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    Femininity (moderate)
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    She/they are best, but don't care a whole lot
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    Don't know, and kind of don't want to know.

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    Kergie Kerg Kergo Kerguelicious Kerguel Kergue Ker
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    Cormorant, Anhinga (which is just a pointy cormorant)
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    Cormorant. Double-crested, probably.
    Anhinga. Imagine a female Anhinga anhinga, that's what this looks like.
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    cluck cluck grunt squawk.
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    It happened over time. Figured I was "something" for a while, didn't know cormorants existed until much later.

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  1. $1.49 10-piece chicken nuggets is THE BOMB

  2. Daily Thought

    Look at all these cormorants. They're just being cormorants like it's so easy. God. I want to be one!
  3. How long is it going to last?

    Nothing's permanent. It's something I have to tell myself. Nothing lasts forever. Because if I don't tell myself that, things get bad. If I don't tell myself that nothing is permanent, I'll feel like the lean months are going to last forever and the financial situation will never get better. If I don't tell myself that nothing is permanent, I can't stop worrying about when the happy days will end. It sounds paradoxical, but really, when I have a good day, the thought is always there "when is it going to end?" When is everything going to start sucking again? If I tell myself that "of course nothing lasts forever," it seems to help me let go and enjoy the moment. But also, if I say "nothing lasts forever," it's a reminder that even if/when things start to suck, they have to stop sucking eventually. And I can be back to enjoying the moment. I have no idea how this helps me but it seems to.
  4. Me: *looking at profile* this kerguelen sure posts a lot

    Me: wait

  5. Keep having dreams about Mensheviks taking over. Yes, Mensheviks, like Martov and such.

    Not that I would mind.

  6. Sometimes I feel like a fake

    Thank you all for the responses! Good points. There is no single experience. It's hard to remember that sometimes, though.
  7. Tattoo!

    I'd love to get a cormorant on my upper back. Except I wouldn't love to, because I don't want to get a tattoo... But if I did that would totally be it.
  8. Dreams

    The dream shift is underrated. Sure, it might not be the most reliable method of determining or confirming identity, but it's fun. The fun value of it is underrated. Last night I had a dream, in the three hours of sleep I got (thanks neighbors), that I was one of those "domesticated" cormorants that some fishermen have. What they do is tie a ring around the bird's neck so it can't swallow big fish, and train it to bring the fish back up to the boat. Usually, every eighth fish is given to the bird, and this has been used as an example of cormorants knowing how to count: they won't do any more work until they get their reward. The birds are sometimes carried to and from the boat in baskets. All of this was a feature of the dream. It's great because dreams usually feel real, so it's a decent substitute for the real thing.
  9. Feeling like my tongue should be a lot longer than it is.

    One of those things that happens. Like feeling like I have 10 limbs.

  10. Sometimes I feel like a fake

    ...because I don't really get dysphoria. I should be glad I don't- and I am, one less problem for me- but it makes me feel invalid the more I think about it. Sure, I envy birds. Sure, my body feels wrong. But it's hardly unbearable. It doesn't impact my wellbeing that much. It's less of a terrifying feeling and more of an "oh, weird" feeling. Oh I don't have any feathers. Oh, no tail. OW I FORGOT I CAN'T BEND MY NECK THAT WAY! Weird feet. What are these ears? These legs are too long and chunky. But no real "dysphoria," just a feeling of things being different than they should be.
  11. Daily Thought

    One of my pastimes is both fun and not at the same time. I like to watch horrible videos, just to see if I can make it through. Videos that hit me in the feels and not in the good way. Videos with nightmare fuel in them. Videos that make me cringe and feel sick. Videos that are NSFL. Videos containing specific fears of mine. I don't know why I love to do it so much. They've given me nightmares, but I still keep coming back and watching, all the way to the end. Some of them are so bad that I watched them years ago and they'll come up in memory and make me feel sick to my stomach. But I'll feel like I need to go find it again and watch it. It takes everything I've got to NOT go looking for it. I don't understand. ...wow this is bad timing but here's a video I just watched of a wolf! (It's a wolf, I swear to god. Nothing bad happens to it, except maybe the fact that it's not in the wild.) Living with a wolf
  12. Daily Thought

    I found a bug in the house and wondered what it was...apparently it's a wasp! YAY http://bugguide.net/node/view/1251008/bgimage <- looks like this.
  13. The Let it All Out Thread

    Sometimes I just want to lick stuff.
  14. I somehow ended up in a Marxist book club.


    1. Kerguelen


      it's actually not as boring as it sounds