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    A.K.A Lee Lobo (Mexican Wolf)

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    Masculinity (moderate)
  • Antisexuality
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    Musician, Radio Technology, Electronics
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    Past Life (Mexican wolf, had mate and 3 pups).

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    Lee Lobo

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    Lee RuralWolf
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    Mexican Grey Wolf
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    Just a 2 old Male Mexican Wolf

    Smaller, thin stature [mexican wolf], with taller rounder ears. light tan/tauney sides, black fur along back with white mixed in. white belly. amber/white legs, amber/white tail with black on tip of tail.
  • Time of Awakening
    5/3/2015 3:45 PM
  • Personal Otherkin Experiences
    Suntherian (Low level near constant mental shifted state)
  • Personal Awakening
    Was in a field Sunday afternoon on May 3rd 2015. Realized what I was and felt "uplifted", happy and content.

    However this all occurred in stages.

    1998 was the (est) original awakening.

    2005 was the second stage.

    2015 was the third stage.
  1. I am just a 30 something (human) wolf, stumbling about in a human world.
  2. Being both spiritually and psychologically minded is a pain. But I do feel animals can sense SOMETHING from us different. But I don't think they know what they are sensing or if it should be that way or not. From a psychological standpoint, I feel that my dogs, especially those I am a pack member in, I think they pick up on the non-human behaviors I exhibit around them, so in turn they respond differently than they would around another human, acting all human like. Like if I am around them growling and snarling, then they will naturally act, and respond much different than they would a normal human just talking to them. Lee
  3. Someone Please Distract me from the Dysphoria

    I hope things improve Neve! I can emphasize with you. I lost my pups and probably my mate in my past life. So every day is a gasp to latch onto the last fading memories I have of my runt pup whom I was bonded to more. Who is now psychologically embodied in a stuffed animal wolf pup. Each day I tend to nuzzle and whine more at it. Recalling the fun we had though he/she was sick and the other two pups would not play with it. Only me. But I hope you can get your insurance back too. I have Medicare insurance, and the list of what it doesn't cover would be easier to explain than what it does. I too have bad anxiety. To the point my doctor worried more about my panic attacks, than seizure disorder (that I also have). But not one day goes by where my species dysphoria does not flair up. I feel my legs are too long, arms have these things on them that should be paws, and my "muzzle" is too short. We all try and cope. I try and focus on what I enjoy from this life. For me that is walking in the woods. I may have this human body, but I can try no matter how poorly to be myself. For in the end, that is all we can do friend. Lee
  4. I am just a 30 something human bodied wolf, stumbling about in a human world.
  5. Hi! I'm that person who was talking about wolfblood!
  6. Happy Birthday Lee!
    1. AziMWolf


      Thank you fellow Mexican Wolf! ^w^
  7. Autism Speaks Revamp

    Perhaps I am one of the few that wish there WAS a cure for Autism. I HATE my Asperger's. But then again, I feel the same about my Therianthropy. I think these mental states, and conditions make me less than I should be, in a different class of people. I had family and friends used to tell me if I didn't have High Functioning Autism / Asperger's that I wouldn't be me anymore, naturally same for therianthropy. However for me that would be fine. For this topic, I would not have to worry about seizures, panic attacks that come with my disability. Then perhaps therianthropy would been an easier pill to swallow, even before awakening. I guess I have this bias because growing up my family isolated its self totally from me because of Asperger's. Even my own mother called me an "Asperger Freak". Then later it was slurs toward my therianthropy. But that's another story. I would love to be a regular Joe. But i am not, nor will I ever be. I was born with my Asperger's / High Functioning Autism, and my Therianthropy. I will die that way. Bleak I know. But it's how I feel. What I despise. How about those born with LOW FUNCTIONING Autism? Those that cannot speak, walk, function in life. For us with high functioning autism / Asperger's we can at least live like most other people. These cannot. No cure, means those born that way will never see a fully functional life. That's sad! Lee
  8. I got a new thing!

    Very cool! I have a Theta Delta wolf necklace. It, like yours is my only way for external identity.
  9. Bad Habits?

    I pull my "beard" hairs out when nervous. So that's all the time. I never have to shave because of that.
  10. What clothes do you wear to satisfy you kintype(s)?

    I agree with others. There is no clothing, wolf or otherwise that make me feel comfortable. As seraphyna said, I cannot go around nude, nor would I really feel comfortable doing that since I am/have a human body. So I wear a wolf Therian necklace. That's all I have. It's more what I have than wear that pleases me. I have a wolf pup plushie I sleep with that makes me have Alot of mental shift elevations with it. But clothes, no. I just do what I have to do as a human and as what is expected of me. Lee
  11. Weird habits or opinions?

    I lick the muzzles of my pack mates (dogs). I also play and bite on them (not harming them). Lee
  12. What's your current favorite song(s)?

    Diamond Rio - How your love makes me feel John Michael Montgomery - Life's a Dance Jason Aldean - Lights Come On Luke Bryan - Little boys grow up and dogs grow old Ricky Nelson - Traveling Man Roxette - Listen to your heart Nickelback to Don Henley - Dirty Laundry (don Henley wrote it/sang it first). Don Henley - the Boys of summer Colt Ford - Drivin' Around song The Cowsills - The rain, the park & other things. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh) LeAnn Rimes - Blue Chris Stapleton - Nobody to blame Del Shannon - Runaway Remy Zero - Save Me Thats what my Napster listening history has. Lee --- Post updated --- I have a satellite fascination because of my all things radio obsession. I like Telstar by The Ventures. :)
  13. Phantom Shifts moments

    I often feel hand and feet paws. When I do I tend to walk digitgrade more. During mental shift elevations (Suntherian) I feel as if I am trying to balance on two legs. I have fallen down on all fours more than once. This has never happened outside the privacy of my home. Then I do walk up my decl steps on all fours daily. While biologically it doesn't feel right, it does make my mind say "this is right". This is followed by a sense of elation. Lee
  14. tails

    My tail when I feel it is bushy, wirey. Not different from the texture, contour of a Husky or German Shepherd. But mine is thinner as my body is smaller/thinner. I went for months without feeling a phantom tail. Then started too with no warning or influence. Lee
  15. Media Relations to Kintype

    I too came across this very same image on Facebook. In a day that was already filled with anxiety from various sources. This made it worse. As anyone knows my past, they know accepting, coming to grips with who I was and "the beast within", was one of the hardest things I've done in my life. After living 18 years in various states of uncertainty, and uneducated mindset toward what I was. This image threw me right back into those fears, even though I have since accepted, stopped denying who I am, and accepted my Mexican Wolf theriotype, one cannot just erase that means years of mental torture. It will take decades to heal wounds if it ever happens. I think this image speaks to so much of us, because what it means to be human conflicts with what many of us experience daily, even before an awakening. So when we accept our eventual internal identities, there is that mismatch of our minds saying we should be this, but the main parts of our mind saying, no we are this.... Being a therian, a real one, not a teen wolf, or wolfaboo, what have you isn't something that you can turn off when you're tired like a Playstation. It's a life long situation, it is who we all are. In the end, that is the most challenging thing to accept. So THAT is why that image causes so much inner fear, and turmoil. Lee