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    Fantasy, Dragons, Art, Metalworking, Music, Cooking, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Nature, Gardening, Stones, Gems, Jewelry, Fashion
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    Drawing, Reading
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    Ambient music and "background" music from movies and games, Orchestral music, Swing, Jazz, Traditional Chinese, Traditional Celtic, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Nightwish, Kamelot, Dragonforce, Ancient Bards, Demons and Wizards, 80s Alternative, 80s Rock, Michael Jackson, Indie Rock, The Decemberists, Fleet Foxes, Iron and Wine, Simon and Garfunkel, Jethro Tull
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    The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, The Dark Tower, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Death Gate Cycle, The Great Tree of Avalon, Eragon (Inheritance cycle),
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    The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Steven Universe, One Punch Man, Elementary, Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, Harry Potter series, Marvel/Avengers,
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    Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Cards against Humanity, Undertale, Pokemon franchise
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    Kind of sort of casually Catholic (lapse, non-church going for several years now) but spiritually and philosophically a mix of Eastern and Western beliefs.
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    "Superstitious" is a word I would call it, but I haven't actually experienced anything myself.

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    grey western dragon
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    I believe that my experiences are the result of psychological or neurological phenomenon
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    Have called myself a dragon since 2010, discovered my kintype in 2014
  1. Whatcha eatin?

    Pumpkin muffins with butter + home-made iced coffee drink
  2. Talk about your crush/squish/partner/friend !!

    My partner and I have been dating for 5 years. Physically, he's exactly my type. He has a ruddy complexion that becomes really tan in the summer, but he almost never tans his full body (always gets a "farmer's tan") because he always wears T shirts and jeans. Only a few times a year do I see him actually wearing shorts. He has what he calls "Spanish face" - a mustache and a beard that only tickles his chin. He has some hair growing on his cheeks but, as he says, it looks like he has mange because it only grows in patches. When he shaves, he looks like a totally different (and much younger) person. It actually startles me every time I see it. But he does shave his entire face a few times a year for work or because he feels it gets too unruly. His hair is dark and curly/wavy, his facial hair is "peppery" with some strands of lighter hair, some of it even stark blonde, growing in it. When his hair starts getting too long I have to practically beg him to cut it short again, he just doesn't care or isn't aware of how unflattering his physical appearance is sometimes. His hair grows OUT into a giant poofy mass. His wardrobe can be described simply as "my mom bought me these clothes". I don't think I have ever witnessed him purchasing a single article of clothing that wasn't socks or outdoor/hunting gear. And despite never buying clothes, he has way too much of it. His wardrobe takes up space in 3 different dressers and our entire walk-in closet, despite the fact that we've donated 3 garbage bags full of clothes already. When it comes time for me to move in, we will be hopefully eliminating more so I can have space My boyfriend is also sort of a mild hoarder. Before he bought his house, he most of his things stored in boxes in his bedroom at his parents house. There was a small walkway to the bed and enough space to open drawers, but that's pretty much it. When he moved into his house last year, besides the furniture, he already had enough stuff to fill his whole house. We still have a whole room that is just boxes of stuff. A lot of it is things for his hobby, painting and collecting figures for the tabletop miniature wargaming games that he plays. He also plays video games and computer games, though his computers are both decommissioned as of right now. The rest of the stuff is old notebooks and assorted documents relating to the worldbuilding and stories that he's written over the years. He is trying to get things together to write a series of fantasy novels but he's had "writer's block" for the last 2 years. He's just now getting back into world building for a new idea, which makes me very relieved and happy. He needs to do what he loves. Personality wise, my boyfriend is very eclectic/eccentric. He is always buying DIY and cooking magazines, always coming up with projects and ideas. He starts more than he can finish at a time, usually. He is very down to earth, likes simple, honest things. He's into gardening, hunting, archery, fletching, cooking, history, homesteading, natural medicines, carpentry, woodworking, beer and wine brewing, wilderness survival, and many more things I'm sure. My boyfriend has mostly had a rough childhood and a rough life. He is anxious about the future and depressed about the past. Over the past 2 years he hasn't been able to write because his job and his daily anxiety mentally drains him. Its hard to see such a creative free spirit being dragged down by his demons. Really the only thing that seems to make him happy is my presence, but because of my own circumstances I'm only able to see him twice a month. I'm planning to move in with him early in 2018 though.
  3. 3 Big Wins

    1. Got to send my bf off to work before heading home 2. Got done with everything at work 3. Remembered to bring my coffee making supplies home
  4. Incorrect alterhuman Quotes

    Other people: So... what are you? Me: A dragon! Other people: But whats in your pants? Me: Dragons don't wear pants o.O
  5. anxiety

    I've had social anxiety for a long time, possibly most of my life, looking back on it now. Throughout your life, you will meet people who "get" you, even if you're awkward or nervous around most people. When you find them, cherish your relationship with them. They will be like a refreshing cool drink on a hot summer's day to you. Also, if you're paralyzed by fear in certain social situations, or experience racing thoughts about bad or embarrassing things that might happen (or may already have happened in the past) or have panic attacks in public, in the line at the supermarket or even just going into a public restroom then I would consider seeking professional counselling or possibly even seeking a prescription for anti-anxiety meds. I've had horrifyingly terrible anxiety during the last few months. I've been seeing a counselor, but now I'm taking meds to help curb some of the symptoms of my anxiety. I'm still figuring out ways I can cope with my social anxiety with my counselor but I'm now experiencing less persistent racing thoughts, "flash backs", and obsessive mental preparation for possible future events. I don't really have good coping mechanisms myself right now, but keeping my attention focused on something else that I love to do, such as reading a book or drawing, distracts me from my anxiety. Also reasoning with your irrational thoughts using logic is a very good strategy if you can manage to put on the brakes in your brain for a few minutes.
  6. What were/are the rules in your house?

    It used to be "put your dishes on the kitchen counter when you are finished" but it has evolved into "scrape and rinse your dishes when you are finished". "Go to bed by 8" became "Go to bed by 9" and then "Whatever, just be quiet." "Lock up and turn off all the lights when you get home" (for me, since I work 2nd shift) "Brush your teeth before bed" "Laundry goes in the hamper... not on the floor next to the hamper!" "Mom will do the laundry but you have to put your clothes away" *stares at the pile of clothes that has been sitting on the edge of my bed for 5 days* At my boyfriend's house, we don't really have any official rules except - Lock up the house before bed - Remember to put the bird to sleep around 10 (or whenever he starts to get cranky) - Whoever finishes the roll of toilet paper must replace it
  7. 3 Big Wins

    1. Had a nice, big lunch (and a free dessert coupon) 2. Remembered to take my meds 3. Talked to my boss without fear or anxiety. And she seemed to be in a good mood to talk to me!
  8. 3 Big Wins

    @Opossumblossum I've just been posting them on my personal Facebook page for now.. Might start uploading them to my Instagram though https://www.instagram.com/viseriongrey/ 3 wins for yesterday: Actually worked on a commission (and also Inktober again) Had enough time to do the floors at work Got to talk on the phone with my bf at work using my new hands-free headset
  9. 3 Big Wins

    We could all use a little more positivity in our lives. This thread is an exercise to help look on the bright side of things. The premise is simple. State or describe 3 positive things that happened in your life today, or yesterday, depending on when you post. The "wins" can be big or small things, even as simple as "I woke up today". Even if you had an over-all bad day, you can think of 3 things that went right, or just OK. My 3 big wins yesterday: I made it home safely after visiting my boyfriend this weekend I completed the first 2 days of the Inktober drawing challenge I made it through my whole work shift on almost no sleep and finished most of what I had to do
  10. Word fun

  11. Follow your nose!

    I like the smell of wood smoke, fresh herbs, and coffee. Some of the more unusual scents that I like are the smell of lingering cigar/cigarette smoke (it reminds me of family and childhood, oddly enough) and bleach (I have no explanation for this, I just really like it ). I can't stand wet dish cloth/wet mildewy mop/ old sponge smell. Like I'm REALLY sensitive to that particular smell.
  12. Hello! Be sure to read the site's rules and guidelines as well. Your beliefs are what they are... beliefs. Right now, as others have pointed out, you are coming off as both extremely uninformed and extremely unbelievable.
  13. Learning to drive again :wtfwolf:

  14. Reaction Images for Kin/System Daily Life

    when you wanna be productive but its too cold in the room
  15. yay I dun gradiated! 

    1. Mist Howler

      Mist Howler

      Freaking congrats, dude!! Ahh!!! I am so happy for you!!