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    Reading, Studying, Drawing, Gaming, Movies, Horror, RPG
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    Bengal Tiger, Unicorn
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    I am a Bengal Tiger therian with a habitat in a tropical rainforest, and I have a unicorn kintype/side of me.
    My unicorn side is stark white, vaguely horse shaped with solid hooves, long feathered tufts on my ankles, really long man's and tail, with a tailbone longer than the average horse, with a love of water and swimming.
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    I have been otherkin/therian all my life, most of it not knowing I was. I discovered myself through the internet and the Therian Guide website, of which I am an active member. Here's my story from an awakening thread on Therian Guide:
    I am 15 years old. 
    I've been a therian my whole life, without knowing the word for it. When I was little I was a huge animal lover. I've always known I wanted to be a veterinarian since I was three and my mom got me an easy reader Sesame Street book on taking pets to the vet. 

    As I was growing up, I would always imagine myself walking on all four paws. There was little five year old me, and there was the little spirit me walking around on all fours following. This animal wasn't an imaginary friend following me around. It was me. I could see through that short animal stature and feel those pawpads as I padded along wherever I went. Whenever we got in the car, I would always see animal me sprinting with flying fur besides the car, keeping pace. 

    As I entered school, I was always quiet, never had any friends, always kept to myself, and never knew the names of anyone in my class. Kids teased me because of it. 
    I remember this little blonde kid doing that exact thing, and he shoved a basketball in my face, trying to be mean. This little noise started at the back of my throat, that little spirit avatar following me everywhere on all fours tensing up, baring teeth and claws, and I let out a loud growl, similar to some type of cougar scream or dog growl (or an awkward human growl), came out. The kid just laughed at me and walked away giggling.

    But I never felt the same since. That side always stayed with me. 
    I was somehow... Animal. I could feel that the animals around me had a conscious. Albeit a more emotional, instinctual consciousness than the logical consciousness of a human. They could feel just like us. They have family like us, and they can feel pain like us. Animals want the right to live just like us. They want to be happy, like us. I never really liked being part of a species that treats other species so bad, and that saw the other beings that shared this planet and its resources with us as objects. Humans even treat other humans horribly. 
    I never liked being a part of the species that had the gall to name itself homo sapiens, or "the wise man". 

    Growing up, my walking on all fours animal constuct never ended. I was always missing things because of how much I daydreamed. So I just suppressed it and assumed it was that. I devoted a lot of time to trying to figure out what that animal was. At that age, I liked to assume I was a lion, because The Lion King was my Disney movie growing up. 

    As I grew up into my preteens, I was fascinated by werewolves. They were like me, somehow being both animal and human at the same time. Since werewolves are basically the only 'were' in popular media, I automatically assumed I was a wolf. Everything about werewolves triggered that creature side of me to come out. 

    I finally discovered the term "therian" when I was looking through werewolf websites and art, and a lot of 'furry fandom' anthro content when I came across a furry YouTuber saying that furries didn't actually think they were animals, and that that title belonged to the therian community. 

    So now that my interests were piqued, my mind was nagging me to at least look up this thing, because it was so peculiar. So with a quick internet search, I quickly found the online community, read the definition of therian, and knew this was me immediately. 

    So now I started reading therian articles, studying how to find theriotypes, meditating, watching therian youtubers, etc. I even wanted to dress as a therian for my middle schools mandatory vocabulary parade where we dress up as a word and its definition and march around the school. Since I identified as a fox at that time, I begged my parents to let me buy fox ears and a tail and a theta delta necklace. 
    My parents got mad because they said it was ridiculous, that it went against our religious beliefs, and that nobody would take me seriously wearing that, and that it could even affect the way people see me and my ability to get a job. They eventually relented and I shelled out $60 worth of cash for the ears and tail and necklace. 
    Unfortunately I caught a bug on the exact day of the parade and was too sick to go to school. Since my parents haven't taken to well to I though, and because therianthrophy supposedly goes against the "family religion", I've dropped it with them and they think it was just a phase. 
    To this day though, I still have that necklace. 

    Eventually, as I became old enough, I found my way to the online community, and began playing with identities and which animal I thought that hidden side of me was. I've seen myself as a lot of things, including a grey wolf, a red fox, an arctic fox, a dog, a wolfdog, a cat, a snow leopard, and eventually a tiger, and then a Bengal tiger, which I've stuck with now for months and am content with. I've come to the conclusion of Bengal tiger through a combination of meditation, percieved habitat (rainforest, mangroves, and lush jungle), phantom shifts, mental shifts, hunting urges, emotional attachments to this animal, and behavioral urges similar to that of a tiger.

    I even came up with a spiritual name, Glory. It's the name I gave myself designated for the side of me no one ever sees. It came through meditation and instinct. Like my soul whispering, "Glory, Glory, Glory... " ever so softly. And so I was christened. So now I have Glory as a second name. Not a nickname, but a real, unofficial second first name. Whenever somebody says the word "glory" I react instinctively. 

    And that has been my story, struggles, and adventure so far. Not caring what anybody else thought because nobody can say what my identity and soul is for me. I'm glad to have found myself at this age, because it makes the future ahead seem a little easier. 


    I have also very recently awoken as a unicorn.
    I'm still trying to figure out my identity, so please be patient with me.
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  1. Heya Aspen! Angels exist in all different cultures and religions. So maybe you could research that! Although this is said a lot, Meditation could also help. I don't know whether you have past memories or not, but if you do, meditation can help bring this to the surface. For me, meditation also brings on more full and complete shifts of being in my kintypes body. So you could meditate and almost "see" with your minds eye whether you're an angel. Angels are often virtuous and holy, and connected to the "divine" or a divine source. Kinda like my unicorn kintype. What your mind first goes to and what you stick with can also say a lot about a kintype. Dragons, harpies, faeries, and such also have wings. Yet the first thing your mind went to (presumably) is angel. Hmm... Do you feel that connection with angels, like you ARE one?
  2. Glory

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    E is for Elephant.