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  1. Hello, It is quite interesting that this would be your first post, made only four minutes after completing the registration process on the site. It's especially interesting considering the various conflicting information you've given to social networking sites over the years, and your semi-recent sponging of that same information. Regardless if you're in your mid twenties or your thirties, you are too old to be creating troll posts on our site. I'll allow you twenty four hours from this post to respond to me before I remove your account.
  2. Greetings, Kinmunity is hosting its first Art Contest since the reopening. We will need a set of ten (10) reaction images for the following reactions: Like Dislike High Quality Low Quality Rubbish Informative Confusing Inspirational Depressing Funny If you're not aware, reactions are the "ratings" that you can apply to posts that you read. Images should be 120x120 pixels, rounded, and on a transparent background. An example image is provided below: The grand prize will be a lifetime VIP membership on Kinmunity. You will be granted VIP access before we even begin to sell VIP memberships in the bones shop! You may enter by private messaging your submissions to @Naia Okami. Good luck!
  3. I have implemented this as a bones shop item!
  4. I have implemented in the form of new two subforums under DYT: The Grill The inquisition Thanks!
  5. It is in the settings when you create or edit your blog:
  6. We have a Discord server for this purpose. Discord is more powerful than a shoutbox and also allows voice chat. Additionally, it can be better utilized on mobile devices. You can access the Discord server by clicking on this link and associating your Discord account with your Kinmunity account. While it is possible to hide a shoutbox and make it only available to members, whenever a Shoutbox is present on a forum, it tends to decrease posting activity. We feel our solution, to have a Discord server, meets the needs of anyone wishing to chat with other users.
  7. Woof! This option will be in the bones shop soon.
  8. They are now private by default, I will potentially introduce a public setting in the future.
  9. Can you PM me with specific posts or items you're seeing from ignored users so I can better investigate?
  10. Hi, I am looking into a way to implement this. Currently, you are able to restrict your blog so that it can only be viewed by yourself and members of your choosing.
  11. Hello, Please PM me the name of the user that you have blocked and I will look into the issue. You will not be able to block guardians or administrators.
  12. Hello, "Dragon" is a pretty common kintype, and I've personally encountered people who identify as various types of dragons. I'm not sure about fire elemental / time keeper as your friend discusses it. I would hope that they're not claiming to have special powers or abilities that their kintypes do, as you probably are aware that would be impossible. I personally am a wolf therian. I've found that wolves, dragons, demons, etc tend to be abundant on otherkin-related websites.
  13. Hello, I have made the following changes to the "Primary Identity" field Added option "Soulbonder". Altered the field to allow the selection of multiple options. I have also added a synpaths field. Enjoy!