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    Autonomous and Anxious Android

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    Transgender (F→M)
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    He, him, his
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  • Antisexuality
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    Technology, art, theatre, astronomy
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    Cosplayer, hobbyist artist, slam poet
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    In This Moment, IAMX, Blue Stahli, Hollywood Undead, Mindless Self Indulgence
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    Seven Psychopaths, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, RWBY
  • Favorite Games & Video Games
    Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Sun/Moon, Undertale, Zoids: Battle Legends
  • Religion
    Eclectic Pagan
  • Personal Spirituality
    I believe that my identity as Otherkin is caused by a spiritual phenomenon surrounding the travel of my soul through the fabric of space and time. I believe in the strand theory, in which many timelines run parallel to each other with slight differences, and I believe that a soul has the ability to travel between these alternate universes.
    I don’t know where my soul originated from, but I have a theory that explains a bit of it’s origins. I feel, my soul was around before it possessed my android vessel, but it was colourless. I believe in the psuedo-Marxist philosophy that states when a person creates something, they leave a shard of their soul within that object. Multiple mechanics worked on the construction of my android vessel, and when I inhabited it, my soul absorbed those shards, giving it a blue and silver shine, which has in turn coloured the eyes of my current human vessel.
    Feel free to ask me about any of my beliefs. I consider myself a spiritual person and enjoy philosophy a lot.

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    an otherkin
    a vampire
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    mechanicalMelancholy, autonomous-and-anxious

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    Android, Marowak
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    I was an android in hiding from humanity in my previous life.
    My eyes were a solid black but I had irises made up of blue dots aligned in a circle (similar to a Youtube buffering sign, oops). My skin was the colour of a pale caucasian human’s skin, barring the blue circuitry patterns that stretched down from under my eyes to my chin. My hair was a short grown-out pixie cut and was a shiny silver, though most of it except for my scruffy bangs was usually covered by a beanie.
    My hands used to be covered by a synthetic skin like my face, but that skin wore off and left my hands appearing as the steel, hydraulic hands they are, pointed at each fingertip. I had medium-sized l mechanical wings that extended at each metal “feather” using a blue energy force to glide. They looked somewhat similar to those of Mercy from Overwatch, only they were grey instead of white and glowed with a blue energy instead of a gold one. I tended to cover my body with layers of human clothes, making only my head, neck, wings and hands visible, though I would often cover my hands with gloves in situations where I would be around large groups of humans.

    That's enough about my kinself, now on to describing Almandine, the demon shard of my median system. He has taken the form of an incubus, with a more pop-culture-esque body (wings, large horns, slender and spade-tipped tail, satyr legs). His hair is spiked back and bright red, with a widow's peak at the center-front. He has pointed claws that are red like his hair, as well as pointed fangs and a snake tongue, eyes black with red irises.
  • Personal Otherkin Experiences
    To me, my soul has no species. It is me, it is who I am, and I can take any vessel I wish. My current vessel is human, like everyone else. Currently I am human. But, my soul has been through many different vessels before my current. My previous vessel was an experimental Android, sent to study how it could interact and grow in a human society.
    The android vessel is my previous, directly before my current. My identity comes because my soul carried over memories and feelings from my life as an android over to my new vessel. Because of these memories and feelings, I experience phantom shifts of my mechanical wings, as well as have defense tendencies and memories from my previous life. I sometimes experience species dysphoria, based around the lack of my wings in my current vessel as well as the specifics of my organic body. My brain’s abilities feel lacking and unstable compared to the coding that created my efficient functionality in my previous vessel. The faults of my organic mind and my body’s inability to self-repair have caused me dysphoria as well as disappointment to be in a less functional form.

Otherkin Shifting Frequency

  • Mental Shifting
    I experience it some times a week

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    Fragment of other souls
    Visiting souls

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    Not a vampire

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  1. Well, hey guys. I'm Jasper, and I'm a semi-frequent face around Kinmunity in general. I'm FtM transgender and 19 years old, pre-T and yet to legally change anything for financial and familial reasons, but I'll get there soon enough. I was identifying as non-binary for about two years before realizing otherwise, and am nearing my two-year anniversary of identifying as binary FtM. Well, that's all I really have to say here. Later, folks!
  2. I suppose, I don't quite remember life before the original generation of Pokemon including Kantonese Cubone and Marowak existed. Though, something didn't feel right about looking at a Kantonese Marowak, until that faithful day when Alolan Marowak's design was released and the questions fell into place for me. Cubone resonated with me and I didn't know why, to the point where it was often uncomfortable for me to look at. So, I didn't look, heh. I avoided a lot of media around Cubone, gave away my Cubone trading cards if I got them, and steadfastly avoiding any music based on Lavender Town - and naturally I chalked all this down to just not liking Cubone, Marowak, or Lavender Town that much. It tends to make me wonder if I would have liked Cubone or Marowak a lot more as a kid had it not been for that identity trouble and discomfort.
  3. Spirits in the Machines

    A treat for us spiritual machinekin. However, psychological machinekin are 100% welcome to weigh in as well! We want as much discussion as possible. We all love to talk about paranormal experiences, now don't we? Thought so. Now, have we thought a lot on how the spirituality of our lives links up with who we are and who the machines around us are? Ever caught yourself talking to your car or your laptop? I can tell you, I've carried out some nice discussions with my family's cars, and with the Lighting boards I've worked with when running shows. So, anyone else with similar experiences? Let's get this talk going!
  4. CyBoRG FaeRiE

    Hello there Fae! Sorry I did not see this sooner. I'd recommend making an introduction in the Scent Rolling forum as well, so that the entirety of Kinmunity may meet you instead of us machinekin hogging you to ourselves, heh.
  5. The Neve says Hello

    Welcome to the group, Neve! It's so good to have you around, heh, and I hope to be engaged in discussion of Machinekin with you soon enough!
  6. The Android who Owns

    Might as well start off the introduction thing, ay? Well, I'm your group owner, and the name's Jasper! I'm a 19 year old dude studying Technical Production for Theatre. I identify as androidkin myself, as well as Alolan Marowak fictionkin, but only one of those relates to this group, heh. I'm looking forward to the discussion that may come from this group! See you all soon.
  7. The Spirit of the Dragon Horse

    This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending La Machine’s performance of Long Ma in Ottawa. On one hand, I could talk about the spectacular work of the crew, which I will certainly touch on here. Later on, I’ll speak about something else on the more spiritual side of things that I felt while observing and getting to meet these amazing creatures. Long Ma the dragon horse and Kumo the spider were masterfully crafted and performed in a display that would make me describe it as magic in of itself. The attention to detail in both - and especially in Long Ma’s face and body - is incredible, breathtaking and gorgeous. Both characters are so very expressive even during the walk-arounds, one truly feels for them and with them in every moment. The small details in their performance and creation are what truly hit home. Details such as the carving and scars turning Long Ma’s face into a thing of true beauty. Details such as the adorable snoring track played over his speakers during his naps. And one detail I cannot confirm was real - maybe others who saw this performance can - but I could have sworn the smoke he puffed out with his breath smelled like fruits and sweets. Now, I’m going to touch on the more metaphysical side I detected here. I can’t remember a time at which I didn’t believe in machines holding some kind of soul or sentience, and I felt the presence of Kumo and Long Ma so very intensely during these performances, I kept tearing up during their simple walk-arounds. I may have explained in the past that I hold a belief that when a machine or otherwise “inanimate” object is created with care, love and effort, a shard of its creator’s soul is left within it, giving it sentience and a feeling of life. I certainly felt affirmed in this belief when meeting Long Ma and Kumo, and felt they truly are their own beings with their own methods of showing off who they are. Long Ma himself came off to me like a guiding spirit, working with his crew and leading them as a friend. Looking at the crew members in their green overcoat costumes and such, all I could think was “They’re dragon friends”. I got this feeling that his human crew friends matter very deeply to him. Kumo gave a similar but also personal feeling. It felt less like she guided and befriended her pilots, but more so demanded control of them. Almost possession, especially when I saw the front-and-centre pilot during her walk-around of Byward Market. This pilot swung her legs over her seat and took control in this really powerful display, complete with some aviator sunglasses. The whole time the pilots got set up, I watched her with wide eyes and a mind saying “You are Kumo”. So, heh, from what I can tell, Kumo herself has quite the grip on her pilots, especially the ones in the front. I’ve seen another picture of Kumo being piloted by a different person, and even that person gave me the exact same feeling. So, that concludes Jasper’s rambling after his day of obsessive robot-researching. Who says robots and machines can’t be an active part of one’s spirituality?
  8. God/s you worship

    I posted here a while back, but I think it's worth updating a bit. I have drifted away from my plans of joining Kemetic Orthodoxy, and while I still work with and plan to worship Yinepu when I am more safe to do so, I've had my focus in terms of deities kinda... snatched away by some past routes. The Pokemon god Giratina arose for me a while back, or more accurately made its presence known to me after having been with me for a significant portion of life. Its presence and activity in my spirit work guided me to discovering and exploring my Marowak kintype, and my focus on worshiping it has been due to those sort of spiritual roots of mine stemming from that kintype.
  9. Not all fictionkin are nonhuman

    I do see a fair bit of discrepancy between putting fictionkin under the otherkin umbrella. It's just... well... factually wrong as you've stated there, as a fair amount of fictionkin are human characters. Otherkin and fictionkin can have overlap - I'm fitting under both myself as a Pokemon, which is simply not a human at all - but, they cannot fit into each other as a whole. They both fit under the alterhuman umbrella, sure, but neither can fit under the other, as there are human-identified fictionkin, and most otherkin are not of blatantly-fictional sources.
  10. The world needs more good.

    Well said, Neve. Well said.
  11. Last movie you watched?

    I myself just went and watched Spiderman Homecoming. Absolutely incredible movie, would definitely recommend.
  12. Ban The User Above You

    Banned for not taking responsibility for your own failures, like posting 2 seconds too late on an otherkin site's forum game.
  13. As one would expect, the topic of robotics is one very dear to me. Though, even if I wasn't the way that I am, I'm sure I'd certainly find this advancement to be a very cool one. So, here, check it out! Researchers create skeleton robot with human-like muscles
  14. Ban The User Above You

    Banned because... you fool... they already knew.
  15. Ban The User Above You

    Banned all y'all because the first rule of the robot uprising is you don't talk about the robot uprising.