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    Squirrel, rabbit, fox
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    Turkish Angora build, black with a white splotch on the chest, green or gold eyes
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    I’ve been aware of my cat side for my whole life, but I learned about the therian community back in probably 2009-2010, my freshmen year in high school I think. I’m not so good with dates.
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    I experienced unprovoked involuntary shifts

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  1. 10/10 Classics are classics for a reason! They're just good. That song is definitely on my favorites list. I shall add in my own classic in turn. I consider this song my unofficial theme song, really.
  2. 10/10 I super like that song. It is beautiful! And man, I love Spice and Wolf! I started the series ages, but I have not finished it yet. I got pretty caught up in life and havn't come back to it yet. I fell in love with this song after I saw this pmv, so I'll just share the pmv! Showing off my war cat animation bias.
  3. 8/10! It has a super good sound to it. Made me feel nostalgic in ways I that I can't really place. Not something I would seek out to listen to on my own, but I am delighted that I got to hear it. Here's one of my favorites. I love it a lot! It isn't for everyone, it is a slower paced song. It is pretty much my go-to song for randomly singing.
  4. I sure am a big fan of weather! Love me them atmospheric changes! I love the snow, rain, storms, and when things are generally grey out. But on the other hand, I also really enjoy sunshine and clear skies and warmer weather. The only thing I really don't like is high humidity and when it gets to be over 100Β°F.
  5. Oh man I relate to having my tail get in the way while working out. I mean, not so much that it gets in the way, but in the back of my mind I guess I still think I can use it as a counter balance! My own positivity for the day is that it is snowing! It snowed about 7 inches in my area yesterday, and we're supposed to get another couple inches today! Snow makes me a very happy kitty.
  6. Snowshoe

    First meditation experience

    Oh wow, that's pretty awesome! I'm really glad that I could help! That sounds like a very interesting experience. I love hearing about other people's experiences.
  7. Snowshoe


    Welcome, Wolfie! I hope you have a good time here! I look foreward to seeing you around.
  8. DeviantArt is where I'm most active art-wise! I'm down to trade, though I've been in a bit of a slump lately.
  9. This is what mast cell tumors look like under the microscope. You look for those dark granuals.
  10. I'm on DeviantArt and Tumblr. Very active on both of those. I'm pretty involved with the Warrior Cats community. I'm active on instagram, which is a mash up of everything I do.
  11. Nope! Never have I ever owned a bird.
  12. I went to my rock climbing gym today. It is always nice to get a workout in. I got to spend time with my lovely fiancΓ©e as well! We live 30 minutes apart so we don’t see each other every day during the week. I cooked dinner for her and we watched shows together.