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  1. Ban The User Above You

    Banned because home made soft pretzels are awesome.
  2. Call it random chance, pattern recognition or the Universe speaking to you. Either way it can get pretty interesting at times. Do you have any fun stories about strange or meaningful coincidences? A couple nights ago I journeyed out to visit Sobek. We both took crocodile form and hung out in the river. Together we brought down a gazelle that was drinking at the edge. He's a more experienced croc than I am, so he did most of the work of drowning it and wedging it under a log. We both ate our fill and then basked on the bank. He talked to me about how the carcass wouldn't go to waste. It would feed fish and the river itself as its nutrients were slowly delivered down stream. And just today I read this article about the effects of drowned animals in an ecosystem. Yes, there was mention of crocodiles! http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/upside-rotting-carcasses-180964183/
  3. Set up!

    I pushed the button because it was there. I may regret doing that. Anyway, put your thoughts on how to set this thing up here. Do you like the name? Have a better image? Have thoughts on what should go here? Here's the place to hash it out.
  4. Dreams vs Reality. Something I Hope Helps

    Yep, also calling bull on this and adding my usual warning to people who don't know what the heck they're doing with energy work. Those "ascension problems" are what we call chi burnout. That's what happens when you go full bore on the third eye without developing the proper grounding in your lower chakras/energy centers first. It's an imbalance in your system, not a sign of becoming enlightened that you must suffer through. Develop the lower ones first, keep them in balance, and then you can have a rational conversation about the Universe without sounding like you're stoned. Balance is the goal. It's not a race to the top. And if opening your third eye allowed you to physically shapeshift, there'd be thousands of anthros and super-model-beautiful people running around already. There aren't. Opening the third eye and feeling pressure on your brow is super easy to do. My spouse used to tease me by sticking her finger up there and not touching me at all. It was annoying. No feathers. Not single one in thirty years of wanting it to be so.
  5. Ban The User Above You

    Banned for filling up the thread with yes/no arguments.
  6. Journal Offline

    I've decided that my recent entries have been a bit too heavy for this venue. I need to get off my lazy butt and just start a local journal. I've pretty much always had a journal somewhere. I used to write down anything and everything and not really care about who read it. I got into the habit of assuming no one did read, but maybe that's not the best choice. If I have something that seems relevant to the subject matter of this site, maybe I'll remember to put it here, but my spiritual wanderings don't exactly qualify for that. I don't want to have to put disclaimers on every post in case someone thinks I mean them in a way that I don't. It would take too long to fill people in on all the ways I'd have to say "When I say this, what I mean is that," and "No, not literally" and "In the related cultural perspective, THIS is how it works. Stop thinking like an American." And sometimes that culture isn't even human, so don't bother grilling me on which culture. Right, so, seeya around.
  7. Balancing Out

    This is the place where I dump my weird kin-related thoughts. Someone who reads my blog might think I'm much weirder than I am. Nah, I just don't write down the boring stuff. Usually, it's just the stuff that nags at my brain until I write it down somewhere. Monsoon season is in full swing now. It flooded the street a couple days ago. That was awesome. We need every drop we can get. I love watching the bright puffy clouds gather in the afternoon. Sometimes it storms, but it rarely lasts long. I'm very happy that our mountain makes tornadoes practically nonexistent. I remember living in the midwest and hiding in the basement. We lost a few trees that way. I'm testing myself to see if I can keep writing fiction even when I'm not being cattle-prodded by the muse. I got a few scenes in there today. I was dismayed earlier in the week to discover that driving around town, getting my wife to her appointments, saps both my energy and my creativity. I got a new Kindle to drag with me to appointments, as I spend way too much time sitting in waiting rooms. If anyone knows of any good games that can be played offline that would be good. The cell reception at the VA is nearly nonexistent. I told myself that I could try doing some writing while I'm there, but I may just be fooling myself with that one. Hard floors, fluorescent lights and that stupid medical information channel they keep piping at us are not conducive to creative writing. Het-hert came to check on me last night. At first I thought it was Aset, but no, their energies are very different from each other even if people do get the two confused. I hadn't seen her in a long time. Last time she was complaining at me because I was too closed off. She demands that I hide nothing from her. Sunrise was a little warm again this morning. I might be getting better at learning how to balance it out. It's usually better to go with instinct rather than try to get clever with it though. On the verge of waking up, I saw myself drawing lines through my energy body to redistribute the energy so the heat wouldn't get stuck in one area. I woke up with the thought that all of this involuntary energy training might be useful to me someday.
  8. Hollow Moon

    You ever just get kind of sick of your kintype? I've put a lot of hours into reading books, meeting people and contemplating my navel. My bedroom is full of artifacts from my explorations. I don't even feel like posting in that thread about similarities to my kintype because it's all old news to me by now. Also, I've accumulated a long list of things I could add, but why bother? My fictional story has nothing to do with otherkin and Anubis only makes a brief cameo in it. And yet...there's a magical boy with heterochromatic eyes who was brought into the world after the death of his predecessor, who lives with his also magical and highly capable mother. Well, damn. And I'm having a heck of a time fleshing out the father figure. How do fathers work again? What is it like to have a family that sits down at the dining room table? I used to have one of those, before I was nine. I hardly remember it. After that my dad was some distant yet benevolent person I visited on holidays. Until he died. You know I had a couple Osirian type dreams about him. He had bright blue skin, the color of faience, and I brought him back to life. "Mother fucker I'll be back from the dead soon. I'll be watching from the center of the hollow moon." Nice job, shufflemancy. Good timing. Did you know that mother fucker is the translation of one of my Other's titles? "Ka Mutef," Bull of his Mother. I'm oddly proud of that. Not that I have any designs on my mom because, ew. The other one though, she's hawt. Brains are sexy. Power is sexy. She can also kick my butt. I'm drinking spiced wine and rambling, just in case you thought there was going to be a point in there somewhere. But surely you've got the wrong guy. I thought I would be taller.
  9. What're You Listening To?

    Anastasia - Slash, Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators I love that guitar! Nice brain massage. :D Like Mozart in the beginning, more Arabian toward the end.
  10. Talon and Wing

    For years, I've tried to downplay the more volatile side of my nature. I read a thing on the KO forums about red wine, of all things. I'd already heard part of the story, but when you see more details filled in, rumor becomes fact-ish. Heru's gouged out eyes growing into grape vines. Red wine symbolizing the blood of his enemies. Making the river run red with it. Violent much? This burning core at my center was no mistake. I can't blame it on "current" events because it has always been there. I wanted to focus on the wings, and forget the talons. But I am both. Kevin is still with me. Kevin is me, and a good thing too. He's the one who keeps it in balance with his/my understanding of flow. He's the coolant that keeps the reactor from melting down. The core is rage, but it's also love, and passion. I thought it was better to live without it than go nuclear. Then I wondered why I had to borrow my fire from somewhere else. I feel the core and the flow, both talon and wing. Maybe this is what a king feels like.
  11. Should the Voting Age be Lowered?

    No, I don't think it should be lowered. Yes, there are some who are under 18 who can make mature decisions, who research their choices and who know more than most adults. Those are the outliers, not the majority. People who are under 18 are legally still under the care and supervision of their parents, for the most part. There are exceptions to everything, but the exceptions aren't the point. A minor very likely would feel pressured to vote the way their parents, or their community, or their friends, wanted. That's still a thing that happens with adults, but you have to draw the line somewhere. In fact, the major thing stopping me from recommending a raise in voting age is the military. If you're old enough to be sent to war, you're definitely old enough to vote about it. I also think that if you're old enough to be sent to war, you should also be old enough to drink. Is 18 old enough to be sent to war though?
  12. Ban The User Above You

    Banned because haste makes waste.
  13. Fascia and Chi

    I remember a few years ago in tai chi, they talked about how the fascia moves. Fascia is the tissue that surrounds the muscles. In some places it's super thin, and in others it thickens up and is extremely tough going into the tendons. Fascia is part of tai chi's insistence on using body parts you didn't know you had. One of our goals is to utilize the fascia, not the muscle, when we want something done, because the fascia is stronger. (Yes, you're still using muscle no matter what, but that's not the focus.) And then the medical science professionals tell us that's silly because fascia doesn't move. And then the tai chi players who know a few things come back and say, "The hell it doesn't." I realized that this may be the reason why my solar charge ups in the morning feel so very physical. I literally do feel things happening just below the skin. Sometimes like a gentle rippling effect. Sometimes expanding or contracting. Sometimes I feel like I'm too big to fit inside my skin. Sometimes it feels like I've had a workout before I even get out of bed. For all I know, that energetic injury I sustained years ago was an adhesion in the fascia going pop. That still gives me no clue as to why it does it though. I'm not saying that chi is nothing but fascia. There's a lot of factors involved in chi. That just happens to be one of its effects on the physical body.
  14. Ban The User Above You

    Banned for worrying too much about what other people think.
  15. Plasma Core

    Sure enough, my chi was overheating again in tai chi class this morning. I tried to hold the chi gently, so I wouldn't stir it up too much. That didn't help a whole lot. Imperial really stirs it up no matter what. I started feeling a little sick from it. Then I remembered Kevin. The concept of flow was basically his thing. I shifted my perspective to be more Kevin-like, and that did help smooth it out. But I'm still running too hot and feeling a little sick this afternoon.