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    Drawing, Hockey, alternative music, playing ukulele and piano, sleeping, eating
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    Transgender FtM
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    Yukon wolf
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    For what I remember in dreams and visions. I am a Yukon wolf. I am smaller for my kind. I have a black, grey, and white coat. The grey takes up most of my body. There are splotches of black here and there. On my ears, tail, back, and the back of my head. I have a white mask on my face and the tip of my tail. My paws and stomach also have white on them.
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    I have had many dreams about my own animal since I was around 8. A yukon is the closest wolf that moved and looked like what I have dreamt of.A big thing I noticed about myself was the soft, yet vibrant green eyes.
    I was in a colder climate, flurries surrounded my body and fell over me like a cover. I wasn't cold. I was comfortable. I pranced and trotted through the snow like there was no time going by. I felt at home with the smell of pine and the white sky above me. I didn't feel like I was out of place either. I felt like myself. I was happy.
  • Shifting Experiences
    Mental Shifting
    Dream Shifting
    Phantom Shifting
    Astral Shifting
    Aura Shifting
    Sensory Shifting
  • Shifting Triggers
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by emotional stimuli

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  1. 8/10 I quite like this song. The lyrics are nice but something gives me a weird vibe about it.
  2. 9/10 Bothers me that you say 21pilots.. sigh sorry im picky. Its either top or twenty one pilots Now heres another slow yet amazing song
  3. 10/10 WE LOVE QUEEN! Though a bit over played, no one can ever go wrong with Queen.
  4. 7/10 Gorillaz is amazing, much agree. I'm not fond of the more well know ones. Like FGI or CE. Now lets get more alternative.
  5. My bones disappeared.... Is this happening to everyone? New update???Β 

    1. Kamoe

      The cheese has entered my bones

  6. 8/10 Powerful lyrics! Unusual I think at the most. Now lets get into some weird shit. This is more my style. (After you listen, tell me what you think its about, you would be surprised if you're not a gorillaz fan.)
  7. "Yeet on my peen!" "Oh wow, thats a big rad mood." "Ouch, i need some juice." Sigh.. i say them all the time, rip.
  8. Kole

    Wendigo (WIP)

    If you have any critiques tell me.
  9. Kole


    This is my persona/hybrid.
  10. Grr! Migraines can leave existence. My head can't take this. Happens way too much. May be a coincidence, but ever since I have been having the migraines here, latelyΒ I have also been having major dream shifting. Anyone else have this problem?

  11. Well, Pandora. Panic! At the Disco station but Twenty One Pilots music, haha. Chlorine. I'm stuck at school, nothing to do. I cleanse my mind with music.~
  12. Hello my names Kole! I'm 15 and live in Indiana. Just a heads up im FTM, pansexual. I'm very open about any things. I have been a therian for about 6 years now.Β I'm know by Blade by my groups. I am a kappa. I am a wolf dog therian. I can be tame but times come when I run wild. I hope I can meet new people! If you want to chat email me at kolerainn@gmail.com .