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    She, They
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    Swimming, drawing, reading, shipping, fandoms, memes, meditating, having fun
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    Drawing, reading, shipping
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    All type except gospel, some classical, and some oldies
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    Maximum ride, um....I completely forgot the rest xD
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    Steven Universe, Star vs the forces of evil, Game of Thrones, Jurassic park, Doctor Who, etc
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    All of them.
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    Pagan/Wiccan thing

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    Mermaid kin, deer kin, Starseed, vampiric, (im questioning one)
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    My mermaid form is blue and gold, she has gold stripes and looks like a dolphin/shark thing. My deer form comes out when I'm startled, she tends to be rather jumpy. Haven't gotten rather into that. My psychic vampirism is triggered by emotional issues and sometimes I have to watch that. Still discovering my Starseedy-ness... And there's something else I'm missing. Not only that, I am a polyshifter. So not all tintypes apply to me, although I do have a form.
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    July, 13 yrs old, idek

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  1. The Let it All Out Thread

  2. Doctor Who (Calling all the Whovians!)

    That ep was great! I like all doctors now. Idk why.
  3. To Root or not to Root?

    That must be a real.... Harvest.
  4. What clothes do you wear to satisfy you kintype(s)?

    I just wear whatever I find interesting. But I prefer dark clothes, and I don't really care if my back is covered or not. I prefer jeans, I don't like flowey stuff.
  5. The Let it All Out Thread

    Oh I needed this. I can't seem to decide if I want to be an actress or an artist. Or a YouTuber. I want to be all! I can't seem to handle large groups though, but I really want to be an actress. It's the social anxiety that's the problem. I have to study for finals tonight and tomorrow night and have been dealing with quite a lot lately. I have finals tomorrow to Thursday.
  6. Any Other Pagans On Here?

    Hello! I am a pagan, and I practice Egyptian and Greek pantheons. I have not followed any gods yet, but I am slowly working towards that.
  7. Walking to the bus in the cold ass dark.
  8. "I'm running with the wolves tonight! I'm running with woo-ooh-oo-olves."-Aurora
  9. 'Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency'

    Kk, I hope you find it.
  10. This frickin show man. This is quality. I'm on episode 6 now, this is a fairly new show, and I love it. For those of you who haven't watched it, GO! Seriously. The last episode of season 1 is premiering on Saturday. I find Dirk hilarious. I hope there are others who are watching it.
  11. Synesthesia

    I associate flavors with sounds, and letters with colors. To me, A is red, B is blue, and C is yellow. Cheese is a deep drumming, Breadsticks is a sound I can't really describe, Spaghetti is a repeating drumming with soft clapping.
  12. May the strength of the diamond support you.
    1. StarQuarts


      Thank you, and to you as well!
  14. Doctor Who (Calling all the Whovians!)

    XD I know, they're so cute together X3
  15. City Dwellers?

    I live in Cali, and I gotta tell you, I love living here. There are plenty of trees, the space I have is when I travel to Wyoming in the summer. I live to see the city lights. They are the most beautiful thing ever. There are indeed people living everywhere, and it's not that scary if you know the bond between many people. (Small, tight-nit communities such as Colton are actually pretty chill and friendly) if you have social anxiety it can be very scary. But the thing is, since I'm a Psi Vampire, there's plenty of food for me, so I'm not complaining.