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    Transgender FtM
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    Domestic Cat,Coyote
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    Megaman(Classic,Protoverse),Crashman(Megamix),Excadrill(Pokemon),Marx(Kirby),Rin(Eastern Mind),Klaymen(The Neverhood),Egyptian Tribe Lemming(Lemmings 2),Tetsuo Shima(Akira)
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    My cat theriotype is a longhaired dilute tortoiseshell with a strong build and blue eyes. My coyote theriotype is an average eastern coyote with amber eyes.
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    Mental Shifting
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    Phantom Shifting
    Aura Shifting
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    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by emotional stimuli

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  1. I want to practice drawing/painting animals so I thought it would be fun if I organized something on here! Basically you draw me somethin and then I draw you something in return! I drew my icon if that gives you an idea of my art,but I've also got stuff on my Deviantart or Furaffinity!
  2. Rock


  3. Drew up a new profile pic!


  4. Been listening to my kin playlists I've made lately but I'll share this one here!
  5. These are my rabbits,Hazel and Snickers! Hazel is a mismark black dutch that I got from a breeder who couldn't show her because of her white ear. Snickers is a broken chocolate mini rex that my mom picked out.
  6. It was originally made in 2014 I think? I joined back in late 2015 but it went down this summer. This is the new site!