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  1. The Let it All Out Thread

    I hear ya Charias. I'm half skeptic and half believer. It's annoying. Another thing that is annoying is spending the entire afternoon at the dentist. Luckily no root canal, just crowns on those teeth that had been bothered by the wisdom teeth. Need to watch what I eat for a few weeks until I get the permanent crowns on. No sticky or hard stuff.
  2. Dumbest thought of the day!

    "I should stop playing this game for awhile. My shoulder problems are starting to come back." -does stretches to try to loosen up stiff shoulders- -boots up the game anyway-
  3. Hello there I am new here and want to get to know you

    What do you mean by half shifting, it is a mental shift? A phantom shift? (If you're not sure about those terms check out the library.) And yes, it's usually better to keep otherkin conversations to otherkin forums. It's not something that most people understand.
  4. What's your name? Who's your daddy?

    I feel I should point out that I haven't come across any mention of Pharaohs being descendant from Pan. I'm not really familiar with the Pan in Egypt angle at all. Usually when they said they were descendant from gods they would name Ra or Amun. Still, Amun has a ram form with the curling horns, so the horns were not uncommon from an iconography standpoint. As far as Pan goes though, just because I haven't heard of it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Ancient Egypt spanned several thousand years and a number of different cities that held slightly different traditions. We only have evidence from a tiny fraction of it.
  5. Greetings

    I was sitting here thinking, "Wait, how is it that I'm sitting here reading your post and it says zero posts?" Then I realized we're in the fun and games section where post counts don't count. First I'd recommend going to the Scent Rolling section and making an intro there so we can all sniff at .... right, well. Welcome to the forums!
  6. That Dumb Bumbling Monster

    Going out of body isn't really necessary. I just use the trance plus daydream method for getting around. Learn a method for putting you in that relaxed, almost but not quite asleep, body and awake mind mode. Meditation usually, listening to a certain type of music (good rhythm, no lyrics) can work too. Practice until you can recognize that state when it comes. Keep practicing, and eventually something might show up. Keep practicing some more and then you can start exploring, but try not to force anything into happening. Personally, I'm still aware of my body, but trying to move once I decide to wake up starts to get difficult. Don't rush the waking up part. How do I know it isn't all in my head? I don't really. That's the problem with any of this stuff. I had a few shared experiences with one friend, withholding details to try to avoid confirmation bias, but haven't been able to replicate it with others. Even then the visuals differed, but the major themes and emotions lined up. I've also had good results with energy work, as confirmed with a different friend, and basically real tai chi is based on it. Playing with energy is good, but the main warning is that you should not over exert yourself. You have two kinds of chi, the everyday running around chi, and the primordial chi that is stored up in your body. Basically one is your checking account that you can do whatever you want with. The other is your savings account that you do not want to deplete. If you get tired after playing with energy, take a break, don't push it. Rituals and spells are not my thing though. I tried, but I'm just not wired that way. As for the gender thing, I was born and raised as a girl, but my kintype usually manifests as male. Though he can also change forms and sometimes has no form at all. I consider myself genderfluid. I usually default to the masculine side of androgynous, but circumstances can push me somewhat in either direction. Also, Hi!
  7. Anything Cool on Halloween?

    Nope, also see my rants about eclipses, equinoxes, super moons, etc. (Yes, I do seem to be turning into a cynical old fart.) Special days can remind you to get in touch. Also the placebo effect works extra well here because if you believe it is a special day then you'll subconsciously make it into one. Halloween was a nice day though. I took the kid around the neighborhood, and then we went to mom's house to give out candy. I'm a little sad that there seem to be fewer houses participating each year. The weather was perfect for walking. The number one thing that makes magic and energy stuff stronger is not the day on the calendar; it's practice.
  8. What kind of loot would you drop?

    A wooden sword. It's a horrible weapon and breaks easily. So don't use it for that. However, it gives a temporary boost to dexterity and mana when you swing it around. The effect builds slowly over time. Practice every day!
  9. Finishing Each Others...

    ..." said the fairy, giggling while she sharpened her knives. I don't know about you, but when this is over I'm...
  10. Daily Thought

    Eh, society has never had it so good. Burden my butt. They're just a bunch of whiners.
  11. What is this?

    That sounds like chi. Mine likes to heat up in the morning before I'm all the way awake. In tai chi class we direct it around and try to get it to do stuff on purpose.
  12. I'm a Cloud

    "Individuality is fluid and hard to nail down. But nodes (manifestations, aspects, helper spirits) can be formed for various purposes. There is no hierarchy exactly because even the smallest particle of the cloud is made of the same stuff. The cloud itself is formless, but forms do arise as a matter of function, or also just a matter of whim." -snipped from part of a post earlier this week that set me thinking... Ok, the main point being comparing it to a decentralized cloud of living energy that creates nodes of consciousness at will for various purposes. It’s similar to how in a noncorporeal state I might gather and concentrate parts of myself into limb-like projections in order to do things. It also seems that exploration of surroundings is a big part of why I/this being does what it does. Though I feel that the kind of information it seeks is a bit deeper then what might be apparent on the surface. It would make sense that other gods are also “clouds.” It would fit a lot of the listed behaviors and abilities, such as being in more than one place at a time, various versions and manifestations of the same being, etc. Even two versions of the same god standing side by side and talking to itself is explainable. Merge energies from two or more clouds into a node and there are your synchretisms. It would explain their treatment of me if I am one of these nodes. I’m certainly not as powerful as the older Herus, but that doesn’t really fit into their equations. I am equal in terms of being part of the same being, and in that I was made for a reason. I am no more and no less than what that being intended me to be. Individuality is not really relevant except as it is acting as part of a node. The node has a name but the “particles” making up that node probably do not. Imagining particles is probably not accurate either as I think it’s more fluid than that. The energy used in a node may have, and probably has been, recycled through other nodes in the past. Is memory stored in the substance itself, or transmitted across the entire being? Are my “memories” reflective of what this bit of energy once did, or are they more a matter of information that was deemed pertinent to my current usage? Nodes are gathered and somewhat separated from the whole in order to maintain their integrity. In other words, I don’t have access to the full information available to the collective. Or, is that just a human limitation? Some applied limitations seem reasonable for the running of various scenarios, parameters set and so on. The other gods, other nodes or manifestations of those other clouds, treat me as a Heru because for all intents and purposes I am a Heru. They treat me appropriately for my size and purpose, most of the time. I probably only interact with those other nodes which are appropriate for me to interact with. There would be no point in interacting with an outside node with which I have no business. How is the suitability of interaction determined? I don’t know that part yet. Maybe we do it by “scent,” or maybe by “location” in that I’m more likely to hang out in certain areas of the Unseen and not in others. This sounds all very clinical and detached, but in actual practice, it’s not at all. We are very much alive and very much invested in our realities. It’s not a thing of the intellect but a thing of the soul, of the heart. Waking up to find myself part of this much larger being, I realize I am surrounded by the love of my siblings. The love I feel for the other “clouds” is also incredible. They fill me with joy and wonder, yes, even worship because they are that beautiful to me. These lives and experiences are more than just investigations. They are--life. It is far richer and more dynamic than what most people assume being a god is like. The things they assume are important are just minor footnotes, and the things they think are too insignificant for us are more valuable than they realize. It’s not about who worships you. It’s about what fills your soul with worship. What in this world reminds you that you are alive? …even after all these centuries. You think you’ve seen it all? Not by a long shot. “We are a way for the Universe to know itself” -Carl Sagan
  13. Daily Thought

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ok dude, what's all the yelling about?
  14. Random Fun Facts!

    I think it mostly comes from your hips and shoulders when you pivot the punch. Those are some of the larger areas, but there's a lot more than that. It comes from bowing and releasing the spine. It comes from opening the micro spaces in between every joint in the body. It comes from spiraling the muscle fibers and the fascia in every part of the body. The micro is just as important as the macro, because every tiny bit adds up, especially when you can release it on a hair trigger all at once.
  15. Daily Thought

    What did you have for your first solid food? :D Hope you feel better soon!! My wife made pork marinated in wine, herbs and fresh basil from my indoor garden, also mashed potatoes.