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    Who's asking?
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    Drawing,writing,horseback riding,among others
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    Changeling, timber wolf
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    Horse, crow
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    My changeling species is not that of old lore and myth books. They are a one of a kind, nothing you would've heard of unless you can read my dreams ha. They are not the fae type.
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    I will describe it at some point.
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    Cameo Shifting
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    I experience voluntary shifts
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by emotional stimuli
    I experienced unprovoked involuntary shifts

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  1. I've been very absorbed in my personal writing and art projects as of late-which is a good thing. I just....kind of dropped off the earth (internet) for a few days. Not like that's a bad thing though. I like where I'm headed with some creative processes.
  2. Cool meeting others who have DA accounts. There should be an art section/art-journal or sketchbook section. I share my art on TG, but that's the only kin forum I do that with since they have a sub forum for it. I might comment on your work if you link you DA. -HaphaxCorvid says Hi.
  3. Cool changes. Not sure how to feel about the avatar with the individual's profile background as their whole avatar (I like seeing a large picture of avatars...it's more recognizable). Unless this is only happening on my computer screen for some reason. -shrug-
  4. I'm trying to reply to as many responses (here/elsewhere) before the new year. I treat a new year as a type of 'cleanse' in a way. Dirty clothes get washed, my room gets cleaned, I light some candles and the room feels so much better. Each year has a possibility for lots of positive events. Who knows.
  5. I agree to a subforum that has sections for nsfw and sfw.. Some of us kin have specific issues both sfw and nsfw. A kin site should be a safe place to discuss this when the individuals participating are over 18.
  6. Never understood the dislike for eggnog. I've drank thick shakes before (protein) and I'm usually a texture-phobe when it comes to food. Is it the taste? I have some in the fridge. The only reason it would hurt my stomach is because I don't really drink dairy much. I think most eggnog hate is irrational lol.
  7. Hi aspen. Not all angels are from religious backgrounds. Maybe some research can help, though I'm not sure what you'd want to look at specifically. I know some non-religious angel kin who feel a great purpose in their life, or like the need to protect something or someone. As Mirath said, hopefully you'll get an angelkin to respond on here . I wish you luck in figuring this out~
  8. Aspen- Your birthday is a day before mine haha xD