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    irl sonic

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    Transgender (M→F)
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  • Antisexuality
  • Interests
    Computers & Technology, Locks & Security, Wolves, Foxes, Engineering, etc.
  • Hobbies
    Working on the site, playing video games, lock-picking, paintball, hanging out with friends, etc.
  • Favorite Music
    Classic Rock, J-Rock, Alternative, Dubstep, etc.
  • Favorite Books & Authors
    Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, White Fang, Call Of The Wild, Wolven
  • Favorite Movies & TV Shows
    The Mentalist, NCIS, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: CI, The Bing Bang Theory, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Avatar, Despicable Me, The Matrix, Alpha and Omega, Tiny Heroes
  • Favorite Games & Video Games
    Sonic The Hedgehog, Furcadia, Second Life, Mario, Super Smash Bros
  • Favorite Sports & Teams
    Swimming, Gymnastics, Paintball
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    I believe that every religion and path is equally valid.

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    an otherkin
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  • Other names

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  • Kin Name
    Naia Shiro "Themian" Ulv
  • Kintype(s)
    Wolf, Fox
  • Kintype(s) Description
    My wolf theriotype is a British Columbian wolf with black fur and yellow eyes. My fox theriotype is a red fox with yellow eyes.
  • Time of Awakening
    Age 12
  • Personal Otherkin Experiences
    I feel as though I am a wolf trapped in a human body, with a little bit of fox painted onto me. Generally, I feel trapped and constricted by my human body - although I will gladly acknowledge its benefits and realize it'd be difficult without them.
  • Personal Awakening
    I always knew I wasn't "normal", but I actually awakened around age twelve, after watching the anime series "Wolf's Rain", which was recommended to me by a close friend at the time. I was immediately memorized by the wolves and I had to learn more about wolves as a species. After researching various websites and watching many documentaries, I realized that I felt I was a wolf as well, a "wolf trapped in a human body" to be specific. I explained that to my friend who mentioned Wolf's Rain to me initially, and she introduced me to Furcadia and the Furry Fandom. I had eventually found the term 'Therianthropy' through one of my Furcadia friends, who explained to me that what I was experiencing was called Therianthropy and that I should join the community of WereNET. This was my initial introduction to the community. After much introspection, I discovered my fox theriotype in 2014.
  • Body Dysphoria

Otherkin Shifting Frequency

  • Mental Shifting
    I experience it nearly every day
  • Dream Shifting
    I experience it few times a week
  • Phantom Shifting
    I experience it few times a week
  • Aura Shifting
    I experience it few times a year
  • Sensory Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Astral Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Bi-Location Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Cameo Shifting
    I don't experience it

Otherkin Shifting Duration

  • Mental Shifting
    It lasts for more than some hours
  • Dream Shifting
    It lasts a hour
  • Phantom Shifting
    It lasts some hours
  • Aura Shifting
    It lasts few hours
  • Sensory Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Astral Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Bi-Location Shifting
    I don't experience it
  • Cameo Shifting
    I don't experience it

Otherkin Shifting Triggers

  • Mental Shifting
  • Dream Shifting
    unprovoked involuntary
  • Phantom Shifting
  • Aura Shifting

Other-Hearted Identity

  • Kith
    Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow The Hedgehog

Plural System Identity

  • System type
    Singlet (not a system)
  • Member count
    1 (only me)(singlet)

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    Psychic Vampire

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  1. Do you know a Dragon-kin named Joshua Gutierrez? He recently joined the Google+ Otherkin group and seems like he might be trouble. Given that he said you can vouch for him, I'd like to hear it from you.
    Link to his post: https://plus.google.com/101354590523530203269/posts/P8pec7gkBn1


  2. I identify as bread

    Welcome to the site!
  3. We recently ran a poll requesting input on the most appropriate time to hold our eHowls (when the most people would be available). We are holding that poll again, and also allowing users to choose which day of the week works best for them. We wish to increase participation in our eHowls going forward, and your input on availability would greatly help us do that. Please vote in the above poll, and share it with other users so that we can get an accurate picture of when people are available!
  4. How and when

    You being a therian does not give you an excuse for bad behavior. If you are becoming violent towards friends and family, I recommend you seek professional help.
  5. Discord channel suggestions

    Implemented on a trial basis to see how these channels do.
  6. Shiro → Naia

    I am making this announcement to avoid confusion over my username change. My prior username was "Shiro" and I am the site founder. I now go by Naia. I'm not a "new admin" and there's no cause for concern! :)
  7. Updates (07/25/2017)

    This has been implemented. Enjoy!
  8. It's that time again! We've released a few updates to help make the site even more fun to use. Primarily, this update focuses on bringing back features that were present on the old site that were lost during the conversion to the new forum software. Hopefully these changes will be welcome and make the site even more fun to use. Without further delay, I'll explain the additions this update has given to the site: Social Groups have returned! Social Groups have returned to Kinmunity and are now called "Clubs". A club can have its own forums, blogs, gallery, and calendars. This is a long-awaited update that we're extremely excited to bring back to the site. Reactions/Post Ratings have returned! You've probably noticed the "like" button has replaced the "+" and "-" reputation buttons. If you hover over the like button, you'll see the other post rating options. This works similarly to Facebook's reaction feature. They've also been color-coded for simplicity: green reactions award reputation points, grey reactions do nothing to reputation points, and red reactions subtract reputation points. You can now select different home-page views! You'll notice three new options next to the "Start new topic" button on the forum index. These options will allow you to set the default home view. You can view the forums as a traditional list, a grid style, or a fluid style showing topics from all sorts of different forums at once! Hopefully, this will make keeping up with your favorite threads and posts even easier! Sessions Management Perhaps not as exciting as the other changes on this list, but definitely a plus for security concerned users. You can now manage all devices logged into your community account from this page and remotely log-out unattended devices. Various other improvements throughout the site We've updated our core forum package to Invision Community 4.2, so all the improvements that it brings to the table will be present on Kinmunity! Yay!
  9. Looking for research participants

    This user has been approved for research. Please only respond if you are over eighteen years old.
  10. being able to change your Username

    The bones system will be brought back. VIPs can change their username every so often, and VIP memberships are available in the shop to purchase. If you would like to change your name one time without a VIP membership, an admin can change them for you.
  11. Fiction Library

    The library is primarily for resources and articles. I feel that the library area needs to remain dedicated to resources and non-fiction. However, depending on the popularity of this suggestion, we may be able to add a subforum under Books, Music, & Art for member-contributed fiction. Would this be acceptable?
  12. Library Changes

    This is a very short announcement, but now all users can submit articles to our library. Articles must be approved by a staff member before they show up publicly, so please ensure you only submit high-quality content for inclusion in the library. Users who consistently have articles rejected will find themselves unable to submit more content to the library. Thanks!
  13. Social eHowl

    Kinmunity will be holding a social eHowl on Friday, May 26th, 2017 at 08:00 PM ET on our Discord server. What is an eHowl? A howl is a planned social gathering of otherkin and therianthropes in real life. Howls usually take place in nature, at places like camp sites. An eHowl is a planned social gathering of otherkin and therianthropes online. The premise is the same, get together with others and have fun! What is a social eHowl? The majority of eHowls we have hosted in the past revolved around organized discussion of a particular topic or group of topics. A social eHowl has no planned topic, and is about getting to know others in the community. Unlike the structured format of our previous eHowls, social eHowls are for loosening up and having fun! During the eHowl... The #ehowl channel on our Discord server will be open. The "eHowl" voice channel on our Discord server will be open to the public, no voice key needed! We will be giving away free bones at various times to Kinmunity members. and more! Social eHowl Rules While in voice chat, please do not scream or make sudden loud noises. While in voice chat, please do not talk over another person. While in text chat, please contribute to the topic that's being discussed. Please do not be abusive or rude towards other users; it won't be tolerated. Spam, Meme Posting, and so forth should be kept in the #bot-talk channel and out of voice chat. How to Participate Join our Discord server. When the time comes, you can chat in the #ehowl channel using text, or join our voice channel! See you there! ps. You need to be a member of Kinmunity to join our Discord server. Don't worry, it's fast, easy, and free to sign up!
  14. It's been done in the past, yeah. People will leave the forum and then try to edit their old posts to a blank message.
  15. Hello, If a post needs to be updated for something like that, the original poster can report the post and request a staff member alter it. Generally, we don't allow editing posts after thirty minutes have passed unless you're a VIP Subscriber. The purpose of this is to prevent instances where users will mass-delete their own content on the forums, causing threads to not make sense and so-forth. Thanks!