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    Games and Game Development, Martial Arts
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    Whoever is spiritually awakened, Carlos Castaneda, ect..
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    Service-to-others; Freedom.

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    Junior Year
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    MLK revealed to me the meaning of deeper faith.
  1. The Political Compass Test.

    Hmmmmm, interesting. For the record, I honestly don't identify with any political organisation at all, I hate the idea of some other person representing me (as in, presenting me but with a twist that furthers their agenda.) I present myself, and i'm often inclined to look for the solution to a given issue between and beyond whatever two extremes are being thrown around. And then there's the paradox of finding myself agreeing with many "primitive" religious traditions from a purely metaphysical perspective despite being a staunch advocate of progress, however you want to define that nebulous term. It's a mess to explain.
  2. Things that please you.

    Money yes, but i prefer to know where my chocolate is coming from :closedeyesmile: Some of us are avid gamers so you don't have to be shy in specifying what game. I'm curious at least.
  3. Overwatch

    I'm dying to play but i need a new processor before i buy. I love Zenyatta's design. My tag is Cheesedragon#1627
  4. Heh, i just remembered i was randomly pumping my fist and screaming like Liquid sometime today. Good times.
    1. Diamond Dogs

      Diamond Dogs

      Haha, good. We love it when we see people doing our gestures. An irl friend of ours loves to yell "BROTHER! IT'S BEEN TOO LONG!" when he sees us in person. - Liquid Ocelot
  5. Dumb things you thought as a kid.

    Oh god, my sister did the exact same thing. Convinced me George Bush had ordained a new number, "More", between 3 and 4. I made a few horrible math grades.
  6. Dumb things you thought as a kid.

    Eh? Might have mixed up a few words there.
  7. Eh? I stopped worrying about this issue long ago. Just ignore the soots and play the games you like. If anything, video games actually relieve violent urges.
  8. Riddles~

    Need an excuse to post this. This'll do.
  9. The Alignment Chart

    Who in the right mind would actually want to be evil? And i mean for any reason that doesn't amount to "lmao look at me im so randum and edgy and evul :333"
  10. The Alignment Chart

    Technically neutral good. Possibly lawful good depending on your definition? How about "Any" Good?
  11. The Political Compass Test.

    fyi the political system is a sham ;) Crap, i meant in America, forgot to check your profile lol.
  12. The Political Compass Test.

    I get it now. Up or down, yeah, i'm libertarian. But left or right, i'm not really sure. Planned economies are nice, but at the same i don't want the state that involved in the "market". My question is why the "state", or an "economy", should even exist in the first place. ;)
  13. The Political Compass Test.

    Just give a layman's explanation of the directions, I guess like: Left means that Right means that Authoritarian mean ect. I'm not really big on politics, all i really believe in is spiritual freedom, no need for all these systems and houses to quantify all of it.
  14. The Political Compass Test.

    Got this: Engage in coitus with the establishment! For the record i barley know what this chart even means.
  15. Meditation Styles

    I sit in the shower and hum like an idiot. Freezing water sometimes helps clear the mind!