesting? I can simply change "Multiple System" to "Plural System" or I can allow users to select a system-type instead of a simple yes/no.
  8. as Ashen said, blogs can be found under the Community tab. 🙂
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