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  1. I have. It's kind of frustrating, kind of fun, mostly just meh. Never have I ever been to Hawaii
  2. 6.5/10 That concert was definitely interesting with the animatronic dragon and all, but the song itself was just kinda meh
  3. I don't know how it would really be for a quadruped, but have you ever tried going down stairs on all fours . . . head first? It's a nightmare.
  4. This is a bit off topic, but have you ever considered scuba diving? It wouldn't allow you to literally live underwater, but if what you miss most about your old life being underwater for long periods of time, that would be a great hobby to take up (it's crazy expensive though)
  5. I can see where that impression might come from. If you're stuck in a really boring class or business meeting, working a job you hate, etc. It can lead to the impression that time is not only slowing down but actually going backwards. Boredom can play with your head like that.
  6. Oh yeah? Well I'm so tough, I eat the sun for dinner every night, wash it down with acid, then spit it back out by morning!
  7. Yay, we finally did it!!! . . . . . . . . . Now what?
  8. If your kintype is an ape, than I'd think the issue of forgetting you're physically human would probably be a lot more prominent. After all, humans are basically just hairless apes anyway.
  9. Not so much with phantom shifts. I find them to just be kind of annoying and distracting . . . especially if I'm around other humans and just have to function in a normal way. As for mental shifts though, oh hell yeah. When I slip into that more canine mindset, I just feel more . . . myself. And when I get past the ever-present dysphoria, even for a few minutes, that gets me excited. Not to mention that I generally have more control over my mental shifts so I don't have to worry as much about it getting in the way.
  10. Not really. I'm a Vacillant Therian so I'm on more of a sliding scale between coyote and human. I rarely shift enough to completely forget about my human side. Though I have come close at least a couple of times.
  11. If you could physically be your kintype, even for a day, what would you do? Imagine that you just woke up one morning and you were that creature. What would you do? If you have multiple kintypes, then you could write a separate paragraph for each one. Personally, if I just woke up one morning as a coyote, I know exactly what I would do. Assuming I could somehow manage to open my front door, (I imagine it would be much harder with paws), I would run over to a park that's about a 15 minute walk from my house. It's almost nothing but woods. Then I'd just spend the rest of the day screwing around and doing whatever. I'd probably try hunting at least once or twice. After all, I was never fast enough to catch those rabbits and squirrels on human feet.
  12. Milk or white. Preferably white. I think dark chocolate tastes too bitter.
  13. 8/10 It's good, but not mind blowing Ever played Undertale? Cause I found Flowey's story to be one of the most heart-wrenching ones in the game.
  14. People want to feel valued, loved and respected. Its a basic emotional need, not just for humans but for most living creatures. So if you're too closed off and have no f**ks to give, you'll just end up pushing people away . . . even the people you care about. "Life is like climbing straight up a vertical cliff. You can't see very far ahead, and if you try to see the top before you get there, you'll fall" (Just to clarify, literally speaking, you'd have to lean backwards to see the top of a cliff while you're climbing up it)
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