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  1. Yeah yeah, old game, shush. So I've been trying to 100% Sonic Adventure 2 and I'm slowly getting there. Has anyone here 100%'d it perhaps? I'd love any specific tips for stages, especially Radical Highway. My emblem count isn't too impressive, but hey, I only recently decided to try and 100% this thing. (A's -- Emblems)(I will update this in the comments every so often as a bit of a personal log too) City Escape 3/5 -- 5/5 Metal Harbor 1/5 -- 2/5 Green Forest 2/5 -- 2/5 Pyramid Cave 1/5 -- 2/5 Crazy Gadget 0/5 -- 1/5 Final Rush - 0/5 -- 1/5 All A: 0/1 Prison Lane 0/5 -- 2/5 Mission Street 0/5 -- 1/5 Route 101 0/5 -- 1/5 Hidden Base 0/5 -- 1/5 Eternal Engine 0/5 -- 1/5 All A: 0/1 Wild Canyon 0/5 -- 1/5 Pumpkin Hill 1/5 -- 2/5 Aquatic Mine 0/5 -- 2/5 Death Chamber 0/5 -- 1/5 Meteor Herd 0/5 -- 1/5 All A: 0/1 Radical Highway 3/5 -- 3/5 White Jungle 5/5 -- 5/5 Sky Rail 5/5 -- 5/5 Final Chase 0/5 -- 1/5 All A: 0/1 Iron Gate 1/5 -- 2/5 Sand Ocean 0/5 -- 1/5 Lost Colony 0/5 -- 1/5 Weapons Bed 0/5 -- 1/5 Cosmic Wall 1/5 -- 2/5 All A: 0/1 Dry Lagoon 0/5 -- 1/5 Eqq Quarters 0/5 -- 1/5 Security Hall 0/5 -- 1/5 Route 280 0/5 -- 1/5 Mad Space 0/5 -- 1/5 All A: 0/1 Cannon's Core 0/5 -- 0/5 All A: 0/1 Chao/Minigame Emblems 10/15 Stories 2/3 (My game data reset because it wasn't synced to the cloud when I switched computers, so I haven't finished the last story again yet.) Total Emblems: 64/180 (Owch)
  2. ArchieAce


    Edge the hedge
  3. ArchieAce


    You guessed it, another headmate.
  4. ArchieAce


    Aaaanother headmate. He is edgy and I have no idea where his other eye is. Oh well.
  5. ArchieAce


    He is one of my headmates and very handsome
  6. I'm sorry, I had to.
  7. I forgot the flames, but you need a Scourge anyway
  8. Grabbed up some new gemstones! Some obsidian, fluorite, garnet and hypersthene! I didn't know of hypersthene until yesterday--it's so pretty and stripy! (Not my image) Look at it!
  9. I'm unsure of what you mean by a time glitch. I assume you mean a hole in your memory? If it is a memory blank or such, I recommend seeing a doctor. I get bad memory lapses from time to time, to the point where recently I lost 5 hours of my day. If it means anything else, could you please elaborate? Regardless of these time glitches, all otherkin are welcome here and dragonkin are no exception, so if you wish to join then you can go ahead
  10. Run. Out of town. What would humans do if they saw an anthropomorphic hedgehog walking around? Even my parents? Probably kill first ask later, knowing and being human myself. The reaction from people would be fear and calling the cops, and the cops would most likely draw on me. Then again, I was bulletproof... Maybe it wouldn't matter so much? I'd probably call up a close friend and hang out in the local wetlands or woods near my house with him--as brooding as I am I'd want company. I'd test my Chaos Powers and if I did have any, I'd have some fun with them. Teleporting, chaos control, chaos spears--those were my favourite. I think a chaos blast would cause a bit more of an issue so I wouldn't even try it, lol. I'd just enjoy myself and relax after that, lay down and talk, finally being me. Finally being back in the body I long for.
  11. Hallow was messing around in the front and he pulled a muscle on BOTH SIDES of our neck. Now I have to walk around with my head down otherwise I'm in pain. Thanks, Hallow.
  12. The support worker gave me a whole list of sites that can help me with coming out as Trans etc. God damn I love her, she's a godsend.
  13. Hallow is being so social lately. Such a great turn of events! On my server, he's actually making friends. Proud of the little demon.
  14. How about a little scale from 0 being none at all to 5 being very impactful on your life? -