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    Don't know, and kind of don't want to know.

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    Kergie Kerg Kergo Kerguelicious Kerguel Kergue Ker
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    Cormorant. Double-crested, probably.
    Anhinga. Imagine a female Anhinga anhinga, that's what this looks like.
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    cluck cluck grunt squawk.
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    It happened over time. Figured I was "something" for a while, didn't know cormorants existed until much later.
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    I experience it few times a week
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    I experience it every day
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    I experience it few times a week

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  1. When you feel like you could become something great, but have no idea which way to go and don't have it in you to dedicate yourself to one path

  2. Twin Flames

    If twin flames are a thing, I must be a piece of ice. >_< I don't feel connected to anyone at all in a deep way. Maybe eventually I will, but I doubt it. Really doubt it. Maybe there's such a thing as twin icicles? (But hey, at least I get to be like my favorite island! Haha...ha...ha.)
  3. Intros and Interests

    I'm just here for the food. Well, okay, and the recipes to make the food with. I like to flip through cookbooks and try new recipes. As a result I've got a cheesecake that I make every year at the holidays! Well, I'll make it this year if I can find the recipe again, anyway...I seem to have lost it. :(
  4. Migration

    https://www.allaboutbirds.org/the-basics-how-why-and-where-of-bird-migration/ So I have an urge to migrate. Fun fact. And when I want to migrate, it's usually in one direction, and that direction is almost always north or south. I even catch myself drawn to look or move in a certain direction during these times of year, even when I'm in a building, and it changes depending on the time of year. Currently it's fall and I notice I'm constantly looking towards and wanting to walk towards a certain place in my house. That direction is facing south! In the spring, I had the same thing going on but that time I wanted to look and move in the direction facing north! The link says: "For centuries, people who have kept cage birds have noticed that the migratory species go through a period of restlessness each spring and fall, repeatedly fluttering toward one side of their cage." What I have seems to mimic this. Okay, so it follows the cormorant migration pattern. The question is why. Why do cormorants migrate and why would I want to migrate? For the cormorants, the explanation is easy enough. Some places are just better for the bird to be in than others depending on the time of year. There! And the how? It's not fully known how birds migrate, but the link I provided above explains it to some extent, that they do so because of instinct, their genetic makeup, and the environmental triggers that combine with those things to tell them when and where to go. But for me, that doesn't cut it. Sure, I "identify as a cormorant." But that is really just shorthand for "I have a collection of traits that are considerably cormorant-like, to the point that it's absurd." That doesn't change the fact that I don't have a cormorant's brain, body, or genes. I don't have whatever it is about a bird that makes them migrate. Or do I? Any attempt on my part to find information on human migration gives me nothing useful. There's not anything I can find indicating that humans ever migrated instinctually. They move, but for social-political-economic reasons, not biological or instinctual ones. (Though if anyone has a source indicating otherwise, share it! It's what I'm looking for.) Why the hell would I have such a similar drive to migrate as a bird? I haven't met anyone else who does (or who admits to it, anyway). I wonder how many other bird-identifying out there are like me.
  5. Dumbest thought of the day!

    Oh another one! Something I actually said to someone.... "It's a feather from a bird!" referring to a large brown feather with a stiff quill ...what else would it be from?
  6. Any of you guys have pets?

    Update: still have the three dogs, both of the orange cats ran away- never to be seen again, despite months of effort to find them, and I now have a big gray cat named Martov. Martov https://i.imgur.com/ZI4WUgf.jpg
  7. Dumbest thought of the day!

    "Whoa, breasts, hair...I'm a mammal." -this one is actually not too dumb given my...um...status
  8. Long dreams and snippets of ???

    https://www.reddit.com/r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix/comments/30t9kd/repost_a_parallel_life_awoken_by_a_lamp/ There's you an example of what I'm about to talk about. Not that extreme, but still. Similar concept. I have a lot of "long dreams." They can happen regardless of how long I sleep. A "long dream" is a dream that feels like it lasts unbelievably long. Maybe a week passes in the dream but you've only been asleep for two hours. In fact, I had one last night. Eight hours of sleep, but a week of dream. Unlike this guy in the link, the weird things happening didn't phase me out of the dream. I was watching over a child of about five, small boy, with some mental issues. Because of his mental issues, he had been abandoned, and I decided to take care of him while hunting down whoever abandoned him. It was a week long adventure, complete with a group of enemies also hunting me down and a Big Bad who could jump onto walls like a frog. I remember the Big Bad, too, he was balding, had sunglasses, and a tweed suit. And he jumped like a frog. And his goal was to eat the boy and "chop me up beyond recognition." The dream abruptly ended with me in a huge fight with the Big Bad, just as I used a telekinetic ability to make him fall off the wall and land on a broken metal beam, killing him. See, all of my long dreams have freakish aspects that none of the long dreams I ever hear about do. But in my dreams they're accepted as reality, until I wake up and think "wait, that was a dream, what happened?" Aside from the long dreams (mine are usually a week to a month, no years or anything), I get snippets of "memories" that I can't explain, and I wonder if they could be from a dream or something. Examples: a creaky wooden house. It's the only one for a while, in a field of rolling hills. There is fog and it is chilly but not cold, with noticeable moisture in the air. It's actually light outside, not dark, and you can see tall grass and wildflowers out in the field. Cows and sheep, too. https://lastfm-img2.akamaized.net/i/u/ar0/02a4b074919c4fd294c56feda966780c This picture kind of makes me think of it. Going in the house, I can smell rain and clean laundry. There's not much to the house though, the floor is concrete and it's cold. The windows are old glass. The kitchen has wooden cabinets but they're old and rotting. It feels like someone has lived here, but they're gone...long gone. IDK where that's from or how I got the idea, I've never been in a place like that.
  9. No, that yay wasn't sarcastic. This really is a good thing. I've been held down by hopes and dreams far too long. Wanting things that don't exist. But now I think I've finally done it, finally realized how overrated and useless all those things are. Maybe for once I can pursue my own goals. Stop trying to fit into a box to please someone who's only going to hold me back. Maybe I've finally come to accept desolation.
  10. Want to question your life decisions?

    Make a bowl of this stuff: https://jyotifoods.com/product/madras-sambar/

    Add about half a teaspoon of ghost pepper sauce.

    Pour yourself an ice cold glass of lemon juice and enjoy!

  11. Daily Thought

    Gotta wonder just what color my eyes are, exactly. I've always said blue, but they're not a pure blue. Maybe more green? Picture for those that are wondering: https://i.imgur.com/mm446VA.jpg
  12. I now have "ghost pepper hot sauce." It made me a bit nauseous a few minutes after trying it, but the taste sure is good. Looking forward to using it on something.

    1. Kerguelen


      Note that it's apparently not as hot as an actual ghost pepper. That's probably why I can actually taste it, lol.