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    Masculinity (moderate)
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  • Antisexuality
  • Interests
    Video Games (Mainly Undertale and Overwatch), Books (Mainly Wings of Fire), Other stuff (Too many to name them all)
  • Hobbies
    Acting, Dancing, Guitar playing, Drawing, Writing, etc.
  • Favorite Music
    A mix of Emo and Folk Punk
  • Favorite Books & Authors
    Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland, Warriors by Erin Hunter
  • Favorite Movies & TV Shows
    Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Rise of the Guardians, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avatar the Last Airbender, and Avatar
  • Favorite Games & Video Games
    Overwatch, Undertale, WoW


  • Kin Name
  • Aliases
    Lance/Lemon or Vik
  • Primary Identity
    Multiple System
  • Kintype(s)
    Dontarian (Elf), Draconic, Coyote, Blue Diamond (Steven Universe), Toriel (Undertale) (Vik) ~Sheep (Frankie)~
  • Time of Awakening
    About March 2015
  • Shifting Experience
    Mental Shifting
    Dream Shifting
    Phantom Shifting
    Cameo Shifting
  • Shifting Triggers
    I experience voluntary shifts.
    I experience emotionally-provoked involuntary shifts.
    I experience unprovoked involuntary shifts.
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli.
  • Plural System
  • Kintype Description
    Dontarian: https://dontarianelf.tumblr.com/appearance

    All drawn by me
  • Personal Awakening
    I was in third grade. I was never the popular one, I was never the fully hated one, I was the forgettable one until I mess up REALLY badly then everyone knew my entire life story. At this time my bio father, I call him John, was pushing religion really hard on me, to the point where it seemed cult like. (Now I am NOT saying that the religion as a whole is a cult, but how it was presented to me links to cult like behaviors.) At church I was pinned to be a more wicked person for several reasons- for starters I was a girl that didn't want to be a girl (pinning me as being possessed by a demon and having to go through an exorcism when I was kindergarten (Like literally they pinned their most wicked, evil creature in the world to a 6 year old)). So needless to say I was really shut off from a lot of stuff. (Dontarian awakening starting now)

    (Dragon awakening starting now)
    So one day in school we went to the library and I picked up a book about dragons. Their adventures, their lives, how they can be the heroes of the day even as a big, scary creature. Thats when it clicked. I was seen as a scary creature in my own mind, but I want to be the hero of the day, so I guess I was a dragon in human form. I started to feel wings and horns, and an outline of my life as a dragon melded into my consciousness- like I finally found the key to a chest. I a life story started to fill my mind and I thought I was more like myself than I ever was!

    I told my mom and she said that I can be whatever I wanted to be. I was free to be me and everything was perfect. I told what friends I had that I was a dragon, some saw me as being weird and others saw me as just pretending so they joined in and for a while I had a big dragon family to be with! I grew up and I kept this thought in my head. The others saw that I wasn't make believing and started to label me as a freak but I didn't care! I was a dragon after all!...

    Then John fought harder for control over my mind. He forced Christianity onto me, his way of thinking, everything. I was a little thing of clay that he wanted to mold how he pleased. He shamed me into thinking I was so sinful- and that me being like this would never get me into heaven. And it worked. I started to think that this whole dragon thing was Satan trying to get into my head and turn me against God. I looked onto all of that with such spite and disgust. I was finally a righteous child, a child of God! Everything was going to be ok-

    Then John abandoned me.

    This 11 year old child, trying to cope with this lightning fast cut of contact from the person I depended on the most in life for basically everything morally. I felt such a sadness and anxiety of someone else leaving. Most of all I felt God abandoned me. I felt mad at him. I hated him. I blamed him for everything that happened. And some part of me still do- even though I don't believe in that god.

    (General Otherkin awakening)
    It wasn't until one day while on Youtube looking up Furry videos that I came across a video called "Therian vs Furry." I watched it. I thought it was the most RIDICULOUS thing I have EVER heard....I looked some more into it. Linked everything together. And I came out of the back room of our house crying, knowing I found something that truly described me.

    (Coyote awakening starting now)
    After doing my research into Therians and the like I saw that the most popular Kintype is obviously a Wolf, and at this time I didn't want to be that outlandish in the community so I decided that my fursonas a wolf so I had to be a wolf too! I dove head first into it. Got a dog collar, tail, ears, everything I saw the people on Youtube wearing in their videos. I came out in sixth grade and, well, I lost some friends, but the friends I did have became stronger! Eventually I got dog collars banned at my school (Worth. it.) As time went on I remembered the Dragon thing I did as a child and took that on as a Kintype as well.

    Then summer rolled around and all the constant reminders I was Otherkin faded and it became a congruent part of my identity. But the feeling of it clicking into place and then just becoming another thing about me lead me to believe that I wasn't Otherkin. So I went back into the closet. School came back and I tried to be as normal as I could, but I just couldn't do it. I looked back into the community and once I turned 13 I joined the Tumblr Otherkin community. Those were some...fun times...but needless to say I took on the whole Wolfkin identity again and I was happy.

    While on Tumblr I found a link to a past life regression and decided, why not? I did it and it came up with a Griffin past life. (Himalayan Vulture awakening starting now.) I thought that was cool and decided to take it on as a Kintype. I did it again and it came up as a Bird-like Alien. Also I did it again and it came up a Humanoid Avian create and I took it as an identity. Three bird based lives flew into my head and I still didn't catch onto anything weird going on!

    Then one day after school my mom was driving me home and on the side of the rode there was a Coyote. I saw it, it saw me, and it seemed to say "Hey your like me...but why are you in that skin?" That is when I realized that the Wolf wasn't a Wolf, but a Coyote.

    The fateful day of me joining Kinmunity came about. As I typed in each of my Kintypes- the whole list of Fictional characters, inanimate objects, and other creatures you could find on a Tumblr Kin page- I realized I wasn't HALF of the things listed, so I got rid of the fluff and joined with a list of 6.

    That is the story of how I came to know all my current Kintypes.
  • Religion
  • Personal Spirituality
    Agnostic but spiritual, always open for contact from a deity. Eclectic in practice and try to use a large assortment of magick, but mainly animal, pop culture, draconic, and written magick. Looking into Luciferianism.
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  14. As a Dontarian there was, of course, a pantheon, however none of those deities have contacted me in this life. The only one I really remember was the mother earth type, the queen/mother of the Dontarians and the other deities. I have sort memories of a temple/cemetery dedicated to a god of death. This god was actually quite nice from what I remember and took on the whole dark persona to scare off enemies of the kingdom instead of actually being evil. But like I said none has reached out right now.