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  1. Since people are still bringing up things from over six years ago, I feel that this does warrant an explanation to those who aren’t familiar with the story. 1. Taka showed interest in me for a period of several months. She told me all sorts of stories about how her mate raped and abused her in order to make me feel bad for her. She eventually started Skyping me and we became friends. I told her I had feelings for her after she stated she had feelings for me. 2. After I discovered that much of what she told me was untrue, I confronted her. She initially denied lying about being raped (among other things), and then said a malicious head-mate of hers was interacting with me for the entire time and that she herself didn’t like nor even know me. 3. I did, indeed, accuse her of manipulation at this point. I told her that what she was doing is abuse and that it amounts to “blatant treason” towards both me and her mate at the time. I also did threaten to expose her behavior publicly, because mental illness does not excuse such abusive behavior. Keep in mind, she said her mate RAPED her – the emotional abuse towards me doesn’t even compare to this tidbit. Because of various abusive behavior of hers, she is not welcome within the majority of the otherkin and therianthropy community; including on many communities administered by people who I don’t personally get along with. View the full post @ Naia's Den
  2. You didn't think being out of beta meant no more site updates did you? I certainly hope not! We've got quite a few new features for everyone, some bug fixes, and a small bit of maintenance done on this particular update. Enjoy~ New Features Profile Privacy has been implemented; you can now choose to show your profile to the world, members only, or staff members only. Avian, Fox, Ungulate, and Big Cat emojis have been added. Thanks to @Jethero for creating them and donating them for use on Kinmunity! The Kinmunity Research platform is up and running at research.kinmunity.com and we've also made a forum titled Zoology Lab for approved academic researchers to communicate with members. We're currently working on the 2019 Alterhuman Community Survey and could use your suggestions! The Kinmunity Analytics system is now enabled; analytics will be kept on Kinmunity's servers and such data isn't sent to third parties like Google or Facebook. Analytics help us see how people are using the site and what we need to improve! Bug Fixes A bug preventing users with IPv6 addresses from connecting to the site in some cases has been resolved; please allow 24-48 hours for this DNS change to propagate. A bug fix involving the processing of account deletion requests has been fixed. Maintenance Several security updates have been applied to ikari, the server that Kinmunity runs on.
  3. Who doesn't love site updates? Over the past few days, we've made several minor updates to the site to help improve usability as well as quite a few small new features. New Features You can now clear your notifications; because why shouldn't you be able to? You can now quote a post and send it in a private message using the envelope icon that appears next to the "Report Post" link. It's a small improvement, but it's something that should improve communication with your fellow users. You'll need to be auto-confirmed to do this, however. A few Sonic The Hedgehog emojis have been added: If you'd like to suggest some emojis for inclusion; send them to me via PM! We are now hosting our own instance of PluralKit on our Discord server. It'll eventually be linked to a web interface that allows multiple system configuration from within Kinmunity.com, so yay! Khloé is a Kinmunity-specific implementation of PluralKit and will not be compatible with the main branch; especially once we finish all the web stuff. This means that unfortunately, you'll need to create your system within Khloé. We plan on allowing other servers to use Khloé once we finish our customization of her, though! Attachments and other downloadable files should now download faster, thanks to XSendFile. Removed Features The Instant Messenger has been removed from the site; it was causing undesirable visual glitches when moving between pages that featured single-column and multi-column layouts. It was also largely unused and duplicates functionality of the personal messenger and our Discord server. Sorry about that! Maintenance Several security updates have been applied to ikari, the server that Kinmunity runs on.
  4. I like this idea; and it'll be included; thank you! All are good suggestions; so I'll be including them. Thanks again! How about a little scale from 0 being none at all to 5 being very impactful on your life? You guessed it; I'm including this! I don't wish to identify individual sites that a person participates on; but I may allow them to select between common social media outlets and then an option such as "community-specific site" to encompass things like Kinmunity, otherkin.net, TG, etc.
  5. As I mentioned in today's news post (about how we're no longer in beta!), we are currently working on the 2019 Alterhuman Community Survey. The goal of this survey is to help the community understand itself, as well as to help the public gain some insight into the community. Currently, the basic demographic questions have been added to the survey and we plan to open it for submissions sometime in early to mid June of this year. With that in mind, what types of things would you like to know about the community that could be asked in a survey? Keep the following in mind before you answer: The best survey questions are in the form of single choice or multiple choice responses. This allows us to display answers in the form of nice graphs and charts! Survey submissions are kept as anonymous as possible, so we don't want a lot of free-text fields where people could accidentally post personally identifiable information! Personal questions are great, but don't get too personal! We shouldn't be asking somebody something that they wouldn't tell other people online. With that in mind, please suggest interesting data points that you either (a. want to know about the community or (b. think it would benefit the public to know!
  6. From the album: Naia's Majestic Sonic Shirt Collection

    This shirt was obtained from FYE in 2016.

    © SEGA Sonic The Hedgehog™

  7. Naia Okami

    Naia's Majestic Sonic Shirt Collection

    I'm known to collect more than the occasional Sonic The Hedgehog t-shirt.
  8. From the album: Naia's Majestic Sonic Shirt Collection

    This 2018 Sonic & Tails Shirt with Sonic CD Artwork is actually a quite recent find. It was available at PacSun in 2018 and is officially licensed.

    © SEGA Sonic The Hedgehog™

  9. From the album: Naia's Majestic Sonic Shirt Collection

    This unique shirt makes Sonic appear as if he's 'glitching'. It is officially licensed as evident by the embedded "Sonic The Hedgehog" tag, but I have no idea where it sold at. I found it on eBay.

    © SEGA Sonic The Hedgehog™