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    Retail Investigator
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    Web Development, Video Games, Running, Paintball, Yoga, Hanging out with friends, etc.
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    Naia Ōkami
  • Aliases
    Shiro Ulv
  • Primary Identity
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    British Columbia Wolf, Red Fox
  • *type Description
    Wolf - average build, black fur, yellow eyes.

    Fox - average build, orange/white/black palette, brown eyes.
  • Year Awakened
  • Awakening Experience
    From quite a young age, I felt as though I wasn't entirely human internally. After watching the anime series "Wolf's Rain" at the recommendation of my friend at the time, I gained a fascination and fixation with wolves. I researched what I could about wolves, their behavior, etc. and began feeling as though I was "a wolf in a human body". I expressed this feeling to my friend, who joked that I was probably a furry. I spent some time in the Furry Fandom before ultimately being told by one of my furry friends of the therian community.

    I awakened as a fox in 2014 after an encounter I had with a Red Fox.
  • Shifting Experiences
    Mental Shifting
    Dream Shifting
    Phantom Shifting
  • Shifting Triggers
    I experience voluntary shifts
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by emotional stimuli
    I experienced unprovoked involuntary shifts
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