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    Dogs, history, space, science, psychology
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    Writing, reading, baking, sleeping, Netflixing, dog training
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    Twenty One Pilots, Owl City, Sleeping At Last, Fall Out Boy, Hollywood Undead, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, The Cab, The Fray
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    K.A. Applegate and Victor Hugo
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    Political Animals, New Girl, Supernatural, Lie To Me, Rick And Morty
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    Does Monopoly count?

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    Ren, Bucky

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    Spacekin, Fictionkin
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    As spacekin, I do not have a human body. Rather, I am a part of the cosmos but I'm still figuring out which part. I am aware that I am physically 100% human.

    As fictionkin, I mainly ID as James Buchanan Barnes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. My kinself is very similar to what you see in the Captain America movies.
  1. Animorphs?

    I was absolutely obsessed with the Animorphs series by K.A. Applegate a few years back, and it's still something I think about often. I have like 90% of the books, original and new release as well as the companions, and an entire bookshelf related to Animorphs stuff. I think the series went a lot deeper than the standard children's book level, and the morphing definitely brought up a lot of otherkin feelings with me. (I'm actually questioning Andalite right now.) I highly recommend it. Anyone else a fan? Oh, and I'm naming my dog Tobias. Whoops!
  2. Anime recommendations

    - The Devil Is A Part-Timer (my all-time favorite!) - Free!
  3. Pokémon Go!

    Team Mystic and Level 11! I never really got into the Pokemon games as a kid, but I watched a lot of the show. GO has really encouraged me to get out of the house!