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  1. I can't take heat, so cool/cold weather for me. I'm not too keen on super cold although I'd take it any day over hot weather. That's completely to do with my human self though, no relation to my kintypes. My favourite weather would be a dry day when the air's nice and crisp and cold. When your breath mists in the air and there's a slight frost on the ground to give a nice crunch as you walk. I do love the rain as well, which is somewhat connected to my fictotype although mostly just a preference thing. As a kid when it rained really heavily I often used to go out into the nature reserve by where I lived, with an umbrella and a book/notebook. I'd find a nice spot to sit under the trees, balance my umbrella on some branches overhead (so the book/paper didn't get wet) and just sit and read/write. I love the sound of rain and the scents in the air.
  2. Well, I've never been one to travel much but I do love where I live (South West England).
  3. Thanks for the updates Naia. It's nice to see all the little changes rolling out on the site. @Kerguelen Rats conga dancing is pretty much the best celebration I can think of!
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    Terminology & Lexicon

    Copingkin isn't limited to mental illness, so I'd word it something more like: Copinglink/Copingkin - An individual who consciously takes on a non-human identity in order to help cope with various aspects of life. This could be to cope with mental illness, trauma, stress or other difficulties. I would change multiplicity to plurality, as plural is pretty much a catch all term for anyone sharing a body with multiple individuals/personalities/souls/aspects etc... while multiple is a specific type of plural system (also changing the "Check this box if you are part of a multiple system" in profile settings to say plural system would be nice, unless of course you were meaning for that to be specific to multiples, but if that's the case adding other options for different types of systems would be nice). If you were interested I could suggest more plural terminology, although I feel that's likely better placed in a separate article as this seems focused on otherkin terms and, well, this is an otherkin site so that makes sense. :P Heart-type - The type of animal or being the individual identifies with. Kith & Kithtype - Alternate terms for other-hearted and heart-type. "The strength of this shift can vary" always confuses me in the contherian definition. A contherian is in a constant and unchanging state of human-animal and the strength of that does not fluctuate or vary. Variations in strength would be more in line with vacillant therianthropy.
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    Mysterious Phantom Shifts

    Ah I see, good luck with the appointment then and hope all goes well.
  6. Velvet Wings

    Mysterious Phantom Shifts

    Have you spoken to a doctor about this? Losing control of your limbs is pretty worrying and I'd want to rule out any other causes before attributing it to a phantom shift.
  7. Hey everyone, sorry I vanished for a while! I got ill and wasn't able to get on the computer much but I'm doing better now. :)