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  1. So my dad lost his discover card and my family doesn't have much in the bank again. Dad's been trying to keep up with my medical bills and other bills. I had my gallbladder removed two months ago but it's caused more ham getting it removed. I can't eat much without getting a stomach ache and Mental has become my best friend for pain. I hate that I have to leach off my parents. I really need to catch up on life. I need a job, an apartment and get a licence.

  2. Eersian

    More general things

    Most of the time the thoughts will sound like your own. I don't think God purposely takes people away but if it was something like an accident that's the other person's fault... If it was sickness God didn't create that. The bible is definitely the hardest holly book to understand. I think it's ment to be decoded than to be taken 100β„… seriously.
  3. Eersian

    More general things

    You probably have different believes but I have a thing that may help you. Most Christians when praying will write down their prayer and then write God's answer down. Whatever comes to mind after writing the prayer would be the answer. Do you think you can maybe write a letter to Aden and then allow his thoughts to enter yours and write that down? It may help, but if there is another spirit in your house it may interfere.
  4. Alphabet Soupwe will start with AA is forB is forand then go all the way to Z and start over?get it? No repeating responsesLet's try it!I will start itA is for applel
  5. OK...Time to start a game that is alot of fun!The first poster will post 2 words, such as Microsoft Windows, and the next poster will use the 2nd word in their post.Example:post 1- Microsoft WindowsPost 2- Window BlindsPost 3- Blind MiceGet the idea?ALSO, there can be NO "IMPLIED WORDS" in between the two words.an example of an Implied word would be "Mice (and) Men" Blind Mice
  6. This game is simple, but it’s a fun way to find out what other people keep in their pantry. Start by posting something from your pantry that starts with the letter β€œA.” The next person posts something in their pantry that starts with the letter β€œB,” and so on. For example, you could start with the word β€œapplesauce,” and the next person might post the word β€œbread.”Apples
  7. Yes (I live there) Never have I ever been to Coachella
  8. still not feeling well even after my gallbladder surgery and I've been thinking about my past alot. I've stolen stuff from friends and cousins, gotten into many arguments, did some weird things with my ex and listened to my voices. I just want to be a better person. I've been thinking about my otherkinship too. Wondering if it's a past life thing (I believe in the multiverse and reincarnation) I got two weird readings from an astrologist and tarot card reader one told me in my past life as a dwarf I was male and one of my friends spent the night at my place he had an accident and died and I stole hisΒ Gold. But how could I be angry at myself for something I don't remember? I've heard karma from past lives can make you sick in your current life. The other reading I got was to fix my life I have to do what I've done as a child. But I don't remember what that is. I found a spirituality forum... Probably not going to go on there because I don't really believe or care much for a lot of spiritual practices but there is a Christianity and past life section.

    I know some therian and otherkin identify as psychological (even though I don't understand that) but my dream shifts are too vivid not to believe this (especially the ones where I wake up out of breath from drowning). My theory is something I call soul transfural (something I got while watching a conscious transfural explanation of how time travel works) My theory is that sins, experiences and feelings (like shifts) got transferred over to my current life. What I've heard about reincarnation is that spirit guides only help you if you know what to ask them and if you don't ask them the right questions they take away most of your memories upon reincarnation. If this ends up to be true I hope to break out of this cycle by disobeying my spirit guide and demanding to go to an afterlife.

  9. Yes Never have I ever rode in a helicopter
  10. The opening the am to Tokyo Ghoul. I don't like the anime but I like the opening.
  11. Eersian

    General things

    O.o too creepy for me. I don't Do spiritual things anymore. Don't want to offend you. I've just had bad experiences. Especially with meditation.
  12. Nope and I don't usually ride them either Never have I ever rode in a limo
  13. I noticed there is no shoutbox. With a shoebox people can talk with others as a group and get to know each other better. Would this be a thing in the future?
  14. I think everyone knows how to play this but someone says what they have never done and the next person says yes / no and ask another question ...Never have I ever been to Disneyworld
  15. Eersian

    What I Mean When I Say I'm an Atheist

    I'm a Presbyterian and have been to a nondenominational cult most of those churches will lie to your face and make up nonsense beliefs that don't line up with scripture. But no one should hate on your beliefs many fake lukewarm Christians believe they have to judge others who are different and don't know Jack about the bible. I've left the church the beginning of this year and only go to intensive bible study.