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    Drawing, Cooking, Videogames
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    Transgender FtM
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    Cockatiel/Angel, Inkling
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    A lutino cockatiel with white wings and belly, yellow face, back and tailfeathers, red cheeks and red eyes. Beak and talons are pink-ish. The angel is the same life, but it's his form in heaven. The cockatiel is his form on earth.
    I recently kinfirmed having a male Inklingkin. Muddy-green eyes and preferably blue tentacles with white skin!
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    My awakening came through dreams and learning more about the otherkin community.
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    Mental Shifting
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    Phantom Shifting
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    I experience voluntary shifts
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by emotional stimuli

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  1. @CrowLove I didn't mean you, I meant Jahfari. And it's weird to see this happening in Europe, because this practice is, for example, forbidden in Germany and Austria. There they need to have seperated times to be out of their rooms and/or seperated community rooms. And well, roommates are a no-go as well.
  2. Then they could still set schedules for when the people have out times and several community halls. Just throwing them together is just a very weird thing to do, even with limited space. And you can still have the maximum profit if you just set different times for each of them, while still playing safe. (Also do I sense a little bit of the "America is the whole world"-Syndrome here?)
  3. At this point I just want to hear more about the stories about Scarlett. This story gave me a good chuckle and I just love your way of writing! But yes, I do agree that she is actually not Otherkin, I rather think she is having other issues. But then again, you also got very weird otherkins running around, so you never know. Also, seriously, what the heck is going on with that hospital, that's so bad to mix up so many different types of people. As CrowLove mentioned, it can damage already damaged a whole lot more.
  4. Well, I have posted a link to my FA earlier in another thread. So yes, I do draw, but mostly for myself. I'm happy with my style, as I developed it to represent what I like - cute stuff, chibi, a lot of colours and happy themes. And I'm very happy with that style, as I feel like it's very unique and really something not a lot of people do. I also used to do a lot of pixelart, but that was on my old dA account (I recently discovered I got quite popular during my inactivity, haha). I really want to do more pixelart again, but my laptop having a 4k display and many programs being designed for ants on it, it can be hard at times. So yeah, it's completely oversized chibis for me. (seriously, I have to get my art to half the size most of the time, as otherwise it's just too big to upload to FA)
  5. For me it's sometimes weird, as I'm in a ph-shift most of the time. Though when I was inside for a long time and then getting out of a building, I do feel a really intense, even more mental shift. I just want to flap my arms and fly into the sky and join the birds soaring up there. Usually I'm getting sad not too long after, as I remember not being able to do so anymore, haha. But! Most of the times something like that happens, I also dream about flying in that night. So I'm always looking forward to the night, as I will be able to fly around once again. It's often that bad that I can barely fall asleep, so much I'm excited and looking forward to shift in my dreams.
  6. Baby's first words can sometimes be pretty weird. They don't necessarily have to do anything with their personality and especially not with their identity. Most of the time it's just what their parents/caretakers say a lot, so they mimic those words as their first ones. Mom/Dad/Mama/Papa are quite usual, as parents often refer to themselves as such when they're talking to their kid. And if a baby hears a word a lot it associates with their parents, well, it will use that as one of their first words, as those people are the baby's whole world. Maybe your parents used a lot of "Haben" in your presence, or you quickly understood what the word meant - As it's very usual in babies to want to take things and feeling them, just to get a better understanding of the world.
  7. Oh well, other than posting art I'm actually not doing anything else on there http://www.furaffinity.net/user/raphaelvolaille/
  8. I'd be here to help as well, if there is enough interest. I'm very experienced when it comes to pixelart animations, so changing a few colours won't be an issue at all.
  9. Well, speaking for myself, I feel love in the sense of friendship towards my birds. Especially with one of my cockatiels I feel a very deep bond and before he got his partner he was actually in love with me, which was extremely cute. But I never felt like being in love with my birds, they're my children after all. But I see no issue if any Otherkin feels romantic attraction towards their kintype, even if it is an animal. After all, love is a very deep friendship and doesn't hurt anybody. And if a Zoophile only consumes pornographic material which is animal/animal or -drawn- human/animal, I'm completely okay with it as well. After all, I think actual Zoophiles or even Zoosexuals are pretty rare in the community. Yes, the percentage of those inside the Otherkin community and even the furry community may be higher than in the regular population. But that's normal, it's the internet after all.
  10. Ahh, in that case I can understand it! To be fair, I'm an adblock user as well and don't appreciate sites that won't let you do anything with the adblock - But most of the time it's shady sides anyway. I think many other people here would be willing to turn off their adblock on this site, as I doubt any shady advertisements would be made on here. I think a link in the footer would be nice. Maybe a little bit bigger. I don't know about the others, but I always scroll all the way down whenever I am on a website to get myself familiar with the website. And if I like the site and like using the service, I will also consider about donating money - And if the link is easily available it's a double plus.
  11. I would have a suggestion for the footer banner; I think it's a bit weird if it's only shown for unregistered users. If, it should be shown to everybody and if you don't want to see the ad, you have to pay a little sum, but maybe not as recurring cost. A lot of sites have a "donate once, get premium forever" system. And well, I could imagine that the people who are online here, are willing to donate a bit from time to time anyway. But I also like the idea with the goodies. While not necessarily a plush or something, but for my part, I'm a huge fan of stickers and other printed goodies. Maybe you could "sell" stickers or prints which were donated by users? They're rather cheap to dispatch and since it's not directly selling them, but rather a thank you for a donation, you should be able to legally send it as a gift. (But I think that was already discussed once? I'm not too sure anymore tho) Another idea would be to just make the donations button more apparent. Until now I actually never saw that there was an option to actually donate money.