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    Reading, writing, sewing, hiking, swimming, language learning, doll customization
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    Transgender FtM
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    Lt. Commander Ravanok of the USS Mnemosyne
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    As a Vulcan-Betazoid hybrid, my only non-human visible traits were the distinct pointed ears Vulcans are known for and exceptionally dark eyes. As dark eyes are not uncommon among Vulcans, I was usually read as Vulcan. My skintone was comparable to that of an Asian-descended human, with the expressive, well-groomed eyebrows my people are known for and black hair cut into what fans of Star Trek jokingly call 'the one Vulcan haircut'.
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    After years of feeling non-human and disconnected from the emotional expression of the people around me, I began to have recurring dreams around age nine onwards. These dreams had many recurring elements, which I wrote down or drew, and many of which seemed as real as if I had lived them as opposed to merely dreaming them. At times, I would shift into the mindset of someone else, far more analytical and logical than my normal self. As the years went by and my dreams painted a story for me of a life spent in space, with similarly logical, analytical people and other non-humans, I began to gather key details such as names or events that had happened. The thorough documentation of all I had thought about, of the person I often felt I was, kicked into high gear when I began identifying as male and presenting as such. With greater frequency, I found myself slipping into the mentality and spoken mannerisms of the person my dreams and intuition identified as Ravanok. By the end of high school I had accepted this as some kind of mental oddity that, while inexplicable, was not doing me any harm and therefore required no further investigation. Upon a friend introducing me to Star Trek, however, I became intrigued by the concept of Vulcans, as they matched up with my memories and experiences. The problem was, my memories involved discussion of time travel and its' paradoxes, while Vulcan High Command deemed time travel scientifically impossible and unproven. When I watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the Department of Temporal Investigations' mere mention resulted in a confusing amount of information pouring forth from my subconscious in snippets. I knew about Thucydides class starships before they were announced. I knew about the Temporal Prime Directive, word for word, as it was said on screen. And I was deeply, deeply confused until I watched Star Trek: Enterprise and the words 'Temporal Cold War' were uttered. That was when it came together, when old dreams written down a long time ago began to have a framework for me to place them within. I worked in the DTI. I was Vulcan. I was involved in the Temporal Cold War and investigating the anomalies it was causing. And of course I thought I was insane and could never, ever share this information with anyone... until the internet introduced me to the concept of fictionkin and I realized that I was not the only one who had undergone such a process, nor the only one who remembered a past life in a fictional universe. Thus, my presence here.
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    Mental Shifting
    Dream Shifting
    Phantom Shifting
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    I experience voluntary shifts
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli

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  1. Nếu Hạnh Phúc Không Phải Em by Bích Phương Had a long day at work, I needed to listen to something mellow and a little somber and, above all, something as far removed from Christmas music as possible.
  2. I don't normally pine for my last life but having worked through Black Friday, I'm looking back at the work I did with the Department of Temporal Investigations with a much rosier lens. At least we were allowed breaks and I was able to eat on a regular basis, neither of which manifested today over the course of 14 hours...

  3. I wonder if other people with fictotypes struggle to put their memories and information into a chronology that makes sense or if my difficulties with it stem from having been involved with time travel? I can't imagine that anyone from the Department of Temporal Investigations would have an easy time with this, given even on the show it was shown that consistently studying multiple timelines could make one forget what the stardate was or how many ships named Enterprise there were.

    Also, it is -15F outside and I do not appreciate waking up in the middle of the night due to cold and my mind immediately throwing 'kin related thoughts at me. @ my subconscious, please wait until I have pants on to make your inquiries known next time.

  4. I don't normally engage in longing for places I went to in my last life. However, the lack of weather issues on a starship and environmental controls are both things I miss every time the weather where I live dips to 0 or lower. I try to appreciate the beauty of nature, but apparently I have a very distinct cutoff point for that.

  5. Many Star Trek Expanded Universe fans will know there's a stereotype in-universe that the only kinds of human music Vulcans are classical and jazz. While I'm not major fans of either genre, I will admit that I've been binge-listening to Wave Mechanics Union lately, especially this song. As ancient as this will make me sound, jazz, coffee and the news is how I start off the morning.