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    Relatively small white dragon with black mottling on membranous wings (think almost like a seagull's wing marks?) with what I can only describe as somewhat iridescent scales that would shimmer with some color in direct sunlight.
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    I didn't really have a sudden awakening; it was nearly 10 years of "could I be this? nah probably not...but like could I though?" and eventually ended up here, identifying consistently as a dragon and feeling much more comfortable with my own expressed identity.
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  1. "Awakening" by Amarante has been stuck in my head for a couple of days. No idea how to embed things (the embed code doesn't seem to work) so a link will have to do for now... :P
  2. puppyresidue

    More depressed rambling

    It's certainly not abnormal to feel like you aren't strong enough after something so major and life-changing. People have felt that way for what are comparatively lesser situations; you're more than justified in your emotions. I know from reading your previous posts that you don't want/won't benefit from empty uplifting sentiments, so I want to respectfully spare you that. I just wanted you to hear from another outside voice that it's definitely an expected, natural emotion to feel. Acknowledging and emoting what you feel isn't always easy, especially in situations as painful as these, so I admire anyone who does it anyway. You've stated you have already sought therapy to help with this, and that is a wonderful thing. I do admire you for still trying despite the awful way you must feel. Blogging or journaling about these feelings is also a very good outlet to choose. Sometimes people don't need or want magic happy-words to make them feel better. Some folks don't need overbearing friends, family, acquaintances, or colleagues piling onto them with sentiment that, to the grief-stricken, just feels empty or simply in vain. Many eventually find it helps to keep letting a steady stream of the pent up feelings, thoughts, and fears pour out of them until that river runs dry, or at the very least, stops flooding. I know that I can't begin to imagine what you're going through. But I do know how much it usually helps me if people simply leave me to my misery-induced ramblings so I can get it out of my system. The same people who trust me to just work it out and purge myself of what overwhelms me happen to be my closest allies. Because of the space and freedom of expression that they are willing to grant me, I find I'm no longer afraid to come to them when I feel I really do need their help. Everyone works differently, and part of making good friends is being okay with the fact that plenty of folks will process life in ways unique to them. I know that's a lot of rambling. I just felt I should say something, but didn't want to overstep boundaries, push sentiment you don't want, or claim to understand exactly how you feel, while I'm doing it. All the best wishes to you, Addy. :)
  3. I play an embarrassing amount of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The Animal Crossing series has been a serious source of comfort for me since around 2012-2013 when my depression and anxiety were just kicking off and starting to wreak havoc on me. The calm casual nature of the games is really soothing and even when Pocket Camp gets repetitive (grinding villager friendship levels for example), it's something for me to focus on besides my worries and it's adorable on top of it all. I just love all the cute items and customizations, I guess. It's fun for me anyway! I also go through bouts of being completely addicted to a game called Bakery Story. It's freakin' impossible to get far in a reasonable time frame in this game without cash shop stuff, so I've been stuck with the same size bakery for like...years. Regardless, I still play it after all these years because something is satisfying in a sensory manner with the sound effects for cooking, and the art style/colorful decorations you can unlock are really cute. I don't know why I keep getting addicted to it, it's not even good. I just can't seem to let it go!