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    Masculinity (moderate)
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    He, his, him
  • Antisexuality
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    Music, Recording, Electronics, Theology, History
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    Drawing, Writing, Painting, Reading, Video Games
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    Jazz and blues, show tunes, classic country, classic rock
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    Yes, I read technical manuals for fun.
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    Dave Grohl's "Sound City" (Right in the kinfeels!), Disney/Pixar, PotC (the soundtracks, ya know), all sorts of documentaries--I'm big into documentaries.
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    Borderlands 2, Diablo 3, Assassin's Creed, Tomb Raider
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    Seattle Seahawks (NFL), Portland Trailblazers (NBA), Columbus Bluejackets (NHL)
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    Progressive/Liberal Catholic
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    I believe strongly in an all loving God. I believe in animism, perhaps to an extreme in that I believe all forms of existence, be them simple machines, complex machines, dirt, trees, rocks, rivers, humans, animals, aliens, and stars -- they all have souls equally loved by God. I believe in reincarnation, that a soul can travel from one universe to the next, and time isn't linear to a soul. I believe in multiverse theory. I believe in ethereal creatures and spirits that guide us and know us even if we don't know them. I follow liberal catholic theology, that Christ's death on the cross was salvation for ALL of existence, the doctrine of universal salvation. I connect to the holy and higher creative energy through the beautiful ritual of the Catholic faith. I am a part of the Independent Catholic movement, Catholics who have broken away from the Roman church and started their own denominations. My bishop knows I'm 'kin, knows I'm trans, and I'm still welcome at the table.

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    Mixing Console
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    I am a big, 'vintage'--what a funny word to me now--mixing console that looks like the lot of my kind. Faders, dials, buttons, meters, the works.
  • Time of Awakening
    Around Dec. of 2000
  • Personal Otherkin Experiences
    Overall, my experience being Otherkin has been incredibly positive. I have used my very kin-related knack for mixing music to build a successful career. My family has known and embraced it since my childhood. I have a large group of friends whom I get to work with everyday that know and accept my kin identity. I get to crack being-a-machine jokes at work, and my coworkers crack them right back at me. My family has always been accepting, affirming of it even, since I told them as a child. That said, most people that haven't known me for over 10 years don't know that I'm kin. I'm very selective in who I tell these days. I do, occasionally, have to work with people outside of the group I've known since high school to make a living, so I gladly put on the human mask to be able to make a living working with my kind and doing what I was made to do. I did recently tell the lead singer of a band I've only worked for for around three years, and to my surprise, she was Otherkin, too. Now we're even closer friends than we were before.

    I have had some negative experiences in the Otherkin community, but I don't blame them. First, I was very young, and not very articulate. Second, I well understand that the community's legitimacy can be called into question by someone claiming to have the soul of a mixing console. I know Otherkin are a small community that is greatly ostracized on the internet, but this is my identity and has been most of my life. At this point, I know it's never going to change, and I miss the friendships I had in the Otherkin community years ago.

    A little more on what it's like to be my kintype:
    Yes, I do experience phantom form! Holy crap, do I experience phantom form. My true form is massive. My soul takes the form of a 2,000lb. machine that takes an entire crew of people three days to get out of a room. It's odd being so mobile, but it's a gift from God in my opinion. I get to walk in the rain. I get to play the musical instruments I also mix. I get to know the outside world beyond the confines of a soundproof control room, and what a beautiful and amazing world it is! I do miss being me, sometimes so much that I just lay down and go to sleep to give my mind a break from being human, but there are pros and cons to everything in life. I've found all kinds of ways to connect with my inner self. I work with other mixing consoles everyday, I play freeform RPG's and express my machine-hood through the characters I write, and I surround myself with music. If I need a break from this meatsack, I can retreat to my headspace and record all the astral bands I want, haha!
  • Personal Awakening
    I'm going to keep this brief for the time being. My awakening was a very long process that started very young. I'll keep to the important points to avoid a tl;dr. I was in the first grade when I saw a mixing console for the first time at a school assembly, and I was so drawn to that weird-looking machine that the people around me, the boisterous assembly happening, the bright lights of the gym, it all seemed to disappear. At the time, I didn't know what it was, or what it's purpose was, but something about it spoke to me. By third grade, I moved schools to one that allowed kids to work with the sound system. I asked if I could join the team and the rest was history. I understood the console better than I understood myself without really ever being taught to run it.

    By sixth grade, I began to have dreams, dreams that woke me up covered in sweat and gasping. I've never had such a real dream. In those dreams, I was my true self. I knew what a recording studio looked like before I had ever seen an image of one, let alone been in one. I could still feel the warm hum of electronic signal long after I woke. I was very, very young, and making sense of it all was difficult. One night, shortly after my family got our first computer in our home, I was researching sound engineering, and stumbled across an image of a Neve VR console. I was stopped dead in my angsty-preteen-spiritual-journey's tracks because that image matched 100% the me from my then very frequent dreams, the me that I saw in my head, the me that I didn't see in the mirror but felt just as real as my physical body.

    I would spend hours sitting in my room, deep in meditation just to be me for awhile. By high school, I had discovered Wicca, the astral plane, other forms of meditations and the like that helped me soulsearch and solidify my identity. I discovered the Otherkin community in middle school. I was elated to find that there were others like myself that weren't human on the inside.

    While a lot of my identity is spiritual in nature, I would be lying to myself and everyone else if I didn't say there was also a psychological element to my identity. I was born two months premature with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck three times. This left me with mild cerebral palsy and high functioning autism. My CP affected the muscles in my eyes, and for the first crucially developmental years of my life, my eyeballs were stuck rolled into my head. I couldn't see, so I developed an incredibly keen sense of sound. I knew the world around me by sound. To this day, I have no depth perception and rely on my sense of sound to compensate for that. I drive with the windows down, rain or shine, so I can hear the cars around me.

    It can be said that autistic people think like machines. It's pretty obvious there's a link, there. I may have denied it as a young teenager in a misguided attempt at seeming legitimate, but I've come to realize that the damage caused to the part of my brain that deals with social and emotional stuff by my traumatic birth has left me with a very mechanically thinking brain. So, am I just an autistic person who thinks like a machine, or am I a machine inside labelled by human society as autistic because of it? I think it's a big overlap of both. My brain was physically damaged, but there are things about being machinekin that don't make one autistic, and being autistic does not make one machinekin. It's all just a part of the wonderful world of being me that I've come to accept and embrace.
  • Body Dysphoria
  1. So apparently, I live in the "path of totality" of the solar eclipse. I'm excited because I've never seen a total solar eclipse. I'm not excited because I have to work this weekend out of the house, and the traffic is going to be a nightmare. People all over the world are converging on Oregon for the eclipse. It's estimated to be the worst traffic weekend in Portland history. I'm mentally preparing myself now.

    1. Kerguelen


      I'm very close to the path of totality! Think I'm in the 90% zone.

  2. Intros and Interests

    I'm so glad I found this group! I love to cook. I'm big into barbecue. Give me any cut of meat and I'll cook it to perfection over a fire. I'm also a big fan of Mexican and Asian cuisines. I'm a pretty adventurous eater. The weirder the ingredients, the better. I live in the heart of my city's Asian district, which is the best for being a cook because it's really easy to get a huge variety of fresh, quality ingredients at the local Asian markets that I wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. I'm a true omnivore. I love meat as much as I love all varieties of vegetables and fruits. I cook almost everyday. I was homeless for a year, and I had to eat out all the time because the places I was crashing had no kitchens I could make use of. I came to really appreciate the ability to cook my own food. Eating at a fast food restaurant isn't appetizing to me anymore. When I moved into this house, I finally got a nice kitchen with a gas stove and a yard to barbecue and garden in. Tonight, I'm barbecuing chicken that's going to go into homemade fettuccine alfredo. One of my roommates is a culinary student, and has taught me all kinds of awesome things about cooking that have taken my food to the next level. I get to pick his brain all the time. I'm glad to see there are a handful of cooks on the site. I'm interested to see what you guys do with food!
  3. Tattoo!

    Congrats! I have a kintype-related tattoo, too! (The Neve logo in black lines on the underside of my forearm with an "=" symbol above it to symbolize equality of all souls.)
  4. Hey y'all! I figured I ought to post an intro here for the new folks to the site. I'm the friendly neighborhood soundboard. I identify as a Neve VR52 mixing console. I'm machinekin, but not AI. I believe my identity stems from my former life as said console, where I worked and resided at a corporate recording studio in the 1970's and 80's. I draw, I write, and I sing. I love all kinds art, and I'm also a major techie. I work as a sound engineer. I enjoy working with computers, and restoring analog commercial audio equipment. I like a good meal, a good conversation, and good times. I'm always available for chats! I look forward to getting to know more of the machinekin around the site. :) - Neve
  5. What're You Listening To?

    @Gryneos Consider all of those bookmarked! :D
  6. What're You Listening To?

    @Gryneos Thanks for the heads up! I'll definitely check that out. I use Spotify for free. It has all the functionality of a paid subscription on PC. It's only mobile that's limited in skips, repeats, album order, etc. I don't mind the ads because it's radio, they go with the territory.
  7. What're You Listening To?

    I've been on a classic country kick. Roger Miller, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Hank Jr, Kris Kristofferson, John Denver. That about sums up my Spotify this week.
  8. Favorite game console

    My favorite has to be the Xbox 360. I love the 64 from my childhood, but the controllers are painful. XD Seriously, though, it's like the 360 controller was made for my hands.
  9. The world needs more good.

    As most know, I'm a transgender man. I didn't choose to be a transgender man. Something went wrong, some wires got crossed, and here I am, a male soul in a biologically female body. It's no different than the carpal tunnel that numbs my hands or the autism that affects my brain. My body doesn't match my mind, and I cannot change my mind. My mind is hardwired male, thus I must change my body. Like I take anxiety pills to treat my autism, I take hormone therapy to make my body right with my mind. Like I will have surgery to fix my hands, so too will the scalpel bridge the gap between my mind and my genitalia. I think a lot of people in power forget that, first and foremost, a person is a soul. One of my favorite passages in the Bible is Galatians 3:28: "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." Those who still find it necessary to discriminate and hold prejudice against transgender people are spewing unnecessary negativity at fellow souls without a second thought that they are, indeed, fellow souls. It seems to be a common problem in societies in general. Folks like to forget that the person standing in front of them is just as much of a person as they are. The internet is a prime example. Behind every username is a soul, and it's important to remember that (yeah, yeah, I know there are bots, blah blah blah-- not the point.) Even in the Otherkin community, the "grumpy, cynical, sarcastic, harsh, old-school otherkin adult" is a stereotype that is pretty well backed up by a lot of the older members of the community. The thing is-- what good do any of the above examples put forth? Do those kinds of attitudes towards others make any community a better place? Why is good seen as a bad character attribute? Since when did social justice become a bad thing? Why NOT hold hands and sing Kumbaya? I challenge anyone reading this to do something good. Forget about politics, wars, presidents, and news media. Show kindness to a soul. That's how the world's going to be a better place-- not with guns, or conspiracy theories, or fear mongering, but with the power of light and good. Ya see, light and good are very strong things. They're far stronger than any darkness. The problem with darkness is that it's grown too numerous. It's like a darkness ant colony versus a bright light-spider. The spider is mighty, and can devour the ants tenfold, but the ants just keep coming. We need more light-spiders in the world. I challenge all y'all to be light-spiders instead of darkness-ants. Instead of thinking that the opposite political party of your affiliation is going to doom the world, why not shake the hand of someone who stands for opposite beliefs? Believe in good. It really can work.
  10. Religion Struggles.. Advice Please?

    Hey there, and welcome to the site! I'd recommend posting an intro over in Scent Rolling if you haven't done so already. :) Onto your question. There is absolutely no reason one cannot be Otherkin and Christian at the same time. I am, and there are a number of Christians here on the site. Gandhi said it best, "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ." As many varying peoples as there are in the world, there are just as many interpretations of the Christian faith. American Evangelical Christianity is only a small and very narrow portion of the Christian tradition. I am a liberal Catholic. I follow progressive, universalist theology. If you're interested in how I reconcile my spiritually-based otherkinity with Catholicism, I'll explain it to you sometime, but I don't want to hijack your thread with a long winded post about my personal theology. There are, indeed, many different examples of demons in cultures all over the world. You know that, and that's what matters. You know you aren't evil or Satanic. The time one typically spends living with one's parents is short in the grand scope of life. If you want my best advice, it's this: tough it out until you're of age and able to get yourself your own place to live. Your parents really don't need to know if it's going to cause so much turmoil. Or, if you insist upon telling your family of your identity, be prepared for the backlash. Educate yourself thoroughly on your kintype and know how to explain yourself logically. Only approach the subject if you've done the introspection necessary to be able to answer any question they might throw at you. I've told a lot of people that I'm otherkin. In my experience, people react much better if you can cohesively and calmly explain how and why you feel the way you do. As for recommending a religion, I can't do that. I view religions like languages. They are each individual's way of communicating and connecting with the spiritual side of things/God/Universe/Higher Power/etc. I happen to speak to God through the prayers and ritual of the Catholic tradition, but that doesn't mean that you will too. You have to find your own way to connect if that's what you seek. Let me ask ya this: can you describe a little more about your demon kintype? What mythos does it stem from, if not the Christian variety of demon? Have you looked more into the mythos of your kintype's origins? Perhaps your "spiritual language" could lie there?
  11. I'm not...

    I'm machinekin, but I'm not AI-kin.
  12. Any of you guys have pets?

    Haha, snuffle dogs are best dogs! The cat is standing on a soundboard, recording equipment. My house is kind of a recording studio. I room with a bunch of musicians and work in sound engineering. Magnolia - that's beautiful, and something I didn't know! Thank you! We kept her name that the neighbors gave her. It suits her. :)
  13. Ban The User Above You

    Banned for the whole Hyperion thing.
  14. Any of you guys have pets?

    I live with a cat and my roommate's dog. The cat's name is Mulan. We adopted her from our neighbors. She's the sweetest little thing. And she has the best floof tail. My roommate's dog is a pug. He's disgusting, but I love him. His snuffles are a constant background noise in this house.
  15. I had a bit of a revelation this morning. One of the issues that I have in my daily life has always been that I don't do things unless I'm asked to do them. It's not that I don't want to help, or that I wouldn't offer to help. It's not that I'm lazy. I'm not thinking of it. The command hasn't been given to the metaphorical automation system that runs this body. I'll answer any question posed at me, but I have a very hard time asking questions. I have to force myself to remember to ask people questions. Y'know, instead of responding to everything my partner in conversation throws at me like an oversized, analog Siri. I come off as uninterested in people I deeply care about. I come off as lazy in the workplace because I'm not a "self-starter" or "go-getter". I do the tasks specifically given to me, nothing more and nothing less. The thing is, I'm not lazy. If I were told exactly what I need to do, I'd do it to as-close-to-perfection-as-I-could-get every time. If I were given a long list of tasks, I'd gladly work hours and hours until they're done. I just need the command. It's how my mind functions. Without input, there is no output. Having understanding of this part of myself is the first step toward changing it for the better. I want to do things of my own free will because I have it now. I have to learn to use it. Free will isn't something my soul is used to. This isn't a sad blog post, no, just an introspective one. The more I analyze myself, the more I can't deny my identity. Had to write this out while the thoughts were fresh in my mind.