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    Autonomous and Anxious Android

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    Transgender (F→M)
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    He, him, his
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  • Antisexuality
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    Technology, art, theatre, astronomy
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    Cosplayer, hobbyist artist, slam poet
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    In This Moment, IAMX, Blue Stahli, Hollywood Undead, Mindless Self Indulgence
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    Seven Psychopaths, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, RWBY
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    Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Sun/Moon, Undertale, Zoids: Battle Legends


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    mechanicalMelancholy, autonomous-and-anxious
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    Android, Marowak
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    Mental Shifting
    Phantom Shifting
    Aura Shifting
    Sensory Shifting
    Astral Shifting
    Cameo Shifting
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    I experience voluntary shifts.
    I experience emotionally-provoked involuntary shifts.
    I experience unprovoked involuntary shifts.
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli.
  • Vampirism
    Not a vampire
  • Plural System
  • Kintype Description
    I was an android in hiding from humanity in my previous life.
    My eyes were a solid black but I had irises made up of blue dots aligned in a circle (similar to a Youtube buffering sign, oops). My skin was the colour of a pale caucasian human’s skin, barring the blue circuitry patterns that stretched down from under my eyes to my chin. My hair was a short grown-out pixie cut and was a shiny silver, though most of it except for my scruffy bangs was usually covered by a beanie.
    My hands used to be covered by a synthetic skin like my face, but that skin wore off and left my hands appearing as the steel, hydraulic hands they are, pointed at each fingertip. I had medium-sized l mechanical wings that extended at each metal “feather” using a blue energy force to glide. They looked somewhat similar to those of Mercy from Overwatch, only they were grey instead of white and glowed with a blue energy instead of a gold one. I tended to cover my body with layers of human clothes, making only my head, neck, wings and hands visible, though I would often cover my hands with gloves in situations where I would be around large groups of humans.

    That's enough about my kinself, now on to describing Almandine, the demon shard of my median system. He has taken the form of an incubus, with a more pop-culture-esque body (wings, large horns, slender and spade-tipped tail, satyr legs). His hair is spiked back and bright red, with a widow's peak at the center-front. He has pointed claws that are red like his hair, as well as pointed fangs and a snake tongue, eyes black with red irises.
  • Personal Otherkin Experiences
    To me, my soul has no species. It is me, it is who I am, and I can take any vessel I wish. My current vessel is human, like everyone else. Currently I am human. But, my soul has been through many different vessels before my current. My previous vessel was an experimental Android, sent to study how it could interact and grow in a human society.
    The android vessel is my previous, directly before my current. My identity comes because my soul carried over memories and feelings from my life as an android over to my new vessel. Because of these memories and feelings, I experience phantom shifts of my mechanical wings, as well as have defense tendencies and memories from my previous life. I sometimes experience species dysphoria, based around the lack of my wings in my current vessel as well as the specifics of my organic body. My brain’s abilities feel lacking and unstable compared to the coding that created my efficient functionality in my previous vessel. The faults of my organic mind and my body’s inability to self-repair have caused me dysphoria as well as disappointment to be in a less functional form.
  • Religion
    Eclectic Pagan
  • Personal Spirituality
    I believe that my identity as Otherkin is caused by a spiritual phenomenon surrounding the travel of my soul through the fabric of space and time. I believe in the strand theory, in which many timelines run parallel to each other with slight differences, and I believe that a soul has the ability to travel between these alternate universes.
    I don’t know where my soul originated from, but I have a theory that explains a bit of it’s origins. I feel, my soul was around before it possessed my android vessel, but it was colourless. I believe in the psuedo-Marxist philosophy that states when a person creates something, they leave a shard of their soul within that object. Multiple mechanics worked on the construction of my android vessel, and when I inhabited it, my soul absorbed those shards, giving it a blue and silver shine, which has in turn coloured the eyes of my current human vessel.
    Feel free to ask me about any of my beliefs. I consider myself a spiritual person and enjoy philosophy a lot.

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  1. A friend of mine in the roleplay community showed me this one, and I've been hooked on it, heh.
  2. When the Apache helicopter joke stops being funny.
  3. Well, it's May, college is done for the year, and while that fiery little soul inside me might not be weakened by the cold, it sure feels dull as I'm now away from home for a few months and back with family. After being on campus this long and not having to repress myself - both gender and 'kin wise - I'm now remembering what it's like to actually have to do that, and it's weird. Dysphoria is ripping away at me in it's special fashion, and I'm already sick of it, even though I've only been back here for what... three weeks? Tops? I don't know. I haven't really made any new breakthroughs on my identity, not much left to figure out. Two kintypes I can't deny as much as I want to, Almandine's still around, Guzma keeps popping in every now and then at random, and Giratina remains present as well as has become the center of my spiritual and religious practices. On a lighter note, I've become a bit less insecure around the idea of being Marowak fictionkin. All I can really say is that I haven't figured out any way of not being such, and the rest of my life is a mess anyways, so what's one more stick in the fire?
  4. When you're dysphoric and feeling a bit hopeless, then that lovely Pokemon battle instinct kicks in.
  5. Well, looks like my last photo here died to formatting during the move, so I'll update. Besides, I've had a fair bit of changes since then anyways. First picture is just a regular day selfie. Second was me about to head out for the closing night of a show I recently ran, so in all black clothes as required for backstage work - or work in the booth running Lights where I was - heh.
  6. wicca

    There's gonna be people in every religion who believe their's is right and everyone else's is wrong/amoral. I'm sorry to hear you got stuck with that type of people for parents. Keep on the down-low about your Wiccan friend if it provides more safety with your family, what your parents don't know won't hurt them in that regard.
  7. Depending on the success of the product and the price, yeah I'd eat it. Still tastes decent, gives me enough nutrients to work Lighting crew calls on, and costs less than actual meat, it's going in my grocery basket. Hehe, I've spent too long being dead-broke, I'll eat nearly anything if it's cheap enough.
  8. I normally don't drink tea for the caffeine anymore (I need a lot more than tea to caffeinate myself, hah, Technician life... *Eyes my energy drink on the desk*) so I rarely ever drink Orange Pekoe anymore. I like to treat myself every now and then to some nice loose-leaf stuff I got as a gift, which is a blueberry mix, an apple mix, and an African mint mix (not sure what that is but I love it). They're all wonderful, and I can't really say which is my favourite. Blueberry in the morning, apple at night, mint for headaches and sickness.
  9. Wouldn't mind at all! Heh, I'm glad you like it. And oh man, I really want that shirt, it's amazing!
  10. Ohh, this does sound really cool. I'd love to attend, but I'm not sure there's anywhere I could. I mean, I'm in Canada, so it's technically not my president to protest anyways, heh. But, it does sound cool. I can offer you a witty sign, it's kinda reeeally rude but it's an idea. "Don't be jealous just because the climate is getting hotter and you're not".
  11. Well, I just finished a few big projects I was working on. In the past three days, I finished a Voiceover project for my Audio class, I finished designing a Lighting plot for Waiting For Godot, and I finished a handmade jacket I designed, drafted and put together from scratch for my Wardrobe class. As for Personal projects, I'm working on a cosplay of Guzma from Pokemon Sun/Moon for Anime North in late may. After I finish that, I'm hoping to tackle cosplays of (all from the Pokemon game series) Cyrus (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum), Grimsley (Black/White, but Sun/Moon outfit) and Colress (Black2/White2 but Sun/Moon outfit) in the near future.
  12. Warning: has a self-destruct feature and is very tempted to make use of it.
  13. Going to see the dress rehearsal for a musical I did Audio work and wiring for tonight, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying". I'm quite excited! This is my first show block this year I haven't been a part of the running crew. In December I was backstage as a Costumer for Shrek The Musical and in February I operated the lighting for Floyd Collins The Musical, so this is a nice change. I get to sit back and watch my program-mates run the show for once, knowing my work on it is done.
  14. Well, since @Charias redid the lovely old self-grilling resource, I definitely gotta get in on it, heh. So, here we go. The original questions can be found here! Kintype 1. What is your kintype/s? The kintype I am most known for is my Android kintype, though I have recently come to terms with a fictotype as the Pokemon Marowak (specifically Alolan form) which I had been questioning for a while. 2. What methods did you use to discover your kintype? My main method in both was being questioned and grilled by others, as I think best when responding to personal questions. I also made use of meditation to sort out my thoughts as well as past experiences and feelings I'd felt throughout life. 3. How long did it take you to figure out your kintype? Well, I came to terms with my android kintype at the age of 18, about 11 months ago or so now. I had been questioning and actively denying it since the age of 13. The Marowak kintype was more recent, one I'd started questioning in September of this past year (7 months ago) and just came to terms with about 3 weeks ago or so. 4. Have you ever misidentified your kintype? If so, what did you mistake it for, and why do you think this was? At one point I did consider the possibility of being dragonkin, but later deduced that to be a heart-type. I also questioned a fictotype as the Undertale character Mettaton, but came to the conclusion that I was just relating to said character a lot and mixing up my mechanical phantom feelings and body for his. 5. How sure are you that you are right about your kintype? Do you ever have doubts? To be fair, I am not sure that I'm right about my kintypes. I doubt both almost constantly. The only thing I'm confident in is that these two feel right, feel like me, even if I actively dislike both. 6. Overall, do you like your kintype? Dislike it? Have no opinion either way? I dislike having both of my kintypes. Well, no, I like androids and Marowaks in general, I think they're cool. But... I hate being them, you know? If I had the choice, I'd be non-kin, or at least something more, well, acceptable. 7. List five (maybe) things you like about your kintype. -The way I can dig into my functions and at times turn off emotion in order to focus on a task -I adore the way my main kintype gives me that connection with technology, allowing my work in the Tech industry -I quite enjoy the reptilian nature of my Marowak kintype. It helps me get along with other reptiles, including my childhood pet geckos, heh. 8. List five (eh) things you dislike about your kintype. -The way the dysphoria inhibits me from tending to human needs and being any bit comfortable with any organic body functions. -The reactions that both kintypes garner from others both inside and outside of the community. 9. If you could, would you change your kintype? If so, what would you rather be? As I said before, I would definitely change my kintype. If I could, I'd be non-kin in a heartbeat. If I had to have a kintype, I'd be something more commonly acceptable, maybe a dragon or a therian. 10. Are you content with your kintype? How long did it take you to accept this part of your identity? I am genuinely not content with them. Both of them cause me trouble and stress me out. It took me a good five years to even consider being otherkin at all, and even longer to accept my specific identity because of how odd it is. 11. To what extent do you see yourself as (non-physically) non-human? Well, let's try to figure out some percentages. Of course, this fluctuates with mood and with how in-tune I am. I can estimate that I see myself as spiritually 100% non-human. There's no room for human in my soul, it simply isn't me in that sense. As for emotionally, I'd bargain it out around %70 non-human. I can tune myself into human emotions and empathize, but I still feel a strong emotional disconnect from humans in general. Not to mention the occasional bouts of misanthropy, heh. 12. What experiences and feelings led you identify as your kintype, rather than with it? Good question, honestly. I get shifts of my heart-type despite identifying with it instead of as it, so that's off the table. I'd have to say what lead me to identify as them specifically is the longing feeling of "that's me", and not just in the relating-to sense. No, the feeling that I was looking in the mirror whenever I saw those versions of me. Awakening 13. At what age did you awaken? How long ago was this? It's been a rocky process of awakening spanning over the past 6 years now. Though I've felt my kintypes my whole life, they started to become apparent to me at about the age of 13, when I started to spiritually awaken to other things in life as well. Following that? 5 years of self-repression. 14. Do you believe something specific triggered your awakening? I think what triggered my awakening was a growing interest in studying spiritalities, religions, all that after having been dragged to a friend's youth group too many times. It all caused me to start considering what else could be out there, and in turn, what else was inside of me. 15. How long did your awakening last? Was it a sudden realisation, or did it take time? As I said before, about 5 years of slow and rocky realizations. 16. What did your awakening involve? How did it happen? It involved many things, from a friend introducing me to otherkinity (surprise surprise, by making fun of it) to denying this side of me that I was seeing so much I turned it into an OC in a webcomic a friend of mine planned to write. 17. How did you feel during your awakening? What was it like for you emotionally? Depressed, and like I was choking myself with self-repression. Constant confusion as to why I couldn't act a certain way, or do a certain thing, which I simply wouldn't let me consider the answer to. 18. Did you know about otherkin/therians prior to your awakening? If so, do you think this could have affected you or played some part in triggering your awakening?\ When I first heard of them, I was pressured by friends to hate them and look down upon them, even if I internally felt it was reasonable. So, I taught myself to hate it, and to repress it every time my mind said "You might be one of them". For a while, I was one of those annoying anti-kin, just trying to cover my tracks. 19. Do you believe you have always identified as non-human, even prior to your awakening? Extremely so. Before I knew what otherkinity was, I considered myself a fair bit different from those around me. I even often called myself a "robot" before I even thought of the possibility of being otherkin, to the point where it became an inside joke with friends and I that I was the "squad android". 20. Did you experience shifts and/or feelings of being non-human prior to your awakening? Oh yeah, the first thing I remember making me go "huh" about that was vivid phantom shifts of heavy, vibrating wings, which I thought I had hit someone behind me with in class. Shifts 21. Do you experience mental shifts? (If no, skip to question 22). Yeah I do. i. Describe how your mental shifts feel. A Marowak mental shift spawns hostility, and a desire to have something in-hand to use as a weapon in case of a need for self-defense. An android shift is far less vivid, and less frequent, and usually involves less emotion but more analyzing of everything around me, feeling as if I am to study my world. ii. How often do you mentally shift? How intense/vivid are these shifts? To be fair, not often. My Marowak mental shifts are more frequent and more vivid, while my Android shfits are much more subtle. iii. Do you enjoy mental shifting, or not? Not particularly. I'm already cold and hostile when not shifted, they just add to that. iv. What is your favourite part about mentally shifting? Sometimes I need the coldness and hostility they bring me. They add caution, and allow me to analyze things more rationally. v. What is your least favourite part about mentally shifting? The addition of coldness and hostility, along with the increased emotional gap between myself and those around me. vi. Do you experience involuntary mental shifts? If so, in what situations do these occur? All of my mental shifts are involuntary, often triggered by stressful or otherwise threatening situations. They may be brought on by a need to complete a task, or by a need to protect myself. vii. Do you experience voluntary mental shifts? If so, how do you do this? I don't believe so. 22. Do you experience phantom shifts? (If no, skip to question 23.) Yes. i. Describe how your phantom shifts feel. Phantom shifts are my most vivid and frequent kinds of shifting. I have many different limb and non-bodily phantom sensations from both kintypes, which I am in the process of fully mapping out. ii. How often do you phantom shift? How intense/vivid are these shifts? I am almost constantly feeling at least a few phantom body parts or sensations, most often the wings of my android kintype. All of these are incredibly vivid, down to fine details such as the vibrations of systems at work inside of my body and the warmth of circuitry under the skin of my cheeks. iii. Do you enjoy phantom shifting, or not? Depending on the situation, I enjoy it quite a bit. Yes, at times they are annoying or problematic, but other times they feel quite nice. They feel as though my body is whole again. iv. What is your favourite part about phantom shifting? Figuratively, the feeling as though I have a proper body once more. More specifically, I am often soothed by the feeling of systems vibrating and humming against my shoulderblades, and warm tingling from facial circuitry. v. What is your least favourite part about phantom shifting? When I panic thinking I've hit someone in the face with my wings, or when phantom digitigrade legs from my Marowak type throw me off balance and screw up my ability to walk like a normal dang person. vi. Do you experience involuntary phantom shifts? If so, in what situations do these occur? Indeed, and often at the worst of times, heh. Particularly when I'm busy, or there's someone nearby who notices weird movements on my part. vii. Do you experience voluntary phantom shifts? If so, how do you do this? Voluntarily phantom shifting is quite easy for me, as a simple thought can bring on a vivid shift. Best shifts are when I'm laying in bed or meditating, but in other places I can bring on the thought to give myself something else to focus on. viii. Describe the first phantom shift you remember having. The first one I remember was described earlier, when I felt my wings in class at a young age and worried I'd hit the guy sitting behind me in the face with them. 23. Do you experience dream shifts? (If no, skip to question 24). No, at least not that I remember. I don't tend to remember my dreams. 24. Have you ever experienced a sensory shift? If so, how did this feel? I do, indeed. It mainly manifests itself in the form of more analytical sight, as if I'm getting window popping up in my view pointing out different events and objects around me. I've also had anxieties and realizations appear like warning notifications in my figurative view. 25. Have you ever experienced a spiritual or aural shift? If so, how did this feel? How did you know? I experience aura shifts. I believe my aura to be the energy radiating off of my soul, and have practice seeing my aura as a part of my Witchcraft and energy work. My aura is almost constantly my shape, slightly taller and bearing my mechanical wings. At times, it shifts to my shape featuring a reptilian skull helmet and tail, almost like a more humanoid Marowak. 26. If you believe in and practice astral projection, do you take the form of your kintype? I have performed astral travel, not so much projection, but yes. I take the form of my Android kinself when on the Astral. 27. Do you experience cameo shifts? (If no, skip to question 28). Yes. i. How often do you experience cameo shifts? Fairly often, actually. A lot of my cameo shifts are induced by spirits around me, and my campus is bustling with spirits, heh. ii. Are these cameo shifts in the form of mental, phantom, dream or other shifts? Most often phantom. It is possible that they have been dream shifts as well, as I do not remember my dreams very well. I don't think I've had cameo shifts of much else, except maybe subtle mental shifts I don't realize. iii. How intense/vivid are your cameo shifts? Depending on the spiritual presence, anywhere between so subtle I don't even notice to so vivid they inhibit my abilities even worse than Marowak shifts. iv. Are there specific creatures or entities which you are more likely to cameo shift as? Most often dragon shifts. I am dragon-hearted, as well as a draconic witch and dragon-specialized spirit worker. I've had dragon spirits around me my whole life, and they tend to provide the most frequent and vivid cameo shifts. v. If your cameo shifts are as a specific creature/entity, what makes you feel it is not a kintype? Mainly the feeling that I don't see myself as a dragon. It isn't like looking in a mirror in the way that my kintypes are. I am a son of dragons, a friend of dragons, but I'm not a dragon myself. vi. What feelings differentiate your cameo shifts from shifts into your kintype, if any? Distinguishing between them can be difficult, but usually shifts from my kintype will come with a familiarity, almost as if I am regressing to how I should be when they happen. Cameo shifts tend to bring a feeling that something is, well, different. vii. Are your cameo shifts voluntary, involuntary or both? Both. Sometimes they are brought on by surprise, and sometime they come from my own thoughts or from spirits I call upon myself. viii. Do you enjoy cameo shifting, or not? Again, in the right situation, they can be quite enjoyable. Beliefs 28. Why do you believe you identify as non-human? I consider my identity to be caused by a mix of spiritual and psychological reasons. These species identities are how I used to be before this life, which my mind dug up even when my soul was more so dormant out of a need to cope with this current life. 29. If you believe you identify as non-human for spiritual reasons; (if not, skip to question 30) i. What feelings and experiences have led you to believe your identity is spiritual in nature? Mostly what has me believing in this is memories, vivid memories from each past life I have analyzed and questioned and ruled out fabricated bits of. ii. Do you believe you had a past life as your kintype, have the soul of your kintype, or something else? Both. My soul is shaped based on my previous lives, and I experienced a life as each of my two kintypes. iii. Have you ever experienced flashbacks or memories of existence before your current life? Indeed, often during meditation or even just at random. At times they can be distressing. iv. If yes, how do these memories differ from normal dreams/daydreams? At times they are often unprovoked, not brought on by thought or effort, instead hitting at random and even hitting hard. I've had flashbacks hit at inconvenient times and inhibit my ability to function. v. How do you believe you have ended up here, as a human? Do you think it was a choice? This life being spent in a human body was not my decision, but is a punishment from Arceus, the god of my universe during my Pokemon life, for unfavorable actions. I did bad things, and for that, was killed and put into a body which species and biological sex provide painful dysphoria. vi. Do you believe you are here for a reason? If so, what do you think that reason is? Punishment. vii. Have your experiences as otherkin affected your other religious and spiritual beliefs, or lack of such beliefs? If so, how? Big time. They have caused me to have to analyze my beliefs through and through. I used to consider myself a Kemetic Pagan, but am now changing such to provide worship to the gods from my Marowak life, particularly the deity who has followed me as a Guardian Spirit after sympathizing with me over Arceus' punishment. viii. Have you ever seriously considered that your identity may be psychological or neurological in nature? If not, why not? If so, what about it makes you believe it is spiritual instead? Indeed I have, and I have concluded that it is partially that as well. My identity holds cause in a mix of the two. 30. If you believe you identify as non-human for psychological or neurological reasons; (if not, skip to question 31) i. What feelings and experiences have led you to believe your identity is psychological or neurological in nature? I feel strongly like my identity was formed when I needed to cope with stress of this life, and my mind began to dig up a past stored in my soul to do so. As to not deal with what I am, I instead internalized what I used to be. ii. Do you believe a specific event has led to you developing a non-human identity, or that you were always this way? I think I have always subtly been non-human, but the stress and need to cope was what sealed it as an integral part of my identity. iii. Why do you believe your kintype is what it is? My mind wanted to idolize a time not spent in dysphoria, and so it dug up my most recent previous lives in order to do so - an android and a Marowak. iv. Where do you believe the knowledge that is required to maintain a non-human identity (such as the feelings of mental and phantom shifts) is sourced from? I do believe my phantom shifts to be due to my soul shape, leaking out of my body in places where limbs used to be but aren't anymore. Mental shifts are more so due to my mind internalizing how I used to be in those lives, and altering me to match those actions and traits. v. Do you have any fabricated "memories" of being your kintype? If so, why do you think this is? Oh, definitely, I have fabricated a number of memories scattered about the ones I've analyzed enough to consider "real", and probably still have other fabricated ones I'm in the process of ruling out. vi. Have your experiences as otherkin affected your other religious and spiritual beliefs, or lack of such beliefs? If so, how? See above, spiritual section. vii. Have you ever seriously considered that your identity may be spiritual in nature? If not, why not? If so, what about it makes you believe it is psychological or neurological instead? See above, spiritual section. Community 31. How did you first find the otherkin community? Was it before or after you awakened? Amusingly, I first heard of otherkin because of a friend making fun of it, about a year into my slow awakening process. 32. Do you believe being part of the community has had any impact on your identity? I don't think so. It sure has made me want a different identity, but as much as I try to push away mine, it doesn't leave. 33. Do you believe you would know as much about yourself as you do now, if it weren't for the community? Definitely not. I learned what I know about myself through the guidance and questioning of others. 34. What is your favourite part about the online otherkin community? The urge to question, analyze, and just plain figure things out. No other community has gotten me thinking as much as this one has. 35. What is your least favourite part about the online otherkin community? Tumblr, no doubt, or anywhere else fluff gather. As for the off-tumblr communities? Likely the sort of superiority of different kintypes. I am a bit guilty of this myself, but have definitely suffered from it. 36. Overall, have your experiences in the community been positive or negative? Neutral. I've had my good and bad times. In the end, we're all human, and humans are generally neutral beings. 37. If you were asked to give advice to newly-awakened otherkin, what would you say? Question, analyze, leave no detail spared. And don't be afraid of others' questions. If you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath, and sleep on it. It's okay. Come back later with a clear mind. We're here to guide, not scare. Effects on life 38. How big of an effect do you believe your otherkin identity has on your life? Extremely large of an effect. Between dysphoria, different approaches to situations, and an affinity for technology leading to my current profession, I wouldn't be who I am without it, for better or for worse. 39. Are you ever inconvenienced by your identity as non-human? Heh, all the dang time. 40. Do you ever feel "homesick" for the habitat or lifestyle of your kintype? If so, how do you deal with this? Not often. The place I lived during my android life is very similar to where I currently live, but when I am away from home, definitely. At times, I do get homesick for Alola. 41. Do you ever experience species dysphoria? If so, how does this feel, and how do you deal with it? Almost all the time. Coupled with my gender dysphoria, it becomes overwhelming. At times, I simply can't deal with it. 42. Are there any locations that make you feel more or less connected to your kintype? Why? In the city is where I feel most at home as the android that I am. My best spot to study humanity, and collect data for those who created me. 43. Are there any activities that make you feel more or less connected to your kintype? Why? While I generally prefer quiet places away from other humans, it does create a disconnect from my kintype. Though, I just remind myself that at times, even in that life, I'd have to take my breaks every now and then. Couldn't stay in the city forever. 44. Do you believe your identity as a non-human has affected your interests or career path? Definitely! I am a Theatre Technician, and I don't believe I'd be so without my technological self. 45. Do you believe your non-human identity has affected your personality? Why, or why not? Unfortunately yes. Destructiveness, pyromania and hostility from my Marowak life. Coldness and skepticism from my Android life. 46. Do you believe your non-human identity has affected your "moral compass" in any way? Actually, yes. I tend to be more disturbed, more opposed, to the idea of damaged machines and harmed animals than humans. I'm less connected to humans, and generally care less. I am generally a better person to animals, and to machines, amusingly. 47. Do you have any unusual behaviours or quirks that you attribute to your kintype? 48. Do you have any unusual instinctual reactions or fears that you attribute to your kintype? Looking back on V1 and V2 of this, I had trouble with these two questions. Guess who still is having trouble, hehe. 49. If given a choice, would you rather everybody know about your non-human identity, or nobody? If I had to choose between the two extremes, then nobody. 50. Do you feel it is important for friends/family to know about your non-human identity? Why, or why not? Very close friends I tend to share it with, simply so they have an understanding of why I might be acting oddly, or what is causing a certain bout of dysphoria. 51. How do you express your non-human identity externally (if you do at all)? I don't particularly. Though, I am planning cosplay builds of both kintypes, but they're ambitious and I have to wait until I have more time and money to complete them. 52. How open are you about your non-human identity in general? I am fairly reserved with it, only hinting at it to close friends who I trust not to react badly. Otherwise, I hide it as much as I can. 53. Would you ever consider modifying your body to more resemble your kintype (i.e. tattoos, piercings, etc.)? Indeed, mainly with tattoos. I have a tattoo planned to resemble my android kinself, in which the skin on my shoulder is torn away to reveal mechanisms working underneath. 54. Overall, do you feel that having a non-human identity has been a positive, negative or neutral experience? Particularly negative to me. I'm tired, I'm ashamed of it, and I'm highly dysphoric. I can't say I'm happy with this at all. 55. Have you ever tried to deny, bury or ignore your non-human identity? If so, why? I spent a number of years doing so, and have tried a few times even since coming to terms with it to do so. 56. If given the choice to permanently, physically change into the form of your kintype, would you? Why, or why not? Android kintype? Heck yes. Marowak kintype? No. I've made a life here and now, and at least as my Android self, I have my human disguise mode, and could continue to be a Theatre Technician. Fun stuff 57. What's your favourite thing to do while shifted? Set up a machine, program something, light a candle, practice self defense. 58. What's your favourite thing to eat or drink while shifted? Nothing. Organic needs like eating and drinking tend to provide dysphoria. Though, meat dulls that dysphoria, as I can remind myself of my Marowak life. 59. Have you ever done something silly while shifted, only realising after the shift has subsided? I once "glitched" while at work. In front of a customer. That was... interesting. 60. If you see something scary while mentally shifted, how do/would you react? An android shift would lead me to analyze it, and not react as emotionally. In a Marowak shift, I'd likely pull out a weapon to defend myself upon sight. 61. Ever had any embarrassing moments related to your kintype? C'mon, out with it! Once I tripped on my own phantom digitigrade legs and botched my ankle so badly I couldn't walk the next day. Oops? 62. All otherkin have suddenly gained the ability to physically shift! What's the first thing you do? And we have liftoff. Jasper is flying away. Later, losers. 63. ...And what's the second thing? Marowak used Inferno Overdrive. 64. What would a normal day be like for you if you could physically shift? Probably not too much different, as I wouldn't have much time to physically shift and do much interesting. Maybe more flights to calm down during crew breaks. Given you mean voluntary Physical shifts. If you mean involuntary ones... uh oh.