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  1. I'm sorry for the multitude of photos, but I got to hold babies today and I'm giddy.
  2. I'm having horrible urges and thoughts lately and I want to see a psychologist asap. They're worrying me and I don't know what to do.
  3. Ooh, your art is beautiful! I wish I had found this sooner, haha. I don't have money at the moment, but do you take commissions, for future reference?
  4. I am... happy. For once in a while. I have been genuinely smiling for a day. This is... nice.
  5. It all comes down to what you believe, but honestly, you could have been anything in a past life (in my opinion). I lived as Shadow the Hedgehog as well as a Dragon, so being Fictionkin as well as Otherkin is possible, as is being a Therian at the same time. I believe if reincarnation is the result of my otherkinity, nothing should really stop me from moving on from elsewhere, aside from a sort of spiritual barrier maybe. You could always look into other things that could make you have a separate kintype, such as psychological reasons or even alternate spiritual reasonings. Keep researching before you jump to conclusions on your kintype though--fictional characters are made to be relatable, remember. That's how you get engaged in a story. I recommend taking some time away from the source of your newfound possible kintype, then engage with it to see if that feeling remains regardless. Take your time, and good luck!
  6. Great update! I noticed those glitches with the chat too--it looks much better now. Great job!
  7. Yeah yeah, old game, shush. So I've been trying to 100% Sonic Adventure 2 and I'm slowly getting there. Has anyone here 100%'d it perhaps? I'd love any specific tips for stages, especially Radical Highway. My emblem count isn't too impressive, but hey, I only recently decided to try and 100% this thing. (A's -- Emblems)(I will update this in the comments every so often as a bit of a personal log too) City Escape 3/5 -- 5/5 Metal Harbor 1/5 -- 2/5 Green Forest 2/5 -- 2/5 Pyramid Cave 1/5 -- 2/5 Crazy Gadget 0/5 -- 1/5 Final Rush - 0/5 -- 1/5 All A: 0/1 Prison Lane 0/5 -- 2/5 Mission Street 0/5 -- 1/5 Route 101 0/5 -- 1/5 Hidden Base 0/5 -- 1/5 Eternal Engine 0/5 -- 1/5 All A: 0/1 Wild Canyon 0/5 -- 1/5 Pumpkin Hill 1/5 -- 2/5 Aquatic Mine 0/5 -- 2/5 Death Chamber 0/5 -- 1/5 Meteor Herd 0/5 -- 1/5 All A: 0/1 Radical Highway 3/5 -- 3/5 White Jungle 5/5 -- 5/5 Sky Rail 5/5 -- 5/5 Final Chase 0/5 -- 1/5 All A: 0/1 Iron Gate 1/5 -- 2/5 Sand Ocean 0/5 -- 1/5 Lost Colony 0/5 -- 1/5 Weapons Bed 0/5 -- 1/5 Cosmic Wall 1/5 -- 2/5 All A: 0/1 Dry Lagoon 0/5 -- 1/5 Eqq Quarters 0/5 -- 1/5 Security Hall 0/5 -- 1/5 Route 280 0/5 -- 1/5 Mad Space 0/5 -- 1/5 All A: 0/1 Cannon's Core 0/5 -- 0/5 All A: 0/1 Chao/Minigame Emblems 10/15 Stories 2/3 (My game data reset because it wasn't synced to the cloud when I switched computers, so I haven't finished the last story again yet.) Total Emblems: 64/180 (Owch)
  8. ArchieAce


    Edge the hedge
  9. ArchieAce


    You guessed it, another headmate.
  10. ArchieAce


    Aaaanother headmate. He is edgy and I have no idea where his other eye is. Oh well.
  11. ArchieAce


    He is one of my headmates and very handsome
  12. I'm sorry, I had to.
  13. I forgot the flames, but you need a Scourge anyway
  14. Grabbed up some new gemstones! Some obsidian, fluorite, garnet and hypersthene! I didn't know of hypersthene until yesterday--it's so pretty and stripy! (Not my image) Look at it!