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  1. I’ve been holding a lot of self hate for myself lately, not to mention I haven’t been feeling good at all. I don’t need encouragement, I just have to get this off my chest, though it would be appreciated I guess. Feel free to ignore... I really need to practice what I preach about my own spirituality. I haven’t made an effort to really connect with Infinity Lord Galaxashoria much lately, but I’m trying so hard. What am I doing wrong that makes me hate myself every day? What am I doing wrong to be ignored by him when I’m pleading for help? I want to connect with him, but it just seems like he ignores me every single time, like he just doesn’t care anymore. I blame no one but myself for my pain, literally everyone else is better than me in my dumb ass brain. I’m not lying when I say I would commit suicide if no one would miss me, but that’ll never be the case. I know I need to try, I know I can’t give up, and I won’t. I have no one to talk to about my feelings and quite frankly I don’t want to bother anyone with my stuff... Maybe I need to try harder, but who can blame me for what I feel? Schizophrenia is no walk in the dog park, and for me it’s like everyone hates you and wants to see you tortured. I’m not giving up, but I don’t want to feel this way anymore. .... I’ll stop now
  2. @Amber thank you, I’m just going through a hard time right now, I’ll message you if I need anything. ^.=.^
  3. Greetings and welcome to the Kinmunity! Ultimately, no one can tell you what your kintypes are, we can only provide advice. It is entirely possible to be fictionkin and have a kintype from the real world. I know many others who have similar identities. I highly suggest doing research on both possible kintypes, that way you can know and compare what you find in sources to your experiences respectfully. Take time to discover yourself, it takes a while to have memories and such, as they mainly come naturally. Meditation can be a wonderful way to help retrieve memories, however keep in mind that there is no one way to meditate! Just do whatever makes you feel comfortable! I don’t have that many true memories either, so I would be on the same boat! ^.=.^ Also keep in mind though that fiction is meant to be relatable and it is supposed to encapsulate you in the world and story. It can be easy to see a fictional character and immediately fall into them, I’ve done that a few times myself. Remember to take discovery slow and do some questioning about your experiences and memories if they arise. I wish you much luck in finding out your identities and feel free to browse around the forums and ask if you still have questions! ^.=.^
  4. I just sometimes have the urge to speak in my native draconian language... Although the human throat can’t produce the sounds that I used to make back home XD My native language has lots of double R’s I’s and such, take the word Hiiresha, which means hello! The tone of my voice was feminine but still had the extra “double voice” to it along with growls and such.
  5. Been a while since I used this blog! The draconic feelings have been strong with this one, especially after watching the dragon prince on Netflix. I have been feeling a much better sense of power in my true life, however I’m still working on controlling my high energy XD. Running around the house definitely helps but my energy is unstoppable, lol. This also brings up something else, how I would be nothing without Infinity Lord Galaxeshoria. I wouldn’t be here if he had not reincarnated me in my true life so long ago, hence why I have such the connection. He may be powerful but he loves others and is always willing to love and help people, despite being way bigger than this entire galaxy. Don’t worry though he lives in the voidal plane, he won’t hurt anyone. Not to mention he doesn’t visit this universe. ^.=.^ Probably going to make this a daily thought thing ^.=.^
  6. I drew myself a quick reference! It’s me as Lunastre! ^.=.^
  7. Been watching the dragon prince and I loved it! This one elf character looks so hot OML
  8. After a three hour long grocery trip I finally get to have some potato salad and get hydrated with a special dragon boi! ^.=.*
  9. Just took a three hour long grocery store trip and pushed a 120+ pound cart for three hours, but I got lots of yummy fruit, donuts, and ramen! ^.=.^

    It was worth it!

  10. I’m starting to get over from the flu and I’m slowly recovering! I could barely walk yesterday but now I’m better! ^.=.^

  11. No matter what anybody tells me, I hate my disgusting body... I hate myself
  12. Yay for Kinmunity’s first birthday! Let this awesome site run for many years to come!!
  13. I believe we could all benefit from having a trigger list, like topics to avoid. For example, I can’t hear or see the word psycop\\th without being thrown in a state of panic and anger, since I’m schizophrenic and the word has bad attachment to it. Maybe others can’t hear certain things or listen to certain topics either as it would hurt them so. If it could be implemented maybe it could be pinned in the scent rolling forum so others could see it or somewhere in the guidelines? It doesn’t have to be added if it’s not necessary! ^.^
  14. Oh how wonderful it is being a schizophrenic. Where people always feel pity on my worthless soul
  15. Oh how the sky is beautiful, this would be a perfect day to soar above the clouds!
  16. I would like to know if there are any other artists here! Not just those who do drawing though, if you practice sewing, ceramics, or other mediums of art, I would like to know! ^.=.^ As for my art... 1.Infinity Lord Galaxeshoria... 2.Ceramic dragon sculpture I did about a year ago... 3.A rough sketch of me! 4.A fellow dragonkin friend! ^.=.^
  17. One of my best friends sent me a care package and I was crying I was so happy! ^.=.^
  18. Mr. Loki is already summoning his powers of chaos!!
  19. Went to my local botanical gardens and saw a lizard! See if you can find it! ^.=.^
  20. Heavy metal is the best for imagining the epic ness of my true life! 🤟🤟🤟

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    2. Amber

      "Flying playlist"? I love that idea!

    3. Yung Draco

      Yeah man I have an extensive playlist of like 200+ songs that I listen to while imagining flying

    4. Amber

      I knew that in the second I was reading "flying playlist", haha... Yeah, I got a playlist for cycling, but not for flying. I didn't actually know I could imagine flying that vividly by meditation until a few weeks ago. 

  21. Remembering the time I made the best homemade chili ever!
  22. That’s wonderful that you found him! I’m very happy for you! ^.=.^
  23. Totally! I like to run around my house, like I was my true self again when this happens! Earlier today, I felt a strong connection to my Infinite Lord and felt the large wings on my back and heard roars in my head, to which I was kind of spaced out at the time. XD
  24. More positivity for all you wonderful friends! ^.=.^ Always remember to take care of yourself! You are strong and can take so much, but even still the body and mind needs care. Do something that makes you happy, watch your favorite movie, take deep breaths and think of something calming. Even still, making it through a bad day will bring in the light of a fresh, new day.