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  1. I used to be pretty active on Tumblr, but these days for otherkin related things, I pretty much am just here and in a small group of long-time friends. I also blog regularly on Dreamwidth and keep up with some of my friends there, but it's not always otherkin-related.
  2. Hello, Aspen! I've identified as an angel for a very, very long time. I learned who/what I was back when I was an atheist. I was raised secularly. I don't think whether you're religious personally or not is necessary. I do identify as an Abrahamic angel, and I have a lot of personal experiences dealing around it. But angel-like figures appear in many cultures all around the world. I'm going to second others here and ask - why did you leap to angel, versus any other creature that has wings? I'd start some soul-searching there. I'd like to help more, but I'm not really sure how far I can go with just wing shifts. (For what it's worth, I've had those. But mostly I just try and hide my wings and pretend they don't exist, and they haven't impacted me a whole lot).
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    I'm also going through the SSI thing, and it's rough. Giving you all the good vibes. ❤️