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    School thats high
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    screaming, drawing, gaming
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    Pearl Connor
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    Aly, Inky,
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    non canon character (demon-wolf-angel hybrid)
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    I have black bat like wings that are have fluffy white down feathers on top, a long white tail with black feathers on the end, canine like fangs and claws, little black horns
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    So, as a fictionkin, my story is probably the most cliche version of awakening stories. Im sorry.

    I've always felt out of place. Always didn't feel like the other kids, didn't feel human. I've always had these phantom limbs, or as long as I can remember anyway. It was in sixth grade I found out about the kin community, and I knew I belonged to it. Except, I didn't know what I was at the time. Wings, six horns, a tail? Claws, fangs? I honestly assumed dragon or something, but it never felt right.

    Fast forward, its 2017. Early in the year. A new video game has just been released. BATIM. I knew about it, and I felt a very strong pull to it mentally. Though I ignored it for a while because I was already in a lot of fandoms and I really didn't need to drown more. Yet the pull was still there in the back of my mind. Eventually, I gave in and watched a play through. Ah, it was only chapter one back then.

    Things seemed odd to me right away. I had a slight sense of the layout of the studio, Henrys voice made me uncomfortable, and then there was this... new, very strong emotion towards Bendy. I hadn't really felt it before so I honestly thought it was sick at first, but nah. It was just my affections kicking back in, not that I knew it at the time.

    A few weeks later, I had what could be considered my first memory. It wasn't anything big of course, just wandering the halls. I felt happy, at peace, like I belonged.

    It all fell into place soon after that.

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    Mental Shifting
    Dream Shifting
    Phantom Shifting
    Astral Shifting
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    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by emotional stimuli
    I experienced unprovoked involuntary shifts

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  1. We actually have school today, which is nice. Its nice to get out of my house, ya know?
  2. "Screaming? Of course I'm screaming, it's wiggling!!!" "And an unessicary amount of hand puns..."
  3. AHA! I beat the Deadhand. I feel proud of myself now

  4. Im not supposed to exist, IM NOT. SUPPOSED TO EXIST. Im disgusting! Im an abomination. Everything joey said about me was true, he was right he was always right!! Bendy should have just let him terminate me. I don't want to be alive. make it stop...
  5. My source is a horror game, my boyfriend is a demon, and im petrified to fight the Deadhand.

    ...I don't like the Deadhand

  6. "We need the Russian to be extracted" "You made me choke with your Waluigi"
  7. Hello folks! Pearl Connor here, writing more junk, and feeling rather sick to my stomach (movie popcorn is murderous. Don't do it, it seems like a good idea at the time but no it isn't). Lets get to the ramblings without further ado, because I said so. School: We haven't had a lot of school still. The snow messes up everything. I wish we had school, it gives me something to do at least. Hhhhhng. Kin: So.... an interesting thing happened. (See title for context). So, as you guys know, im prone to anxiety and panic attacks. It happened a bit after I posted my last blog. I ended up having an anxiety attack for no particular reason, as they do. I was also texting a friend of mine who's aware of my whole kin situation, which is good. Now, it was a routine attack, with heart rate, heavy breathing and all that. But then, I felt weird. Tingly. Warm, safe. Then I couldn't feel.anything, my body and I were disconnected. I wasn't thinking, but I could see still. So basically, what had happened, was Bendy had hijacked my body (and proceeded to have a full conversation with my friend). He said it was difficult to do, but he was trying to help me calm down by separating my body and mind. So, yea. Thats a thing. Life: Nothing new, but I cried at the lego movie today. Im an incredible softie. Anyway thats all for this week, see you around folks. Thanks for reading ^^
  8. I like cake, parties, and the progress being made! Congrats @Naia Okami for getting this place so far along! ...now if you'll excuse me, imma eat.to much cake.
  9. Theres an awful lot of guests...?

  10. I'm not sure why, but this song makes me feel a bit closer to my home and those still there.
  11. How tough are ya? Well? You think you're tough? How tough? (basically one player will talk about how tough they are, next will try to outdo them.
  12. Listen, listen. Don't talk to me about your Bf or Gf or whatever it is ya got today. Don't get me wrong, Im happy for ya. Im happy you're happy and under most times I'd love to hear about how happy you are. But not today, and yet you don't stop. Can't you tell that I'm sad today? You get to see them every day, its not like you're dimensions apart, is it? You can't even begin to comprehend what that feels like, and I can't even explain it to you or you'd think Im crazy!!!
  13. Why am I not rich enough to buy one of those pre-made fursuit partials from Lemonbrat?