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    i.a. Fitness, Mechanics, Muscle powered vehicles
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    Western Guardian Dragon. See introduction post at Scent Rolling forum or blog entry "About me".
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  1. I should finally start this feed thing... Well, today's one of the rare occasions I'm feeling sad. I feel like a dragon who has lost its wings. I want to fly. It's a cruel thing. This night, I thought it may be almost better to not remember at all.

    But alas, I can already feel my radical positiveness. It says "Yeah, it's bad you have lost your wings and it sucks. But it's good to remember. That only means that you will get them back. You will fight for that - as always, until you succeed". Because that's my way of thinking. All the time, no matter what.

    1. LunastreDraconis

      I’m sorry your not feeling your best today, 😞. I haven’t been feeling all that great lately either... However facing our problems with courage is the key!

    2. Amber

      Thanks for feeling with me! Yeah, it's alright if we find something to fight for. I'm the type of mindset who just won't give up, even if it takes decades or millenia or.. whatever.