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    Masculinity (moderate)
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    General Elven things
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    Warhammer Fantasy, Anime, Reading Fantasy Novels, Video Games, Pen and Paper Games
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    Celtic, Elf like Music
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    Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Legend of Drizzt Series, Riftwar Saga
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    The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Dark Crystal, Teen Wolf (TV Series), Different Animes
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    Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age Series, Pathfinder
  • Religion
    Path of the Cosmic Song (Similar to the Des'tai of the Elenari)

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    an otherkin
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    Aldari (Star Elf)
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    Aldari is a term picked to fit an elven species based on the name of the capital city where they dwelt which was called Alvan’diel which loosely means “Great Haven”. They lived on a world which is currently being referred to by the placeholder name Aldar. Despite some similarities, they are not presently believed to be Elenari.

    The Aldari or Star Elves were an ethereal race, that stood tall, lithe and fair of complexion. For the most part they resembled humans like most elven species, yet they had more refined, chiseled features and almond shaped eyes, which had a watery like reflective quality to them. Their eyes came in a few colours which were considered common to the species (Varying shades of blue, opal and amber). Also they almost always had alabaster skin tones/colour.

    Regardless of gender all Aldari wore their hair long or tied it in a form of a braid or ponytail. Their hair came in only a few colours (Varying shades of blue, silver and black.)
  • Time of Awakening
    Mid to Late 2004
  • Body Dysphoria

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    Singlet (not a system)

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    Not a vampire

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  1. An newish update! The site is sorta reopened, not that any activity is on the actual site now, but we do have a discord server setup which is a little active. Take note the server while it shares the name as the board is not exactly directed at elvenkin and more at otherkin as a whole. Below is the invite link, hope to see you guys serverside! https://discord.gg/AvPnY5W
  2. Howdy, see you lurking about and wanted to say hello! Feel free to drop me a message if you want someone to chat to!
  3. Approved your account! But its pretty much a ghost town on there. Sad to say my little niche on the net has seen better days!
  4. Approved your account @vu ru!
  5. Roleplaying?

    WOuld be nice of you if you did! But as an alternative, people may pm me for such a alternative. As I run my own role playing site and am slowly setting up a second. However I should make a note that these sites are not themed around rping your kinside nor are they connected to otherkinity! So feel free to contact me if any of you guys are curious and regardless I hope you get yours booted back up @Silver Winter!
  6. Roleplaying?

    Never joined it myself. In regards to rping I prefer more or less things not related to otherkin lol
  7. Roleplaying?

    I think this roleplay thing died ages ago if I recall correctly.
  8. Roleplaying?

    I role play a fair bit myself, not that I am looking for any other rp sites to join at the moment, but I run one myself. Feel free to drop me the link to this one you are working on and if any of you guys are interested in mine pm me for details!
  9. I have approved your account Demon Miracles! I hope elen can be of some help but its mostly quiet there these days!
  10. Approved your account sorry for the delay!
  11. One does not have to be an elf to join, as I stated I will open up new sections for other kin types if need be.
  12. Just bumping this topic as I am always trying to increase my member base. I have been considering expanding Elen so it can cater for more then elven kind, its just the matter if I can gain an active member base first!
  13. Elenerinlhorn or "Stars on the still waters" is a website and forum born of my desire to reveal the many truth's of elven kind and to guide newly awakened elves. As for what truth, that depends on the person as each elf has their own unique experience, and the same could be said for any kin in general. While we primary focus on helping and supporting Elven kind as they awaken, but we may have some other sections for other types eventually. We are still in the works so bare with us as we work on making this place a success. So feel free to drop by even if your not an elf feel free to drop by and say hello. So we welcome anyone to join us (especially elves). Forum Link: http://elenerinlhorn.digibase.ca/index.php Website Link: Not Available as the Website is not up yet. Note I will need to be notified, either in this topic or via pm of people joining as I have it set to admin approval to ferret out spam bots.